Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Blessing

I see that some of you have almost stopped blogging.
 I understand with so much going on these days and so
 many other avenues to stay in touch that is around now.

I lost my Mom in October after years of this awful slow progressing
disease called "Alzheimer ".
Really we had lost her some years ago because she no longer knew
who we were. We had taken her to Tennessee to visit some relatives. She had
a couple of good days while we were there that she recognized a couple of them.
Which was a blessing for all of us and her.

Mom had taken care of her parents in their home when they were
passing so I wanted to do the same for her. She died her at my home
 on Sunday the 16th of October with her grandchildren and me at her side.
Little did we know that our dear friend Billy, here with her in the picture,
would pass away just one week on Sunday after Mom.

I was so very glad that we took her to Tennessee and it was almost
fate that we were suppose to go because of their loss from our family.
But I have  peace in my heart that they had a nice reunion together
and a good hug and laugh. I am sure Dad and her parents and family was
there also to greet her .

After we got back home she just started going down hill fast. I am so
thankful for our local Hospice that helped us to take care of her here
 at the house. It was not easy, but now I have peace in my heart that we
 did all we could do to make her journey easier. And now I feel like a
great load has been taken from my shoulders and I can breathe again.
The worry is all gone but the heart will ache for years to come.

The children and I had our Christmas dinner here on this Christmas day
And there was that void and I know we were all thinking about Mom not
being here with us but kept it to ourselves.

From the garden of my heart I wish all of you who have known me through
 out the years a
"Very Wonderful Christmas season and a Blessed New Year ahead.

Love to you all,
And Oh yeah, Happy Gardening.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Time Goes ...

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe it has been so long since
 my last posting. Life happens though and sometimes you have
other things on your mind and to take care of.
I hope you all have been well and your flowers have been beautiful
thus far this summer.

The garden season started out a wet one but the flowers loved it....
 well most of them did.
I will display a few pictures of the garden to try to catch up.
This was our year for the 17 year Cicadas to come out and for 5 weeks it
was hard taking a picture that did not have the ugly things in it. I am glad
they only come out every 17 years because the noise they make
 gets to you after a while. LOL!
On the good side as far as pests go the Japanese beetles were few and
arrived after the first flush of blooms.

Spring blooms were so welcome this year. My daughter gave me
 this Red Cardinal Columbine for my Birthday and I love it.

This Columbine was grown from seeds that Tatyana @ "My Secret Garden"
sent to me last fall.
I just love them! Thank you Tatyana.

Of course I had the usual mix up in plants and bulbs this year. Happens to
 me just too often. The pretty Tulips that I pictured
in my last posting in the fall turned out to be...

just plain old red and yellow and not the lovely fringed Tulips I ordered.
Talk about being disappointed. 

Anyone else bought bulbs from  Blooming Bulbs"?

"Coral Charm" Peony was beautiful.

The Rhododendron's were beautiful. They are always a joy to see
 blooming in the garden each Spring.

As were the Clematis vines.

Some of the Rose did well this Summer and some not so much.
I am seriously thinking of just getting out of the rose  gardening and
keeping just the ones that are hardy and survive our winters.
Now that I am growing old I am trying to make the garden more
 maintenance  free. With having a bum back and Fibromyalgia my body
 does not want to move some days. Roses can be costly to replace also.

I did not plant as many containers this year and in some of the big pots
that I want to keep I am adding perennials cutting down on expense and

To this big container I planted a  "Red Threads" anternanthera.
I love the dark burgundy leaves on it. Sun Impatiens, Angelonia, pink Fan
 Flower and a deep burgundy Coleus was added to the container.
 I need to take a more resent picture showing how it has filled in.

The yellow Foxglove was pretty this Spring and is just
now stopping to bloom. It brightens up the shade garden.

Other flowers have really leaped in growth this summer.
I hated this "Pow Wow Wild Berry" echinacea when I first planted it 2 years ago.
 This summer it has just grown huge and I now love it and
am glad it was not moved to the bad flowers of the woodland bed. LOL!

Some other old favorites that out did its self was this "Burgundy Wine" Bee
Balm. I can divide it this Fall and plant some in the woodland bed.

The Yarrow's are really spreading out and can be divided this Fall also.

"Lilac Fantasy" veronica looks lovely with the orange Papaya

Summer is going by so fast and the daylight hours are now getting shorter.
I hope your Summer has been a great one and that your flowers are growing
and bringing you joy.

Happy Gardening,

Friday, November 20, 2015

Getting Ready for Winter

Hello again.

If you are from the north  I  know you all have been getting ready for winter.

I hate to see it come but there is no stopping it unless I move way down
 south. Maybe become one of those Florida " Winter  Birds. :)

The wild flowers are finished now and I have been trying to get out and
clean up some more of the flower beds for the freezes.

I have been raking leaves like the rest of you, but leaving a few to keep
 the heaving of soil in some of the beds.
Also trimming down some of the dead flowers  in beds.
In the woodland bed the flowers will stay for the birds to enjoy.

A few berries are around for them to eat this winter.

The Coleus got frozen and wilted with the cold frost and freeze we had
a couple of weeks ago. Then it warmed back up for some beautiful 

autumn days. It has my flowers all mixed up. The Brunnera is growing
 just like it is spring again and some of spring bulbs  are trying
to peek out of the mulch.

With cold weather coming this weekend I tried to get more of the raking
 done this morning for one last time.
Along with getting those tulip bulbs planted that I have been putting off.
I cannot complain because we have had lovely fall weather compared to
 last year on this date we had almost two inches of snow on the ground.

Pinocchio Greigii

These are some of the tulips I planted. I know they will be so welcome after
 winter when we all are longing for color and blooms.

