Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Blooms

So many plants are starting to bloom now and the
fragrance blowing across the yard is almost heady at times.

Peony Pink Sorbet is so beautiful now with her pink
and cream, large blooms.

And this white Dianthus smells so sweet with its
fluffy blooms.

The wild Phlox is still loaded with blue-purple blooms.

Too soon the Rhododendrons are now losing their beautiful
blooms and the red and lavender blooms are covering the
ground like fallen colored snow below the bushes. I for one
wish their blooms could last all growing season.

The Pansies in the window boxes are still hanging in there
and now other flowers have been planted around them to
take over for them after they have spent their blooms from
the heat this summer.

Thanks to everyone who answered my concerns over the
once yellow now turned red roses. The answer must deal
with the graft on the rose. So I have all these beautiful red
roses now along and upon the side of the garage and it does
make a beautiful red display anyway. There are even more
of the red blooms now and they do smell wonderful.


bennie and patsy said...

All my very favorite.

Darla said...

Beautiful color here. I can just imagine the sweet scent floating across the air......

Dirt Princess said...

I am almost ashamed to admit this...but I have no idea what a peony smells I missing out or what? I must find one now and smell it!!!!!!

Tatyana said...

Hi Lona! The blooms are gorgeous, I like all of them! Can't believe how much that rose spreaded! They say that the most blooms develop on the horizontal branches - it's clearly seen on your picture!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

As always, it all looks wonderful. You have beautiful flowers blooming! Can't believe May is almost over! Where did it go? Love those roses...interesting that they've turned red due to a graft; I've never heard of that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ Yes it seems that nature has a way of letting us know who is really in charge. The red rose bush sprawling along the wall is really a beauty. And I could practically whiff the peony fragrance.

I wonder if your white Dianthus is 'Mrs. Sinkins.'

CiNdEe said...

I love your blooms! Dianthus is one of my favorites! They smell so good! I wish I had a whole yard of them(-: Phlox is sure pretty too! And of course I love the peony!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your Sorbet is in bloom!! I have one bud on mine this year, which is fine since I just planted it. I can't wait to see it in person.

Phoenix C. said...

You rose looks lovely the way it drapes along the wall!

I love the smell of dianthus. I'm waiting for mine to bloom.

Beautiful photos!

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Everything looks so pretty! It's funny, though, because what you called wild phlox, is what we call 'sweet rocket'. Mine is almost completely bloomed out and is leggy and ugly, but other things are blooming to take their place!

{sigh} Had circumstances been different (my dad's health situation) we would be heading up to your beautiful part of the world once again in about 3 weeks. Instead we're going about 3 hours away to North Carolina. Maybe someday we'll get to go farther from home again.

Blessings, Becky

theoldboathouse said...

Ahhh my heart is melting, so so beautiful, I am in Australia and am loving your blog.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I can smell the beautiful fragrance here. Wafting on a slight breeze in the warmth of the night.......

thank you for sending it my way.


Stephanie said...

The Pink Peony Sorbet is so beautiful! The red roses against the white wall... the colour combinatioin makes me think of Christmas :-)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Lona,

I've seen so many different kinds of peonies on blogs and I love them all! Yours is stunning! The dianthus! Same goes for your roses. I'm imagining them in yellow too...hmm, can't decide which one is more beautiful!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Patsy: They are all my favorites too, all but hydrangea and mine are just getting buds.

Darla: It smells heavenly in the yard. I was out there today messing around and could smell all kinds of fragrances.

Dirt Princess: You have got to walk up into someones yard who had peonies and take a whiff :-)

Tatyana: They do seem to get more blooms when the canes are horizontal.

Jan: The roses sure blew my mind :-) May is gone so fast!

Grace: I do not know the name of the white Dianthus it was bought so many years ago before I took notice of such things :-)

Cindee: I am still trying to forget the picture of your snake with the toad. Eww! :-)

Catherine: My Sorbet just had one bloom the first year also. It gets more every year.

Phoenix: It does smell wonderful. I just sowed some seeds today to grow some pink ones.

Becky: I am sorry about your Dad. I live in a very scenic area and it is beautiful, but your state is not shabby either :-) Maybe you will make it one day.

Oldboathouse: Well I am so glad your stopped by from Australia. You are going into fall I imagine. A pretty time of the year. Thanks for the comment.

Jen; hey, your always welcome girl :-)

Stephanie:I do not want to think about Christmas but the red is pretty. I like Christmas but I am not a winter person at all :-)

Kanak: I know what you mean. So many pretty flowers on the blogs and it makes me want them all. If I only had the room for them.

Anonymous said...

Well, even if the rootstock took over, it's still a pretty rose! And I sure wish I could smell that lovely peony. Mine is a transplant gift from a friend, and looks pitiful, so it won't bloom this year. Hopefully it will grab hold so I'll have lovely peony blooms to enjoy by next year. Can't wait! I'm glad you enjoyed my vacation photos, I did take ALOT!

Tootsie said...

what I would not do for some of those red roses!!!!

Blossom said...

Ahhh ... this is what I like best when blog hopping. Beautiful strange blooms which I never see before. Oh I so love your Peony Pink Sorbet. Awesome!

JOE TODD said...

Great pictures... I'm getting a lot of strawberries now but am having a major problem with Mr. Groundhog Have a great day

Femin Susan said...

these flowers are very bright and beautiful.....but they are not found in my place...
they looks quite fresh for me..

SweetAnnee said...

Love your blooms
Thanks for sharing...