Friday, June 12, 2009

Chettle Charm Campanula

Meet Campanula persicifolia 'Chettle Charm'
Peachleaf Bellflower.

It is unique in that its flowers bloom white and
turn blue with age.

These are starting to turn blue on its picotee edged
white bells now. You get the best of two worlds
with this flower white and then blue blooms.
It is a fast spreading perennial that grows to about
30 inches tall and is good in zones 4-9.
I dead head them and they continue getting
new blooms along its stems.
When I bought them the picture showed them as
changing to an aqua blue color but in my soil
they turn a darker blue or purple along the edges.

I also have the white ' grandiforus alba' Bellflowers
spreading around the outer edges of my shady
flower beds to add some light into the shade and
of course they stand out as a night garden bed.

The hummingbirds love the bell shaped flowers.

Echinacea purpurea ' Razzmatazz' is also starting to
bloom and she smells so sweet. The butterflies
just love it.

I love this coneflower because of its bloom is crammed
with petals that keep unfolding into a pompom shaped
flower. It is a wonderful flower for cutting and keeps
well in arrangements for about two weeks.

Happy Gardening Everyone and Have a Wonderful


Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ My garden buddy Carol does Bellflowers. They are spectacular. Love your two-toned variety. My 'Razzmatazz' is a few weeks behind yours. Promising buds but no blooms yet. I've never detected a scent so when they do bloom, I'll make a point of burying my nose in them. :) Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers. Don't you love this time of year?

Tatyana said...

Hi Lona! Every bloom is like a piece of art, but the coneflower stole my heart!I love its color and texture.

Lynn said...

I have bellflowers but not that one. I have never seen it. Just what I need more flowers but I am going to have to start looking for that one! Thank for sharing...


Darla said...

Very pretty. I see now I have to go on a serious search for all of the different coneflowers I am reading about.

madcobug said...

Those are some beautiful flowers. Helen

bennie and patsy said...

I want me some bell flowers, do they have a smell?

Phoenix C. said...

Amazing! I didn't know there were flowers which changed colour with age!

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona, I grow that white bell flower too. And that 'Razzmatazz' coneflower is truly unique! Something else to add to my 'wish list'!

Balisha said...

I love that coneflower.I've not seen that variety. The color is outstanding.
Have a nice weekend!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Lynn; I know what you mean by the 'list'. I see some new flowers others are growing and think "Wow, I really like that," and it goes to my list :-)

Phoenix: I know, the first year I grew them I thought they were suppose to be blue and I wrote and ask them why mine were not. They told me as the blooms age they turn blue. I should have read the description more thoroughly. :-)

Patsy; They do not have a fragrance so they are not my perfect flower ;-)

Darla:I had never known there were so many different coneflowers until I started blogging. So many flowers, so little money ;-)

Tatyana:I love its shape also but wish it had more fragrance.

Helen; Thanks so much for dropping by.

Grace; you are right it does not have the strong fragrance other coneflowers do.Watch those bees ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is that Echinacea purpurea ' Razzmatazz' the same one called Double Delight? I saw yours, and just had to have one of my own. It has a blossom, so I hope to see those pretty fuzzy blooms so sweet. The pentas don't really look that great, and I'm not sure why. I wonder if they just need to be deadheaded. I'll let you know how they do. I had a lot of dead canes on my roses too, I think it was the bitter cold more than the ice.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Robin: The 'Double Delight' is a different coneflower from the Razzmatazz. I have them both.There are so many kinds that I have discovered on blogs that I would love to have.