Fringed Lingerie

I planted these two together and I am hoping they will
complement each other and not clash. The pictures always
look so beautiful but may not be true when they bloom.

Cool Crystal

I saw pictures on the news this evening that
snow is falling upon some of you.

With all of the sorrow that is touching the world now
 it seems selfish to ask for your prayers but I lost my dearest
friend Charlotte last week. I know she is alright and home
where she belongs with her husband and Jesus but
Oh, I am and will miss her so.

I also want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.
 And if you are traveling I pray for your safe journeys.

Get those bulbs planted everyone!!

Happy Gardening,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall in the Hills

Hello Gardeners!
Summer has flown by so very fast this year. I am never ready
 for the summers to end.

Fall Colors are at their peck right now. 

With some rain falling today the leaves are falling fast.

My yard is covered by a sea of red and orange leaves in the woodland bed.

While behind the house the trees were glowing in yellows.

Grasses are browning and the breezes are causing them to
 look as if they are dancing.

There seems to be a lot of berries for the birds. The birds have been
gathering now in mass for a couple of weeks heading to warmer states.

  Mister Scarecrow is standing watch in the front of the garage.

And fall flowers are almost done blooming for another season.

The last roses of summer have almost dropped all their
petals in the Rose Garden.

The new "Butter Rum" Heuchera fits right in for fall in the garden.

This week my daughter and I attended the Pumpkin Show.
It is the biggest free show and boasts about the biggest pumpkins.
It is a very serious thing this growing of giant pumpkins in Circleville

The Pumpkin tree is always in the middle of  main street and is surrounded
 with pumpkins of all sizes from the  wee ones to the giant. And in colors yellows,
white, green and orange.

Everything here is pumpkin. From soup, candy, pies, cookies, ice cream,
hamburgers. You name it and it is pumpkin flavored.

In the Arts and Crafts Building there is also pumpkin quits to be
judged and found.

I hope you all are doing well and have enjoyed your summer gardens.
 Now is the time to take in the flowers to over winter in the basement.
The putting away all the garden decorations for another year.
Planting for next springs color show that we will be so ready for
after a long winter.
 And the never ending raking and mulching of fallen leaves. 

Happy Fall to you all and
Happy Gardening.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Already ? ???


Well it seems a month has sped by in the hills. It was a month of break downs here and at my Moms. Seemed like whenever something leaked, clogged or broke it at her house it would happen here at ours.
From leaking water lines to leaking natural gas lines. To clogged up sewer and drain lines to broken water heaters and dry water wells. It was the month from hades. We’ve gotten mostly all back in working order all except getting Moms water well dug deeper. I love it here on top of these giant hills until we start digging water wells. Ours is 460 feet deep and Moms at only 400 feet needs to be dug deeper. So we are now waiting on a very busy well digger to do this final (I pray) chore.

Clematis Rasphody Mailbox
Rhapsody Clematis

June was  a wet month here filled with a little rain most every day. The grass and weeds loved it but some of the flowers and the tomato plants not so much. Not complaining too much because I did not have to water the many plants but I have this eerie feeling that it will bite us back come August to go straight into a hot, dry desert instead of the tropical weather we are having now. It did show me that I would not do well in the tropics. Smile

Achillea Oretelas Rose

But the older established plants in the garden grew on despite what the weather threw at them.
The Yarrow plants handle dry and hot weather but  they seemed not to mind wet feet and are blooming beautifully. I am afraid the kids cannot see through the yarrow  in front of them. I think they need higher seating.

Astilbe White

The many Astilbe plants were at their best in June.

Astilbe pink

The Bellflowers were happy with it all.

Clustered Purple Bellflower

I ran to take pictures when sun did shine.

Campanula Alba2
Campanula Alba Peach leaf is a spreader in my garden and I have been transplanting some of them into the woodland bed because they do not mind the shade.

Campanula Peach Leaf Bellflower Woods

Aquilegia Purple Columbine

The Columbines bloomed beautifully in June.

Aguilegia Nora Barlow Columbine
Rose Barlow aquilegia.

Foxglove_Beardstongue Native3
I was thrilled when I spied these native Foxgloves blooming in the woodland bed. Got to love free flowers that the birds bring into the garden.

Foxglove Digitalis Yellow2
The yellow perennial Foxgloves get bigger every year.

Geranium Apple Blossom2 Kathleen 

This Apple Blossom Geranium was started for me by Kathleen @ Kasey’s Korner, knowing that I had lost (or killed) mine. Smile I was so excited when I got it  the mail. It started blooming in June.
Thanks again Kathleen.

Geranium Zonal White Splash
Every year I find a new geranium to plant to add to my collection.
The new one this year is “Red Splash”. It has white petals giving way to a deep pink or red in the center and I just love it. It is planted in one window box with white euphorbia and red petunias.

Red Elphin Impatiens are in the shady Tipsy Pots this year with my little red wagon behind it. My Dad had built this wagon for me years ago and I have put it through so much gardening over the years. Will the back board broke from the bed this spring. My daughter got me a new wagon for Mothers Day but  I cannot let go of  the red one because Dad made it for me and he is no longer around and when I see it I always think of him so it sets in one of my garden beds. So it has been retired and I am thinking of moving it to a sunny spot and filling it with pots of flowers to get a few more years out of it.

Milkweed Pink Butterflies
Some butterflies did show up in June when the milk weed started blooming but still there are not as many as we had been getting before the aerial spraying for gypsy moths the last three years.

And finally as most of my old followers know I always have new kittens every spring that grow in my flowerbeds. This year there were 2 new ones, an all gray one and a black one with white paws are now growing and smashing down flowers where they try to hide. They had eaten their lunch and decided the feeding bowl was a great place to take a nap.

I hope you all are enjoying the summer and your gardens.

Blessings & Happy Gardening,