Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cold, Snowy Winter ?

The Farmer's Almanac has predicted a cold and snowy
Winter for the Ohio Valley.

Wave 3 TV out of Louisville, Kentucky had an
article on John Belski's and Winter Weather
Folklore. John Belski a weather lore expert has been
studying signs for years.
He has written a book "Backyard Weather Folklore"
which containing over 1,300
sayings and it lists the ones that are accurate

Some of the Signs are Fun

1. July 25-Cloudy on this date means the winter will be mild.....MILD

2. August fogs-the foggier the August...the snowier the winter. We
had little or no fog in August. MILD

3. September weather-A warm and dry September is followed
by a late or no winter. Enough said....MILD

4. Hedge apples-A plentiful crop of hedge apples is a sign of a
cold winter. There have been an average crop of hedge
apples this season...NORMAL

5. Squirrels-have been very busy gathering food and burying deep...COLD

6. Acorns-an abundant crop of corns is a sign of a cold winter.
The acorn crop is huge this year. COLD

7. Hot summer-A cold winter follows a hot summer. COLD

8. Corn husk-Thick means a cold winter and that is what it looks
like. COLD

9. Tomato skin-Thick means a cold winter. This year the skins are
thicker than average so we will put this down as a vote for a
"COLD" winter.

10. Wooly worms- there are 3 sayings here. The main one concerns
the brown band. Wooly worms are black on both ends and brown in
the middle. The wider the brown band, the milder the winter.
This year the brown band is wider than usual...MILD The wooly worms
appeared late: MILD There were very few wooly worms this year: MILD

11. Hickory nut-The thicker the hull on a hickory nut, the colder the
winter. COLD

12. Onion-The thicker the onion skin, the colder the winter. COLD

13. Peppers-They have a thick skin this year....another sign of a cold

14. Walnuts-the hulls around the walnuts are thicker than usual this
year so that means it is going to be a cold winter.

15. We had one thick fog during October and some light fogs.
The number of fogs was near average so that is a forecast for a
winter. This is basically the same thing as the August fogs.

16. Squirrels' tails are of average bushiness (is that a word?) this
season which means the winter will be NORMAL.

17. When September is warm and dry, the following winter will be

18. A cold winter usually follows a hot summer.

19. The fall color was a week behind normal this year. Usually this
points toward a colder than normal winter.

20. On November 10th, if the maple trees still have their leaves,
then it will be a cold winter. COLD

21. If the weather is dry on November 11, the winter will be mild.

22. If the winds on November 11 are out of a southwest or west direction,
the following winter will be mild. Today's winds were out of the east all
day .....COLD.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Great, now I am totally confused. LOL. My peppers never had any fruit, yesterday the maple had some leaves on it, but they blew off, my carrots had worms, but they were small. And what is a hedge apple?

I hate cold winters, we had a cool wet spring, and a hot summer, late fall, and what is in store for us?

Who really knows.

Lucy said...

What a lovely soundtrack. I'm quite transported by it - especially when the bee comes in . . . and goes . . . and comes back again.


(Not very wintery though!)