Friday, January 2, 2009

Old Country Churches

Liberty Ridge Church

The old Country Church's are becoming a thing of the past.
With people leaving the small rural communities to work
in larger cities where work can be found the small towns are dying out.
In my area the small business man cannot make it competing with
the big box stores who can buy in large quantities so the little
corner grocery, gasoline stations and even the post office are gone.

People congregate in bigger and more modern churches
now, so these small country churches are closed or
striving to hang on with a few faithful members.

The passing of time into the modern world of communication
has been a marvel. But will our children miss out on knowing
and helping their neighbors? Is bigger and faster better?
I like the modern but I also feel sad to see some of the better
things of the older life decaying and disappearing.

Lebanon Church

Ebenezer Church

Otterbein Church

Wesley Chapel Church


Anonymous said...

Aren't they charming and full of stories. They are unique and hopefully that will be preserved one day.

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Lovely photos and post, Lona:) I agree, it's difficult to see things of the past fading from view. Our lives have changed by the advancing of time itself and the changes brought by newer ways of living. It is good, though, that many people are trying to 'get back' to the way things used to be, more 'green, earth-friendly, and less consumerism'. These photos remind me to think more about ways to 'simplify' my life, rather than complicate it.
Have a wonderful New Year!

J said...

I love old churches. Thanks for posting these photographs.

Kylee said...

Lona, living in such a rural county as I do (Paulding), there are churches like that all over the place. I never thought about them disappearing much, although a few of them now stand dormant. You have made me think about how fortunate I am to live in an area that hasn't really changed much in this way, over the years.

The corner grocery is another thing, though. My dad had one in our small village and though he sold it years ago, there was another. But they too have disappeared. I miss them.

Tracey said...

Love the church photos! Thank you for stopping by my blog . . . you have my interest peaked in Southereastern Ohio - we drive through often to my husband's hometown!!

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh how I love old white churches. What a wonderful post, made me smile!