Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lilac Bush Vs. Ice Storm 2009

And the Winner Is!
In this instance the Ice Storm of January 2009.

My 45 year old, ten foot high Lilac bush has been bent,
bruised and broken. I have two of them on the bank near
the highway, this one has been severely damaged and its
twin out the bank is bending dangerously over the bank into
the ditch.I am holding my breath that it will not break off
also and that I will just be able to trim back the bent limbs
when the ice melts.

We have been upgraded from a level 3 emergency area to a level 2.
We are still without phones but they tell us they will have service back by
this evening. The news reports stated this morning that 98% of Hocking
county was without electricity so I think that means that our road is the
only part that does have electricity. Thank goodness we have a different
electric provider in this section of the county because all those under another
provider are doing without. Our electric company trims trees all year long
as the weather permits them and it has made all of the difference in this ice

Other than being hard on trees and plants, and causing all the difficulties
that comes with such a storm it is so beautiful to see. If the sun ever comes
out it will be like millions of diamonds and jewels glittering upon everything.

I could not resist taking a lot of pictures even without the sunshine to light
up the landscape.

Poor Rhodies

Crape Myrtle

And I just cannot help myself, if there is a Cardinal in sight while I have

a camera in hand I have to take the picture.


jodi said...

I'm sorry about the ice damage, Lona. Ice storms are such a double-edges sword. To the gardener in us, they mean hurt plants and other inconveniences; to the nature-appreciation-geek (at least in me), they're so beautiful, as long as the power stays on and the internet stays on and...

Jenny said...

Hope there is not too much damage to the garden. Stay warm!

Pam Kersting said...

Wow! So sorry for you to have to be in all of that ice and snow. The plants will be a little bent and some broken, but you know they will bounce back beautifully. The photographs are striking!

LDaylily said...

Sorry to hear about your ice storm. Plants are very resiliant we've had branches touching the ground after the thaw, they bounced back. We were spared this round of ice, last year we had so much devastation that we lost 30 years of shade in parts of the state.

Sue said...

Wow, what awesome pics, even though some of the plants look distressed bending over like that. I hope they come out of it OK. Hey, my comment moderation word is "grandre". That's what I have to say about your cardinal pic. Wasn't that nice of it to pose with the red berries?

Barbarapc said...

Beautiful photo of the cardinal in the ice. Can you get a wooden brace under the larger branches of the lilac? I've been able on a couple of occasions to save branches of things like Japanese Maples after an ice storm - find that the worst part often is the wind that comes up after all the ice. Fingers crossed for you!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jodi: I know you just have to love the winter wonderland effect, especially after another inch of snow collected on it over night.

Jenny: We have natural gas so we will stay warm no matter what happens :)

Pam: I am glad to hear that the plants will snap back. Thanks for dropping by.

LDaylily: Yes, I am thankful there is not more damage thus far.The wind is picking up today so that is worrisome as to more damage. Thanks for dropping by.

Sue: I have that Cardinal trained well :)

Barbara: Bracing it would be ideal but alas I have nothing to use.I am hoping for sunshine to get rid of some of the ice, it is just so cold right now and I am worried about the wind getting up.You probably deal more with this problem in you location.Keep you r fingers crossed girl, we will need it :)

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Sorry about those lilac bushes; some of my favorites. My grandmother had one in her yard when I was a child. I loved it so much.
Again, gorgeous shots of the ice on tree limbs...but, it really needs to warm up so some of it will melt for you.
I read your most recent post and now know you have some sun today. Hooray!