Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Summer in the Hills

It has certainly been ages since my last posting.
Trying to get over some deaths and all that goes with since my last posting and it all takes a while. After getting Mom's home all cleaned out and her mobile home moved my daughter and I had so much painting and renovating. We left off last Fall painting and I was back to painting here this Spring to get my own place done from letting things go while Mom was so bad.
My daughter and I did take off in August and made a two week trip out west to Yellowstone, the Bad Lands and the Rocky Mountain area. We had a blast and wished we had had more time out there.

We had a very wet Spring and now Summer is blasting in with, Hot, Hot weather, but I am not going to complain about it. Winter was just too long this year.
Some of the garden loved all the rain and the plants were really lush, but the veggies not so much now.

I want to say Hi to all my Blog Buddies and hope you all are having a wonderful season in your gardens.

Where to start?

Well in April Mother Nature decided to postpone
Spring to the last day. What does not belong here? LOL!

But on the last day Spring did arrive.

The Bluebells and Alliums were very pretty.

The Spring flowering shrubs were also blooming in a rush of foliage and blooms.

The new flowering Quince was loaded and I love the red blooms.

The "Spring Symphony" Foam Flower is always a favorite of mine in the Spring.

A new ground cover Veronica "Georgia Blue" I managed to get planted last year was just gorgeous.

Candytufft and Bleeding Hearts always make me so happy and I welcome their blooms every Spring.

I had moved all of my Irises out of the Woodland bed because it was just to shady and they were not liking it there and preforming badly. Moving them then upset them and they did not bloom.
These two I had not moved but were in other flower beds and did give me some pretty blooms.

 The Peony's were lovely.

Of course I still love my miniatures and they have spread out into so many spots anymore. I found out I could just not be satisfied with the Fairy's and went on to add the Gnomes.

This was a new addition. When you cut up an old tree that has fallen,well then you have to make good use of it. :) 

And I added some whimsy this Spring by painting my old tin flower.

 The garden bench was not standing out
 behind the whimsical garden gate in all of the foliage of the Rhododendrons so I painted it a bright lilac.
Now it just screams  "can you see me now".
Is it too much? LOL!

And lastly, yes I am still planting in baskets.

I hope your gardens are bountiful this summer and
Happy Gardening.


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