Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall in the Hills

Hello Gardeners!
Summer has flown by so very fast this year. I am never ready
 for the summers to end.

Fall Colors are at their peck right now. 

With some rain falling today the leaves are falling fast.

My yard is covered by a sea of red and orange leaves in the woodland bed.

While behind the house the trees were glowing in yellows.

Grasses are browning and the breezes are causing them to
 look as if they are dancing.

There seems to be a lot of berries for the birds. The birds have been
gathering now in mass for a couple of weeks heading to warmer states.

  Mister Scarecrow is standing watch in the front of the garage.

And fall flowers are almost done blooming for another season.

The last roses of summer have almost dropped all their
petals in the Rose Garden.

The new "Butter Rum" Heuchera fits right in for fall in the garden.

This week my daughter and I attended the Pumpkin Show.
It is the biggest free show and boasts about the biggest pumpkins.
It is a very serious thing this growing of giant pumpkins in Circleville

The Pumpkin tree is always in the middle of  main street and is surrounded
 with pumpkins of all sizes from the  wee ones to the giant. And in colors yellows,
white, green and orange.

Everything here is pumpkin. From soup, candy, pies, cookies, ice cream,
hamburgers. You name it and it is pumpkin flavored.

In the Arts and Crafts Building there is also pumpkin quits to be
judged and found.

I hope you all are doing well and have enjoyed your summer gardens.
 Now is the time to take in the flowers to over winter in the basement.
The putting away all the garden decorations for another year.
Planting for next springs color show that we will be so ready for
after a long winter.
 And the never ending raking and mulching of fallen leaves. 

Happy Fall to you all and
Happy Gardening.


agatek said...

The Autumn is beautiful in Poland too. Oaks tree discolours now. Regards :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a colorful, happy, autumn post.

It was good to see a post from you again.

Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl what a great post to put me in a pumpkin state of mind ! LOL
I loved that pumpkin quilt ... so pretty !
All of y our pictures were perfect for this post, well done girl : )
I have some more bulbs and plants to tuck in and then I will be done .. we are catching the rain from that hurricane so everything is being well watered for once ... BIG sigh !
Take care girl
Joy : )

RobinL said...

It has been an especially gorgeous fall this year, hasn't it? The colors have just been on fire! I hope you are enjoying it, and are not looking ahead too much. We'll just pretend that we don't know what's coming, right?

Becky said...

I wish those big pumpkins could support their weight. If they could they would look like Cinderella's coach instead of the pumpkin cousin of the BLOB!

Patsy said...

How lovely! It want be long now for the cold winds to blow.
How are you any way? miss your great post.