Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Birds

I could not resist taking more pictures of the birds outside my
window. It was snowing the biggest, fluffy, white snowflakes
yesterday (which are mostly blur's in the pictures).
We did get three inches here in the Hocking Hills and thankfully
none of the ice that was being called for.
In the midst of all of the whirling snow the birds were over-
running the bird feeders.

They were so beautiful against the snow that of course I had to
just grab the camera again and snap some more.
This pair of Cardinal's were sticking pretty close together.
The male did get grouchy (I won't say it girls) and try to chase her
away from the seed to hog it all a time or two. Nature's diet plan?

Who could resist taking this picture?

These black-eyed Junco's were flying from the branches to
the ground below the feeders to grab up the scattered seed.

When I was a child I just called them snow birds.
Do not know why. Maybe because that was the only time I
noticed them was when it snowed and they would be
scratching around in the snow. Just a notion in a child's mind.

The house Finches were joining the Junco's in the seed fest.

Baby its cold outside!


Barbarapc said...

When I see pretty birdie photos, I remind myself, I've got to keep my camera closer to the window - those cardinals look like they're ready for their Christmas card photo.

Aerie-el said...

Beautiful--cardinals are favorites of mine, though we don't have them here. And the black and white juncos are so striking. They all look like Christmas card shots.

Debbies Doodle said...

I hope you will give them a little extra food for being such great models..
Merry Christmas,

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Your birds are very cheerful looking:) They will keep you looking out your window this winter! I plan to post more birds on my blog--I have so many more that I forgot to post on my Garden Bloggers Blooming-Bird day post!! I just need to upload them. There's so much to do when keeping a blog and trying to say hi to everyone!! I hope you'll have a very Merry Christmas! Jan