Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fingers Crossed and Seed Germination

Well some of the seeds that were sown have germinated
and are doing very well. It is so good to see things growing
again and my fingers are crossed that they will continue to
do so.I do not have the best record when it comes to the
germination and transplanting of plants.

Some of the old faithfuls that are growing are a mixture
of Impatiens,which are a staple for the many shady areas
around the house, a mix of Verbena and Duchess Light Blue
Rose Queen Diascia for the hanging baskets and window boxes.

I have also Blue & White Lobelia, Yellow Angel Trumpets and

I may have to give up on the Osteospurmum because I do
not have much luck in germinating them.
The one in the basement over wintering is doing fine
so I will at least have one for the Spring.

Some new plants that I am trying this year is Red Easy Wave
Petunia, mixed Pentas and the Black Velvet Rose Geraniums.
I am excited about the Black Velvet series of Geraniums because of
the dark leaves combined with the Rose colored Geranium.
Also new for me and growing are:

Crescendo Mix Primrose

Marine Heliotrope
I have been told that Heliotrope has a great fragrance.

Regatta Rose Lobelia
I just fell in love with the color of this Lobelia.

I have many more seeds to get sowed and have determined
to get it done tomorrow. Amongst which are seeds saved from
tall Phlox, Stella de Ora Lily, Armeria, Gladioli, and some more

Some of the seeds and plants that I have just about given up on
ever doing well for me are:
Osteospurmum, Mustead Lavender, Delphinium, Larkspur and
Moon flower vines, all of which I would dearly love to grow.
My thumb is brown when it comes to germinating and
transplanting them.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I like your little greenhouse. I think I could find a spot for that in my house. Sounds like you will have fun watching your seeds grow! Heliotrope is wonderful! I always buy them as starts, but it would be more fun to grow your own.

Raquel at Cool Garden Things said...

I like the way you are showcasing photos of what your seedlings will look like. You have made some lovely and fragrant choices. Good luck!

Lynn said...

I have about 4 flats that have germinated and are doing fine. Yes it is good to see some things growing. The new rack the hubby made is working fine, I even brought some of the geranium starts up out of the basement. They over wintered really nicely...
It looks like you have put a light in your little greenhouse. I haven't tried mine with a light, I guess it is working nicely!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Catherine: I have had so much fun with the mini greenhouse. I have no good windows with light so it helps so much.

Raquel: Thanks so much for dropping by.

Lynn: Your rack will be able to hold so many. You must have great light where you placed it.All of my plants in the basement are sprouting and wanting some light also. They are a little pale :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love your fancy little seed greenhouse, with lights no less. Don't you hate when seed don't come up? I bought some seeds online in the heat of summer, and not a one of them came up. Wasted fifteen bucks!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Sounds like so much fun. I have all my seeds together, my starting mix ready to go. Now I just have to put everything together and wait.

You will love the heliotrope, it is such a lovely scented plant.


Barbarapc said...

The osteospurmum is a fairly easy one to take cuttings from - so that might help you get a few more from the fellow you saved over the winter. The moon flowers are put directly into 4" pots commercially so they don't have to be transplanted. They grow them with 8-12" stakes and gently push the climbing creatures down making them shorter slinkies.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jen;Everyone has told me Helitrope sell wonderful so I am anxious to grow this one.

Robin: the money I have wasted on seeds!! I can not sow them out doors they just will not grow in my poor soil. That is also another reason why I got the greenhouse to start seeds and plants indoors.

Barbara: Where do I take the cuttings and do you use root hormone and put them in soil or so you start them in water? It would be great if I could make more from the one I saved. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'd kill for that greenhouse. :-) As for the larkspur, it needs cool soil to germinate. Maybe you can take the tray outside. Supposedly they do better with direct seeding.

Diascia is one of my favorite plants. I've got a perennial species that looks like it wintered over successfully.

Keep us posted.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Grace: Thanks for the tip on the Larkspur that is most likely what I did wrong.I do not even think I put the seeds in the fridge first either.
Now I will be trying to over winter my Diascia if I can find the room :)