Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Love of Lilac's

Don't you just love the fragrance of Lilac's blooming
in Spring?
This is another flower that I have fond memories of
when my Grandma had them in her yard. In fact I
have two very old large ones in my yard that grew
from digging up shoots from hers.
They were hit hard this Winter with the ice storm and
many limbs broke off, but the other limbs that were bent
over by the ice snapped back into place after the melt.
I am looking forward to days ahead when soon they will
bloom again.

Note: I have been having problems with Blogger the last
few days and I am wondering if others have also?
I know Cathy at "Outside In" discovered that her
Followers was messed up when her Mom disappeared
as one of her Followers.
The comments I left you may not have been loaded
and Followers have not been down loading. I am hoping
it is just a minor problem that Blogger is dealing with
and will be made right soon.


Gail said...

Lona, We have to baby Lilacs in my garden but I do..my son gave me a plant a few years ago and it surely does smell wonderful...your photos are lovely, I wish i could smell the lilacs right now! gail

Cinj said...

Hmm, could be. My comments are way down and three of my followers dissappeared between two logins yesterday. I thought it a bit strange.

Machelle said...

Lona, I love the Lilac's! I have always wanted one. I think I can even smell them. lol
glad you posted about the followers. My feeling were almost hurt when I noticed some were missing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lilacs. I'm glad they weren't completely destroyed by that nasty ice.

Anonymous said...

I dearly love lilacs, but don't have any yet. I plan to put one in front of our ugly utility box, so I won't have to see it from the house. And I want deep purple!

Anonymous said...

Lona, lilacs are one of my favourite early flowers -- their scent is so heady and lingering. Hubby brought me home a lilac scented candle tart this past weekend and I've been enjoying that until the real thing comes along. :)

Cathy said...

Love the Lilacs, I too have 2 bushes that is over 30 years old. My Husband's Grandmother use to pick the flowers and bring it indoors.

Jaska said...

I'm waiting for summer and the scent of lilacs. I could feel it when I looked your pictures.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Lona, I love your lilacs. Ah such a heady scent of spring. We thankfully have some growing around here, both white and purple.

I have been having some problems with blogger, suddenly there are less followers than usual, and all of a sudden they increase.

But is anyone having problems with Blotanical taking forever to load pages? Sometimes I get so fedup with it, I just leave.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Gail: I can almost smell them as the fragrance whiffs across the yard. So ready for it.

Cindy: It must be a wide spread problem with Blogger then.Very puzzling.

Machelle: I know what you mean. I wondered what I did to or if I ticked them off. I know people can opt out but when there was 3 at the same time it got to me also.I appreciate all of my new friends.

Robin: Dark purple sounds great! They have some that rebloom now to so that might be good if you got to buy one. I have been thinking about getting one but wondered if they really re-bloom. Might want to check it out first.

Cathy: I always pick some to bring into the house too. Color and fragrance nothing like it. I guess we were not alone on the Followers problem :)

Jaska: Going through the pictures just made me want Spring to come even more :)

Jen: It must be a glitch at Blogger then. Yes, I have problems with Blotanical loading every once in a while. Wonder if it is when the site is really busy or just the service provider where it is coming from?

Janet said...

I really love the lilacs and the postcard at the top. Lilacs just scream spring to me.
Yes, I think many of us are having problems with blogger, comments, and apparently followers disappearing. (I lost one, thought it was me)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Janet: I fell in love with the postcard. She is so sweet looking. Thanks for dropping by.

Aerie-el said...

Your photos are beautiful; I can almost smell the flowers! I just love lilacs-they remind me of growing up.

I had trouble leaving comments the other day on another blogspot blog. Maybe it's something to do with the feedburner change-over thingee that's happening? I'm with you and hope it's a minor irritation that is solved quickly!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

That could be the answer. I never that about the change over.

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona, just caught up with your recent posts...Lovely sunrise photos! If you only have to have 1 peony, that one is perfect..so pretty! I have the more common pink and dark pink variety and they are always susceptible to powdery mildew..but,nothing beats their fragrance. Your 2nd lilac photo is also fantastic! Thanks for sharing,

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Oh, I love lilacs! They were everywhere in our neighborhood growing up! A few years ago, I planted 'Beauty of Moscow' in my yard- just last year it had nice, fragrant blooms on it! Thanks for stopping by my blog- I agree, nothing like home grown tomatoes! Happy Gardening.

Anonymous said...

Those are some gorgeous lilac photos Lona. The second one is my favorite, it's phenomenal! I have three old shrubs that have never been pruned (planted before I bought my house). They've almost stopped producing flowers (except at the very tops). I'm going to prune 1/3rd of them back hard this year then repeat for the next two years until I have all new(er) wood. Hopefully that will increase my blooms?? I look forward to their wonderful fragrance every spring too so it's been sad not to have so much.

spookydragonfly said...

Beautiful photos, Lona! Lilacs bring back many memories for me and oh, who doesn't love the scent of drifting lilac in the breeze!