Monday, November 26, 2007

The Bandit's

We are getting a lot of good rain the last couple of day's. It will help make up for
all of the dry weather we had this summer. Our water table was down here in
Southeastern Ohio compared to the northern area of the state. The "old timers" use
to say that there always was a hard rain to wash the leaves out of the hollows and then it
would bring in the cold winter weather. I believe that they are getting washed out now.
These bandits are really doing a number on emptying the bird feeders !
They are getting fattened up to hibernate for the winter and the bird feeders are
helping them to some free crub to help in their efforts.
Caught this raccoon in the tree getting ready to go out the limb to a bird feeder
that is hanging. I told him to scat ! But he wasn't to intimidated by me.
A Night time raid was foiled but he stopped and looked back at me.
I think he was saying "Okay, I'm going, but I will be back."

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