Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Magical Wonder of Fireflies

The Magical Wonder of Fireflies.

As children how we would love to run all over the yard
catching Lightning Bugs putting them in an old glass jar.
The the jar was taken with you as you went to bed for
the night. You would lay watching them light and blink
as you drifted off to sleep. Next morning they were all
set free so when darkness started falling in the evening
hours you could start all over again.

It is amazing and magical to watch them as their twinkling
lights look like hundreds of tiny stars in the yards or the fields.
One of the most marvelous wonders of nature.


Look! Look down in the garden how
The firefly lights are flitting now!
A million tiny sparks I know
Flash through the pinks and golden-glow,

And I am very sure that all
Have come to light a fairy ball,
And if I could stay up I'd see
How gay the fairy folks can be!

by Evaleen Stein

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cindee said...

I would love to see a firefly in person. We don't have them here in CA(-: I bet they are really fun to watch(-: