Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Good , the Bad, the Ugly, and the Beauty of 2008

Cockle-Burrs or Devils Claws

Not only are they an Ugly and useless weed,
they are also the Bad.
I wrote a posting on what a plague that they are
to farmers, animals, and pets alike. Not to mention to
what an ugly, nasty mess they can make when getting
into a child's hair.

Asian Ladybug's or Ladybird's

These little invaders are Ugly and sad to say are
also Bad.
I wrote a posting on them not being your lovable
Ladybug but an invasive beetle that is taking over
your sweet little ladybug.
Not only that it has no enemies and invades homes
and buildings, and with them a awful smell and brown

The Orange Trumpet Vine

This is the Bad. Very Bad!
In my posting of Dye Trumpet Vine, Please Die!
I tell of the invasive old orange Trumpet Vine and its
shoots that have literally taken over my yard and the
septic lines, and though has been cut down for five years
still refuses to die.

The Scent of Lilac's

In Spring the Beauty and a Beautiful Scent.

April at Her Best

The Beauty of April Showers.

The Beauty of Rhododendron's

The Beauty of May.

The Rose Parade

The Beauty of June's Roses.

Hot Pink for Hot August Days

The Beauty of Alpenglow Hydrangea.

The Bee's Knee's

The Beauty of Nature.

Autumn's Best of Show

The Beauty of a Hocking Hills Autumn.


Blossom said...

A wonderful post and a great way to review this past gardening year. I really enjoyed the pictures.


Cinj said...

Those beauties sure are beautiful aren't they? ALMOST make up for having to deal with the thugs.

Barbarapc said...

Those Rhodos are just to die for! Absolutely wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the 'tour' through your garden - you've taken some beautiful photos.

Kylee said...

Lona...gorgeous images! I hate those cockleburs, too. The cats are always bringing those home in their fur and they are horrid to get out, especially in the long-haired cats.

Sue said...

I have seen your blog on blotanical, but can't remember if I've looked at it. I'm glad I did tonight. I'm enjoying your posts. My own personal theme for picture taking of my yard this summer was the same as the name of this post.

When my husband and I were in our early 20s, our first house was on 3 lots. I miss that so much, but the house was tiny. There was a dog run that had a mature trumpet vine on it. We loved it, and don't remember it spreading, but when we were deciding whether to buy the house Larry grew up in, (where we are now), he and his brother killed the trumpet vine that was growing in the back yard. I wasn't happy about it, but maybe it was for the best.

You have some lovely flowers in your pics.