Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Blooms Busting Forth

Well the computer was slowly going down after all
of my system functions starting disappearing.
I had some things backed up so I started downloading
all the rest of my files as fast as possible. Before it was
done I couldn't even get them all downloaded because
of system failures and I was really panicking over the
possibility of losing some files.
My son started doing my computer over from the HP
recovery files and after a lot of recovery work my
computer is back up and running again and I did not loose
anything important. Just took time to get everything back up
and running as it was before.
Was that a relief!!

I went out yesterday morning and took so many pictures
of everything that was blooming. It is good to be able to
have some new pictures to share. I also visited two locations
in the Hocking Hills State Park area where I live and got
some wonderful pictures that I will be able to post on my other
Blog site Nature's Scenic View

I also was delighted to see two new birds, Rose Breasted
Grosbeak's, at the bird feeder, plus the Hummer's are finally
Here are some blooms around the house now:

The Dogwood trees are in bloom now upon the hills
and they are so beautiful.

My poor Lilac bushes that were all bent and broken
this winter in the ice storm are back up and blooming.

The fragrance from the two old bushes blowing across
the yard is so wonderful.

Foam flower "Spring Symphony" is just starting to bloom.

My new tiny Magnolia "Jane" is small but had some blooms.

This bug seems to like the new magnolia blooms.

It is a beautiful time of the year and my MRI came back normal
so regardless of what my family may tell me my brain is fine :-)


EB said...

What a scary time for you! Glad you got it pretty much all back though. The last flower is wonderful.

Dirt Princess said...

Glad you are back up and running. What a relief. Your shots are great! Lesson learned..we all need to back up our files

Nat said...

Your foam flower is so pretty! I've got to get some of those!

CiNdEe said...

Pretty pictures(-: I am glad you got your computer working again. That is a stressful thing.
Lilacs do smell wonderful!
The crabapple was blooming and it filled the whole yard with its beautiful scent! I love Spring!
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

bennie and patsy said...

So happy to hear your brain is fine.I had no doubt's.Sorry about the bad old computer. You do have some lovely spring photo.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Emily: I did not even notice the little bug until I loaded up the pictures. It was an added bonus for the shot.

Patsy: Sorry the fish weren't biting but hope you enjoyed the trip. I was happy my brain was fine too :-)

Cindee: Oh, crabapple blooms smell terrific too.

Nat: Foam flowers are a feathery plant and so delicate looking. This is the first time seeing it bloom. It was planted last fall. I am happy with it.

DirtPrincess: I try to keep things backed up but when you take pictures all the time it is hard to remember to keep all of them backed up.I had most on Photobucket so I could have got them back from there.I have a genealogy website also and I could not get it all backed up so I was worried about it. But all turned out well.I loved your neighbors huge century plant. Wow!

Pelageya said...

Lilak is beautiful. I almost feel its smell... Never saw a foam flower, should put it on my list. Your computer story reminds me that I need a backup! Thank you Lona!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I am so glad things are working on your would be difficult to deal with losing any of your lovely photos, and writings...and friends, info, etc!

I just love your photos Lona. They are all beautiful. Every flower, etc...I'd love to comment on, but it would just take forever! The lilac bush is gorgeous...I just bought some myself!! Can't wait until they're in bloom! I just love this time of year. It was 95+ for three days, though...with high humidity and it felt awful for a while...not at all like spring! But today has been in the 50's and raining and I'm not sure what is better. Just plain normal 'spring' would be nice! I hope you have a wonderful spring with great weather so you can enjoy your garden as much as you want to! Have a wonderful evening! Jan

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona, don't worry, your magnolia will grow pretty quick..looks like the variety I have and that last close-up looks just like the photo I just Mmm, lilacs..mine are still in tiny buds. Glad your MRI was normal!!

Debbies Doodle said...

whewww... glad you mri came out with a possitive result... your pictures are so pretty... bet you wish it would warm up..

madcobug said...

Those flowers are beautiful. Lilac's do smell wonderful. Glad that your MRI came back normal.

Anonymous said...

Happy you got you stuff back--shew--that was close. Your Spring blooms look beautiful.

Gail said...

Lona, So glad you mostly lost time! That is frustrating as can be...Love Jane, she is a delightful magnolia and foam flowers are on my top ten list of favorite wildflowers! Lilacs were here and gone so quickly with the heat wave we had...It's nice to see yours! gail

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad to hear your brain is fine. And glad to hear your computer is up and running. I need to do some serious backup work myself.

Beautiful photos.

Stephanie said...

Dear Lona,looks like all these blooms around your house are cheering for you. Glad that your computer is up and running in order. I like the foam spring symphony flowers. Nice!

Darla said...

Glad your computer stuff is all worked out. Beautiful blooms here. Our dogwoods are long gone from bloom and are in full leaf mode now!

Darla said...

I just saw your question on my bloomin' Tuesday post. The deep red flowers are snapdragons, glad you like them.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Pelageya: Thank you for dropping by.The Foam flower is a little charmer.

Jan: Yes, this spring has been so odd. It swings from one thing to another. I would settle for 75 degrees all year around :-)

Lynn it is amazing sometimes how people manage to have the same postings at the same time. I just discovered two new Rose breasted Grosbeak's in my yard and posted about it and a couple hours later I saw where someone in Ohio had posted a similar posting. It was funny.

Helen: glad you are on the mend. Take care and get well!

Debbie: wouldn't it be nice if the weather would stay one way or the other, preferably warmer.Hope your MRI came back okay.

Flowergirl: I was in a panic until the recovery disc brought most of it back.Whee!

Grace:My family may question my brain but now I have proof it is okay :-)

Gail: Our mini heat wave brought out so many new blooms and the trees are now leafing out so fast. With the days of rain ahead it will only help them but I will not be happy :-)

Stephanie: I really like the foam flower. I did not realize it was considered a wild flower. Have not seen it in the wilds of Ohio :-) Maybe I spent money for nothing on it.

Darla: I cannot believe they were snapdragons. The sure are pretty. Thanks for answering my question. Have to find some now :-)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Lona, you've got some of the loveliest blooms. The Dogwood looks gorgeous! Glad to know that the computer and your MRI report is ok.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Always a pleasure to have you visit me.

Dottie said...

Glad you had minimal loses with the computer recovery. Technology is great until it fails...LOL. Lovely blooms! Everything looks so nice and it looks like you are about 3-4 weeks ahead of me in the blooms me a sneak peak of what I will be enjoying next month :)

Barbarapc said...

So many lovely blossoms this time of year - it's hard to know what to pick. Wonderful magnolia - makes me want to get outside and work on some more shots. Glad everything is a.o.k. after your tests!

Randy Emmitt said...

Enjoyed these photos, I need to stop by more often. We love lilacs, it is just too hot for them to do much good here. When I lived in the mountains our house had a huge lilac and when it bloomed everywhere you were taken in by the aroma.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Lona, so glad to hear that everything is "functioning" well again.

We have just come back from Armstrong after visiting my family. And the climate there is even slower than ours down at the coast. But what a treat to see your lilacs blooming. I can imagine the scent here.