Monday, December 8, 2008

I'd Rather Be Potting...Snow

We had our first snowfall on November 18th here in the
Hocking Hill's. Ohio has had several days with snow flurries
since then.
Over the weekend we got 3 inches of the white stuff, so
all the signs are leading us to believe we are going to be in
for a snowy winter.
The picture above is of the window on the potting bench
that I made in early summer.
I wish it still looked like this one....

Or This...

But all that I can pot these days outside would be
snow flakes. The potting bench is now idle and
covered with snow. Big fluffy flakes of glistening

The pots are upside-down so they will not
freeze and break.
The only thing under the bench now is the neighbors cat
who is closely watching the birds coming to the nearby
bird feeders and birdbath.

Slanting, driving, plastering sideways, on the trees snow.

Snowman, making snow.

So, alright I did not make a snowman out of the snow.
I am -- years old and too stiff to make a real snowman
but I would still love to make a real one. I can hear the neighbors
now "what is that silly old women doing out there playing in the snow"
and shaking their heads.
But it is a snowman covered with snow.

All of this is leading somewhere though, I promise.

Nancy Bond at Soliloquy is hosting the"Garden Bloggers
First Snowfall Project" . Bloggers are encouraged to go
to her site and add their First Snowfall Pictures.
There are 29 wonderful wintry posts on the First Snowfall
page and counting.The pictures are beautiful.
Everyone go by and look at the pictures and add your own.


Blossom said...

Beautiful first snow pictures Lona! I really like your potting bench.


Michelle said...

All the wonderful snowy pictures almost.... almost make me wish I could have some snow too! But I'm too much of a weather wimp.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I don't even want to talk about it. We'll probably all be wearing our bikini's on Christmas day. I just want to see one day of it this winter. I want to have a pretty snow covered potting bench like you. Then I want it to go away and be Spring. Let me have some snow too.

Susan Tomlinson said...

Beautiful! And I love your potting bench, too. So clever!

We are supposed to have our first snow flurries today, but not enough to stick.

Barbarapc said...

Are you getting that rain system today too? I'm going to have to take back my first snowfall picture - it's pouring hear. Lovely post, made me smile.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Blossom : Glad you like the potting bench. I had been wanting one for years and finally took a recycled junk idea and cobbled up one. I am a shorty so I could make it just my height.

Michelle:I like the first snow and at Christmas its nice. After that I do not want anymore of it.

flowergardengirl:You want snow, well I am jealous of the warmer weather.

Susan: Maybe the snow flurries will clear out your dust storm.We had a warm up last night and today and all of the snow is melting.

Barbara: Yes, all the white stuff melted overnight and this morning and rain is coming in. Now I guess I will complain about the mud. Just never weather happy ;)

Gunilla said...

What lovely photos you have in your blog.
I love snow so I hope we get a lot of it. I have children during the days while there parents works, and they have so much fun when it´s lots of snow.

I whish you a Merry Christmas