Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alpenglow Hydrangea

I love Hydrangea's and have several around the yard
in various stages of growth, having started some by
propagation which certainly is a plus for someone who
loves the plant and also likes to save some money.

One favorite's of mine is the Alpenglow Hydrangea.
It is advertised as a dusty red in color but in my soil
it is a dark pink in color which gets more beautiful as
the blooms mature and the "glow" in
its name certainly

Hydrangea macrophylla Alpenglow is a Big leaf hydrangea,
medium tall 3-5 feet and is good in zones 5-9.
It blooms on old wood and is easiest for pruning by removing any
dead canes after the hydrangea sprouts in the Spring.
Mophead variety, dusky red flowers with dark green foliage.
Blooms late Spring to Summer and is good in full sun to
mostly shade, so it was a great addition to my yard because
of several part shade and shady flower beds.
I bought the hydrangea from Bluestone Perennials
and their plants have never disappointed me in their

My daughter got this big and very cute planter for me which I
just love. Does anyone have any ideas what to plant in it which
will show it off the best??


Anonymous said...

I love hydrangeas too and really have an affinity for the dark pink/red ones. Alpenglow looks like a beaut. Cute planter. I envision a creeping thyme, something with tiny leaves creeping over the sides to kind of keep with the miniature theme. Just my two cents. Grace

Anonymous said...

That hydrangea bloom is beautiful in colour! Lucky you to have such blooms right now, Lona. :) The planter is adorable, and I agree with Grace. Something with a small leaf or flower that will trail over, such as, Lobelia, for example.

Anonymous said...

can you believe that I don't have any hydrangeas? My back is too sunny, and the front shady part is all full! There's got to be a place somewhere that I can squeeze one in. I'd put a vining plant in your new planter, so it can drape itself over the sides. We do have a great Kroger, especially since the changed it to Kroger Marketplace. The floral department is great. I can't wait till the Home and Garden show either. We want to get ideas for our new deck.

Cinj said...

Hydrangeas are very pretty. Mine barely bloomed last year. I may have to find a sunnier home for it. That looks like a really pretty one.

lynn'sgarden said...

Lona, I love the pink hydrangea..I have a Nico Blue but it tends to bloom on the pale shade and sometimes pinky due to soil ph. How about something dainty but trailing in your pot to emulate water spilling many choices!

Sunita said...

Beautiful colour! I've been struggling to grow hydrandeas for years now but they all wimp out on me :(
No, it isnt the heat because they do beautifully in my mom's garden. It must be my horribly sticky goop which passes for soil.

flowrgirl1 said...

Hydreangeas are so gorgeous. I have a few but really want to get many more. I have little lamb, lime light, annabelle and endless summer so far.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Thanks everyone on the input of what to put in the flower pot. Something dainty and trailing. Since I am germinating Lobelia and Diascia that might work out well.I do not have a creeping thyme so that might be an excuse to get one :-)
I appreciate the help.

Cathy said...

I love Hydrangeas, I grow about
5 different varieties of them.
I bought one last year that is a
Red color, which I have never seen
before and believe it or not it came from Home Depot.