Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old Man Winter

Hurray for Winter Solstice 2008!
No I am not cheering for Winter.
Today December the 21 is the shortest day of the year,
so that means that everyday will get a little longer now
which only will bring us more daylight.
As many know I am not a winter person so I am
longing to get through it and get it over as soon as possible.
With a temperature of 15 degrees and wind chills making
it feel from 10 to 20 below zero Winter solstice has came in

Winter Garden

In winter's cold and sparkling snow,
The garden in my mind does grow.
I look outside to blinding white,
And see my tulips blooming bright.
And over there a sweet carnation,
Softly scents my imagination.

On this cold and freezing day,
The Russian sage does gently sway,
And miniature roses perfume the air,
I can see them blooming there.
Though days are short, my vision's clear.
And through the snow, the buds appear.

In my mind, clematis climbs,
And morning glories do entwine.
Woodland phlox and scarlet pinks,
Replace the frost, if I just blink.
My inner eye sees past the snow.
And in my mind, my garden grows.

Cheryl Magic-Lady, Winter Garden


Debbies Doodle said...

yeaaahh... I think my husband told me 3 times today it the longest day of the year... Here it is -5 with wind chill making it -35... and a lot of wind..the water in the barn froze and our friends have been with out power for days.

Thanks For 2 Day said...

I like the poem and echo your sentiments entirely;) (and, we don't even have any snow down this way!) Are those photos from 'NOW'?? it seems strange to see tulips with snow in dec...perhaps they are from last year? merry christmas! Jan

Barbarapc said...

What a romantic notion of closing your eyes and imagining your garden in full and perfect bloom. I'm going to work on that while I massage my shoulders from shoveling the drive and paths.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Deb; I knew you had to be getting colder weather than us.Take care of the horses.

Jan; the photos were from Spring of 2006.All of the spring flowers were in bloom and the leaves were out on the trees and then came the snow, It was such an amazing sight. Believe it or not it did not hurt all of the plants too much.

Barbara; I do not envy you all of the snow up north compared to what we usually get. Shoveling it is for the birds.

Barbee' said...

Love the poem and photos!