Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gardening While Tipsy

No, I haven't been tipping the bottle but I feel like
I have been. It sort of feels like my head has been a
gyroscope lately. Vertigo has been plaguing me for
a week now and though doctoring for a possible inner
ear problem it is not righting itself or going away so
further test may be needed to find the problem.

I could not let it from keeping me out of the garden last
weekend though. With temperatures in the 70 and 75 degree
reading it was too tempting not to go out and clean the
flower beds, little pond, sweep up sunflower hulls, etc
so that the new green plants that are trying to get up will
have nice clean beds to look pretty in. It was a challenge to
not tip or fall over, of which you are really not but it just
feels like you are going to land on your nose or some other
part of your body. Keeping trusty rake in hand to hang onto
an even out my tilting world I got a lot done and it was so
worth it after being inside all winter. I had a great time
in the sun and it was worth the effort.

So I may have to step back from my blog for a time until
I get some tests run and get my world from spinning and
stable once again.

I found these pictures in my files of some of my favorite
container flowers, verbena, calibrachoa mini bells petunias,
osteospermum African daisy and ipomoea potato vines.


Stuart said...

You poor thing Lona. I hope you can get it all fixed up and be back on your blogging feet again. All the best with this.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I hope you feel better soon. I can imagine it must be a bit scary as well as frustrating. Hopefully it's something that will clear up soon!
I love all your bright flowers today!

Machelle said...

So sorry to hear you are experiencing such an annoying problem. My mom has vertigo and was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, she was given medication that really helps. Whenever she would have a spell she hated to even go out anywhere for fear that she may fall. I hope you feel better soon. I loved the pics, especially the african daisies.

Cathy said...

Beautiful flowers, it sounds like you are developing menieres disease. I am no doctor but
a friend of mine has this and from time to time
his head feels off balance, or gets migrains.

Lynn said...

Sure hope you start feeling better. I have had that a few times and it sure makes you feel funny and a little loopie... LOL I love the linkwithin widget. I went back to look at a few of you things you had all kinds of seeds comming up in January I bet they are getting big. I am just one state over in WV about 20 miles from West Virginia University. Are you zone 6 ? I just planted a couple weeks ago and things are comming up good. I am so excited for spring to be here... I can't cme too soon. Have a great evening and get better soon...

cindee said...

I am sorry to hear you are having a health issue. I hope they figure it out soon. That is a terrible feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lona~~ I'm sorry you're dealing with this unwanted tipsy. I hope the doctors can pinpoint what treatment you need and get you back (steady) on your feet again.

Your photos are really, really well done. The colors are fabulous.

I'll be looking for your blog posts.

lynn'sgarden said...

Morning Lona, lovely pink verbenas, a annual I always include in pots too. Good luck with your tests and keep us informed.

Nancy said...

I hope you feel better. I've been known to water with a glas of wine...

Mariaberg said...

We will wait for you - take your time and I hope they find the problem end you get better,
osteospermum African daisy - I have one perfect for you to see when you feel better,

JOE TODD said...


themanicgardener said...

Inner ear stuff while gardening--not good. Too much stooping and twisting and so on. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are suffering with vertigo! My hubby gets it once in a great while, and it makes him ill for a day or two then goes away. Like you, they blame the inner ear. But we've never gone any further with it.

Anonymous said...

Lona, I hope nothing seriously is wrong. Sometimes I have to take a break from the computer because it strains my eyes. Keep us posted and I'm glad you're enjoying some nice weather.

Kylee said...

Oh, Lona, I hope you get to the bottom of this. I've been there and it is absolutely maddening when you feel like you're going to tip over on your head. Do take care of yourself and keep us posted!


tina said...

Hi Lona, I do hope you are feeling better soon. Vertigo sometimes happens to the best people, usually nothing to be concerned about, but it should be looked into. Glad you could enjoy some gardening though. Do take care. Beautiful pictures of a garden that will soon see its gardener back in the saddle rake required:)