Friday, November 14, 2008

The Oak Leaves Last Forever

The Oak tree's are the last to lose their leaves each Autumn.
They have almost all fallen down now after last weeks rain.
But there are always a few leaves that seem to refuse to let
go and hang on even in the Winter winds and snows.

I love the giant oak trees that are in the yard but the leaves are
so tough. This year we had very few acorns on our trees so
hopefully the Hickory trees have enough nuts for the squirrels
to last them through the Winter.
I try to get the leaves cleaned up as best as I can by mowing
them and mulching them up, because it takes for ever for them to
break down on their own. Here upon the hill if there are any
left piled up they will find themselves over the Winter
right up on my front porch and in the fountain pond. It is just the
way the wind blows in the Winter out of the north into the
back yard.

They were laying very thick in the yard after the rain so
when the sun come out the other day out I headed to mow
them up.
Will naturally the lawn mower had to pick this day to blow
up. But I guess we should have been glad it did wait until
the end of the season to decide not to run.
So had to rack them into the woods as bad as I hated to
because they were forecasting rains and even a possible snow
flurry coming in starting today and throughout the weekend
so they had to go before the wet weather came in.
I ended up with some major piles racked into the woods, which
will means.....
I will be cleaning them up out of the front yard all winter.
Oh well, at least this will be the last major clean up of the yard
this Fall.
Got the rest of the flowers to the basement to over-winter.
Planted a hundred tulip bulbs and twenty-five lilies for next

I am already counting down until next Spring arrives.

The Old Oak

A giant oak stands tall against the sky,
A majesty of strength with leaves that cling
And rustle in the breeze. A watchful eye
May spot a nest where blue jays sing.
This tree has lived a thousand years or more
And gently touched with shade each thoughtful face.
Its branches, gnarled with age, uplifted- soar:
On earth, the shadows from a scarf of lace,
Perhaps, a tempest marred this modest oak
By carving furrows deep within its thigh.
Ho w often did this giant laugh and joke?
Did sufferings bring forth a trembling sigh?
Proud landmark on the hill, for man you hold
A multitude of secrets left untold.

~ Edith Karelis ~


tina said...

I love the oaks so much. I do use all my leaves. Just today I was reading that oaks keep their leaves so much longer because the layer of separation does not fully develop in oaks like in other trees. I thought it interesting since our oaks keep leaves a l-o-n-g time down here.

spookydragonfly said...

That's a beautiful poem, Lona. I, too love the oak trees. It seems like we think we have the leaves all cleaned up and no more will fall, and somehow from deeper in the woods...those leaves manage to make it into the yard!

Northern Shade said...

I love oak trees. The tree has a great shape and the leaves have a terrific outline. Your leaf layer looks very thick, no wonder you would have to run the mulching mower over them to start the break up. With luck the mischievous winds won't blow them back again.