Friday, November 21, 2008

Velvety Gloxinias Fill The Need For Color

Last Spring I started some Gloxinias from seed
and I just love the velvety trumpet shaped flowers
and velvet leaves.
Gloxinias (Sinningia speci
osa)were originally native to
Brazil and other parts of South America. The large bell
shaped flowers of Gloxin
ia's come in varying shades of
white, blues, reds,
pinks and purples.
The indoor flower grows to 12 inches tall and wide.

Indoors place your new Gloxinia in bright indirect

lighting. Full sun may b
urn the slightly furry leaves.

Water when the soil has dried 1/2" to 1" from
the surface.Avoid splashing water on the leaves
as this may cause
spotting. Indoors feed
monthly with a balanced liquid
fertilizer. Remove spent Gloxinia flowers as
they appear

When your Gloxinia plant stops flowering... just
be patient it will soon
be flowering again.

When all flowering is completed, the plant will
decline and go into a resting state. As the plant
declines, start waterin
g less often, then stop
watering altogether and let the leaves die.
Allow the tuberous st
em to rest 2 to 4 months in
dry soil.
Keep an eye on the plant and when new growth
appears, resume wate

This red one is just gorgeous. Red's are hard to
show up true on my camera but this is very close.

I also grew this purple and white speckled one.

Gloxinias can be grown from seed, tubers,
or leaf or stem cuttings the same as African Violet
cuttings. The seeds take about six months till
blooming. I started
my seeds in March.

Diseases are an infrequent problem in the home
environment. Gloxinia may develop root
rot from over watering. Leaves may be damaged
by cold water, so keep water off of the foliage.
Insect and related pes
ts of Gloxinia's include mites.

They are well worth the effort to grow and are
brightening up my home and filling that need
for a burst of fl
owering color we gardeners
miss when the flowers outdoors have gone to
sleep for the season.


Anna said...

I love your Gloxinias. Congrats on getting them seed to these;) I'm enjoying the birds and critters chirping away. You best put a coat on your avatar--she's going to get chilly.

Barbarapc said...

This is why I enjoy blogs so much - I would have never thought of growing gloxina from seed - do you have a special source you like to use? I've never seen a spotty one before - quite lovely. (Poor Archer is running around the house - looking for the source of those birds!)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Anna: Yes,I never thought that my avatar might need some winter clothes! :)

Barbara: I believe I got the seeds from Thompson & Morgan. That is where I got most of my seeds last winter. The seeds were mixed so it was a surprise as to what would bloom. I love the red one, it looks like Christmas velvet. Poor Archer will never find my birdies. The sound track makes dogs and cats perk their ears up :)

spookydragonfly said...

Hello Lona...These Gloxinia are so pretty, how I wish I could have indoor plants like these. My cats would have them in shreds! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!