Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mimosa Seed Pods

My Mimosa Tree has so many Seed Pods this Fall.

Details on Mimosa Tree are as follows:

Mimosa ( Albizia julibrissin Durazz. L.) silk tree
Mimosa was introduced into the United States as an ornamental from
Asia and Africa.
It has escaped into fields and waste areas and
its distribution in the United States
is from the mid-Atlantic states
south and as far west as Indiana. It is a flat-topped,
deciduous tree which reaches 35' in height.

This fast-growing, deciduous tree has a low branching, open,
spreading habit and
delicate, lacy, almost fern-like foliage. Fragrant,
silky, pink puffy pompom blooms,
two inches in diameter, appear
from late April to early July creating a spectacular

Light requirement: tree grows in full sun
Soil tolerances: clay; loam; sand; acidic; alkaline; extended flooding;

Drought tolerance: high
Aerosol salt tolerance: moderate

Hummingbird's, Bee's and Butterflies love my Mimosa tree's and its
airy blooms in the Summer. I also love it that when the sun
goes down
in the evening the leaves on the tree fold up. It is amazing
to watch.

I have to tell you that it is considered invasive, because
many small trees can come up from the seeds. I have found a
few in my yard but they are easily pulled up, others were left to
transplant in other areas of the yard because of their beauty and
to draw in more Hummingbird's, Bee's, and Butterflies.

Make sure also that they are not planted near your sidewalks,
swimming pools, etc. because the falling flowers and seed pods
can be messy. This was learn from experience when I planted
one beside the garage. The spent flowers and seed pods collected
on the roof, eaves and the sidewalk and had to be cleaned off.
I did not want the mess so it was cut down. So plan before you
plant them, preferably in an
open area, unless you do not
mind the clean up. Consider the nearness to your
neighbors yards also.
Of the two that have grown to maturity it takes about

seven years before the blooms appear. In my Zone 5 area
it starts blooming near the end of June.

Since there are so many seed pods this Fall and after the
descriptions of pros and cons on the tree, if there is anyone
who would like some seeds for SASE please feel free
to contact me and I will get back with
you on the details.

From seed it is a long process that includes storing the seed
for 6 months to simulate dormancy.


Kylee said...

Wow. I had no idea that mimosas could be grown in zone 5! That's really neat.

islandgal246 said...

we have the several types growing here in Caribbean. They are also known as the ebony tree and called mother in law tongue LOL because of the noise the dry seed pods make in the wind.I can bet it is a man that came up with that!!

Tootsie said...

I am in Alberta Canada....and I can grow them indoors only...I started a whole bunch from seed and gave them to my kid's school for the teachers to use in the classrooms....they never got watered and died. the greenhouse did fantastic...but they are short lived out here! I am amazed to see one growing so big! wow!!!!