Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Soggy Gardens

The rain has set in and is too slow in leaving. The ground is saturated
and will not hold anymore water. After the melting of 14" inches
of snow and then adding 4" inches of rain these past two days it is
becoming a real mess for everyone in Ohio. We are safe here on top
of the hills in the Hocking Hills but from the tops of these hills the
rain and water runoff is bad news for those who live in the valley's
below. Fields and yards are flooded and the roads are also being
closed down from the flooding. There are puddles all over the yard
and the ground is so saturated that walking through the yard gives
the feeling of walking on water if you do not sink into the muck.
Schools are closed or closing early to get children home safely before
all the roads are flooded shut. It is days like today that reminds me
of what made us move from the valley to a house that sets up on top
of the hills. Water running under and through your house is a terrible
experience and a costly one.

Despite all of the water it has brought warmer temperatures
and with it there is hope with the growth of new Spring flowers.

The tulips and hyacinths are starting to come up.

The weather it is now warm enough to take the heater out of
the pump water fountain. It is kept running all winter to give
the birds and the neighboring cats a place to get a drink. On the
bright side with all of the rain I haven't had to carry any water
out to refill the fountain.

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