Wednesday, January 7, 2009

White To Light Up A Garden

No, I am not talking Snow though the white stuff is falling
out doors as I am writing this post.

Call it Moonlight gardening or just bringing light into the dark
corners of your garden. In many spots where my flowerbeds
are located, afternoon shadows appear and there are several
shady areas. I keep searching for white flowers to brighten these
areas up and bring out the colors of companion flowers.
Over the years a collection of them have made their home in
my flowerbeds. I still keep searching for more whites to add to
the shade gardens so if anyone has any good suggestions please
feel free to tell me.
Of an evening the whites do shine through in the beds and
add a special touch to an evening stroll.

White Astillbe

White Achillea

White Balloon

White Dianthas

White Cleome

Shasta Daisy

David White Tall Phlox


Lynn said...

I sure would like to see some of that white in my flower beds right now!!! Not the snow the flowers of course...We are getting the snow right now too. The only thing snow is good for is a day off school!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't really have any suggestions for you, I just wanted to say how lovely your white flowers already are! The only white flower I have is a rose and an aster. I have to admit that the snow is really pretty tonight, especially after all the gray we've been having. I've spent the last two days poking around in garden centers, just trying to enjoy some plants and blossoms, because spring is way too far away to please me!

Anonymous said...

All these whites are pure and refreshing. I once had an all white garden.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

All are lovely, when I have a larger garden than my deck, I will have a moon light garden. All white flowers, some comfortable chairs, and we can sit outside on warm evenings.


Anonymous said...

I love white flowers also! Thinking of a 'Moon Garden' but then is there any garden combo we don't want? I love the 'David' phlox but 'Miss Linguard' is also white and blooms much earlier.

JGH said...

Pretty! I have a shade garden that could use some lightening up, so I appreciate these suggeestions. White clematis can also do well in part shade. I love the Balloon flower - haven't seen much of that around here. Your photos are super!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Lynn: you can have all of our snow but we only got 2 inches so you would still have had school. Sorry.

Robin:I am waiting on a really large snow so I can go back to the Ash Cave and get some pictures.Have been experimenting on forcing bulbs here for some color but I just don't know if I am going to like the Paper Whites.

Jen: That sounds so nice and makes for a good cold day of dreaming ahead to nicer days.

ledgeandgardens: I had to look up the "Miss Linguard. Thank you for the great tip. Will have to get some since they bloom earlier and are resistant to mildew.

JHG: I had an Autumn Joy clematis but when I moved it, it up and died on me :( .Will have to get another. Thanks for reminding me and thanks for dropping by.

flowergirl: An all white garden! I bet it was so lovely with all of the different shades of white. Now I will have to dig up another patch of dirt :)

Sue said...

You have a nice assortment of white flowers there. They look full and healthy. There are white impatiens. I have some white obedient plant on the north side of my garage, which does not seem to spread as much there as in more sun. It looks ugly when it's finished blooming, so I deadhead it.

Cinj said...

White flowers are much nicer to look at than all of the white snow on the ground!

spookydragonfly said...

So nice to see all of your whites, Lona! I love them in the garden. Please stop over to my main blog, I have a little something for you!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Lona, these are lovely;) They don't all do well in shade, though, do they? I have some of them...but not in white. I do have some white peonies that are pretty...but they need sun. I have some white veronica also. I think that's all the white's I have. I don't even have the white snow:( I really would like some. But not to last all winter long...just for a week or 2, then have it disappear into nothingness. I know those winters in OH are so drab and dreary. My parents lived there for over 20 yrs. Bye for now, Jan

Anonymous said...

The variegated bush in my snow picture is just your everyday euonymus. I thought everyone had these in their landscaping! They spread and grow like crazy, but are broadleaf evergreens, so they look good all winter. In the front of my house we keep a more structured look, with mostly evergreens. Flowers are only accents here, because I want it to look good in winter too.