Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get Some Nerve Woman

I am now the proud owner of ..... An Orchid !!!

I have never tried to grow one because I was under the
assumption that they were tropical, thus had to be hard
to grow. Besides I was saving their little lives by not putting
them under my semi-green thumb. Alright, I was chicken.

So many of you great gardeners grew them or were getting
them this winter because of a need gardeners have for colorful
growing plants and blooms even in the dead of winter. You were
saying that they were not
as hard as one thought to grow. That
helped my thinking process about them. I just needed to work up
nerve and get one. To at least try to grown one if only once.

I kept thinking and saying I want to get an orchid to grow and try
to see if I could keep it alive. They were so pretty and were
in so many colors and different types of blooms. I checked for
one a few times in our little town but no orchids.
So when we went to the Garden Show in Columbus I found
a pretty one and just had to bring the poor unsuspecting thing home.
They also had anthurium so of course I had to bring one of
those home with me also.

Isn't she pretty?
If she only had a name now because nothing was on the tag
but Dendrobium species, and I do not know where she came from.
But maybe I should not get to close too her or get too fond of
her because she may not stay around too long.
I will try to keep her growing, wish her luck.


cindee said...

I love orchids. I wish I could grow them here.(-:

lili11 said...

She pretty, alright. I'm not good at names either but I think I have one like her in my garden. she'll grow healthy under your care ...Blossom Blooms

Mariaberg said...

She is pretty.
I like to look at orchied but I do not like to have them at home - they look the same to long for me I what plants to grow and look diffrent from year to year.

I cross my finger so the plant will live for long at your home.

keewee said...

Now that is a pretty orchid. sorry i don't know anything about them.

lynn'sgarden said...

Lona, Hooray for you! What a pretty one to whet your appetite! I would have picked those dark colored ones also. The plant looks really healthy too. Orchids do like east or west locations (no direct sun). Humidity (like in the bathroom) is great. Also important is good drainage after watering..but I'm sure you knew all this! Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Lona, I had the same fears as you when it came to orchids, but the two wayward plants my Charlie brought home are, so far, looking pretty happy. Yours is a lovely colour -- I'm still waiting to find out what colour mine are. Good luck with them!

Cathy said...

Pretty Dendrobens, I do like Orchids but won't grow them, they bloom only once a year. Easy to maintain. You should try a Sherry Baby Oncidium
oh, they smell wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I certainly can't give you any advice. I'm still at the wuss stage. Your adoptee is a looker and I have every confidence you'll be a competent guardian. :)

Balisha said...

Good dendrobium was beautiful. I still have a couple of leaves....healthy leaves at that. I take good care of my leaves...they are still green. I think that I cared for it too much. :(

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Balisha:I will probably be quite happy just to have leaves when all is said and done:)

Grace: I am in the wuss stage but I just have to get feisty here and take control of that orchid :)

Cathy: I may get bored with it too if it happens to survive, I checked out the Sherry Baby Oncidium it is a pretty one. I will see if this one does well first. Thanks for the tip.

Nancy: That orchid will need all the luck it can get.

Lynn: Thanks for the great advice. I will remember it. I loved the color of this one.

Keewee: That is quite all right I know nothing about them either :)

Maria: You might want to cross your fingers and your toes too for me :)

Lili11: It is healthy after one week we will see in a couple.

Cindee: You do so well with violets, I bet you could grow an orchid too. Get some nerve woman :)

Nancy said...

I really should try to grow one. I currently do not have any plants in the house at all. At one time in my life, I had plenty - too many! Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm glad you jumped into orchid ownership with me. Mine is still doing well, and full of gorgeous blooms. I'm so glad that Spring listened to me and told Winter to hit the road. Sure has been a pleasure!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You are brave Lona;) Every time I see one, I get a 'brief' feeling of take it home...BUT, it fades quickly! I'm simply fearful that under my care, it will soon leave this earth!! I do love looking at them, though, and the lavendar shade is awesome. I hope it will do very well with your gentle nurturing!!

Kylee said...

Really pretty, Lona! I wish you the best with her!