Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finale, Finish, the End

These are the last of the pictures that I managed to take at
the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show. They were taken
through the press of the crowd so they are grainy and at very
odd angles.

There were many water features but I only managed to catch
a few pictures of them.

Herbie the Love Bug was one of the garden movie themes
and a replica of it was made into a water fountain.
Stone walls, pillars, a fire pit, paved patio and a walkway were
all beautiful. Azaleas, rhododendrons and blooming cherry trees
made up the plant materials.
It was created by Five Seasons Landscape Management, Inc.

Talk about a leaking radiator!

This was a very nice water falls and stream which must have
taken a lot of work to accomplish indoors. The lighting in one section
made a green cast over the water that I was not really fond of but
other than that it was beautiful. I would take one green light and all ;-)
I cannot remember for certain but I believe it was from the Notting
Hill theme.

This water feature was from the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
display created by Seely's Landscape Nursery. A Moon gate was
set in plastered garden walls at the entry. There were bamboo, willow
and pine trees framing the display. A winding cobblestone path edged
with boulders. A waterfalls emptied into a koi pond and a Zen garden
provided a place for meditation.

The mural waterfall feature was from the theme Raiders of the Lost
Ark. Water flowed down the large hieroglyphic stone. Its jungle
effect was created by plantings of bearberry and palms.
There were bistro tables and a map set in pavers.

This water feature was from the Jurassic Park display and was
the only picture I was able to get from it. Plywood cutouts of
various dinosaurs covered with plant materials were in the garden
background which included palm trees, Australian tree ferns and
tropical foliage. The Jurassic Park display was created by the Franklin
Park Conservatory.

Other themes were:

One very large wine rack from the Ratatouille Theme was made
from a 1930's delivery truck.

One big rat was there but it was very friendly. Weeping willows,
birch trees, rhododendrons, roses and lilacs added color and texture
and fragrance to the display.

The outdoor French cafe had a pizza oven. A large white arbor covered
the patio and large vases of splashing water were included. The display
was created by Cedarbrooke Landscaping and Garden Center.

There were four themes, Tombstone, Terminator, Under the Tuscan Sun
and Hollywood at Home that I have no pictures for. The Terminator did
not work for me as a garden theme at all. Tombstone was a Old West
scene with desert plantings of succulents which I do not care for.If I lived in
where I needed them for gardening then no doubt I would love them.
Under the Tuscan Sun was a beautiful outdoor living area but there again
as I stated before I am a recycle or junk gardener and I have
no need for a large outdoor patio with kitchen. Hollywood at home was
a nice outdoor kitchen display also with a T.V. included. Many of the outdoor
kitchens had fireplaces which I do love but I noticed that pizza ovens
were in them all so I gather this is a fad that is going or is trying to get going.
They were all wonderful displays and all took so much hard work to pull
them off. The work and care showed in each.

There were many stone raised beds throughout the garden show
with numerous plantings of tulips, primroses, astilbe and hyacinths.
Greenery of ferns and hosta was everywhere.
The fragrance of hyacinths floated amongst several of the displays
and it was so lovely.

Spring was definitely in the air at the 2009 Central Ohio Garden
Show which runs until Sunday March 8th.
I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and got a touch of spring
from them.


Patsi said...

Didn't know about your garden show.
Wonderful! Love the water features.
Oh boy this is great fun!

Anonymous said...

You must have had so much fun! I love the tulips, love the water course but like you, the green light detracts (at best). I can't imagine the brain and brawn that goes in to these displays.

So did you buy any plants?

Debbies Doodle said...

I love the water fall coming out of the love bug..
Thanks for sharing,

Lynn said...

I just made my husband come in and look at the VW Bug... I told him I wanted one! LOL He complains about my watering can fountain. That was a good one.. Thanks for sharing.

Randy Emmitt said...

The love bug was so cute, thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Aren't garden shows crazy? There's a post right now on garden rant lamenting the lack of reality of some of the show gardens, but that's part of what makes it fun. The San Francisco show is in two weeks, but sadly, the owners have decided not to produce it anymore and haven't found a buyer, so it looks like this is the last year. Enjoy!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Love the falls and the outdoor pizza kitchen! I enjoyed your pictures!

Wanda said...

What a great way to see new plants and how to use them. Your pictures are beautiful. I love gardens thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It was a very awesome journey. I'm looking forward to the spring show here in my area.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Patsi: Thanks so much for dropping by. The Garden show was indeed great fun and I would definitely attend again.

Grace: I do not think I realized before how much work that it took or how impressive the displays would be in materials.

Debbie: Herbie was a fun display.It takes a lot to move in cars and trucks just for a showing.

Lynn: Did he think it was a waste of a perfectly good care :) Here I thought all the guys would like a Herbie fountain in the yard:) (if they didn't have to be the ones to build it)

Randy: Thanks for dropping by. Herbie was a very whimsical display and fun to see. It made you smile.

Susan: They are off the wall but I guess it is the best time to let your creative ideas flow and to show completely different ideas. I am so sorry to hear that many garden shows are not going to continue, its so sad for we gardeners who love to see the Wow factors and may not be able to afford it in our own yards. I hope someone will continue them somehow.

Catherine: I loved all of the water features. I think everyone should have some kind in their gardens no matter how big.

Wanda: Thanks for dropping by. The displays sure made you dream of ideas for your own garden. Ah, if only :)

Flowergardengirl: So glad you enjoyed the pictures of the show. Wanted those who could not be there to get feel like they had visited a little and get everyone a little closer to spring time gardening.