Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Sparkle

My geranium's keep multiplying in the garden every year
so that now I have a few different color.
I love the old fashioned flower because it just keeps on going.
I over winter them in pots and by hanging them by their
roots in the basement and re-potting them in the Spring.
It seems then that every Spring I always try another new
color that grabs my fancy so I have a few now and I started
some this Spring I started seeds for the new black leaf variety it
is just now starting to bud and I am looking forward to see
what they will look like. It will appear in a later posting.

So for my 'Sparkle Sunday' I am sharing some
pictures of a few of my Geraniums.

This is 'Imperial' pelargonium Ivy Geranium that
over wintered in the kitchen. I love the deep red color
fading out to a lighter red and into the white on the top
part of the bloom. The lower petals are white with just
a hint of pink tinting them.

I have another Ivy geranium called 'Gardener's Joy' but her buds
are just starting to open so I will show her off later.

This is 'Rose' she is so bright it appears she is neon rose
in color and is almost to bright for the eye.

This one is a subtle pink or almost light salmon color
and she is very pretty with the 'Sweet Caroline' purple
potato vine.

Just have to have 'Pinto White' to break up the colors
and add some brightness to the containers.

I have had this geranium for three years and she is starting
to show her age. Her blooms do not get as big now and her
body or stems are getting woody. {Kind of like her owner}

I just love the deep salmon color of it and should try to
get some starts from her, though I have no success with

This is 'Bright Eyes' and she appears orange in the pictures
but she is more of a red orange.She was from seed started
a year ago and she was over wintered in the basement in
pots and hanging by her heels or roots. I have too many of
her and she is so hard to mix in with the colors that she may
not get to spend the winter in the basement this year.
She really clashes with my pink pot. I should have put 'Rose'
in this pot maybe.

There has been a little problem with Photobucket
uploading the pictures for posting in that they are
loading very slowly. Also Blogger has been wigging
out again and slow in saving postings and the feed
is not picking up new postings fast enough, if ever.
Since it is free I cannot complain to much but just
wanted everyone to know of the possible problems.
Thanks Lynn for the contacting me!

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Ana-Maria said...

Nice garden pretty photography!congratulations!

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Lona...Everything looks beautiful in your corner of Hocking Hills, as usual! You certainly have a variety of geraniums. It was great to see all of your blooms again! It took over eight minutes for your blog to fully load...some blogs I visit take much longer, or don't fully load at all. Reading back on your posts, I see you're experiencing some troubles, too.

Tatyana said...

Hi Lona! Since I am a big geranium/palargonium fan, your post was a treat for me. As you, I try to overwinter my plants (in the basement when we had it, in the garage now). Not all of them do good, but I have several which are already 3 years old. In Russia, geraniums were our houseplants and lived long lives. Thanks again! You plants are beautiful!

Lauren said...

I love your geraniums! That light pink/salmon color is so delicate and sweet. I don't have many flowers in my wanna-be garden this year, but geraniums are at the top of my list for next year! Gorgeous post!

bennie and patsy said...

I have tried to winter over my geraniums years past with out much luck.Yours are lovely.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

You do have a pretty collection! I love 'Sweet Caroline'. I think this is the first summer I haven't planted any. They always remind me of our home in Southern California when I was little.

Darla said...

I love geraniums. I have three hanging baskets of the pink kind. Yours are beautiful.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kim! I was so glad to hear from you. I was starting to really worry about you girl.Hope you are having a good Summer on the pond.

Tatyana: I have no great windows in my house to keep very many so they usually stay in the basement.Both my grandmothers had sunny windows and they bloomed in the winter in their kitchens.

Darla; I just love the ivy ones.

Lauren: I know all about the list. Mine grows, and grows, and grows.:-)

Catherine : Now you have surprised me. All of the flowers you have blooming I thought you would have geraniums :-)

Patsy: It is trial and error over wintering them. I guess the trick is to let them stay a little dry but not dry clear up. I think I watered my potted ones three times over the winter. And sprayed the hanging ones the same.

Anna-Maria; Glad that you stopped by and thank you.

Julie said...

Hi there...

I'm originally from Logan. :)

JOE TODD said...

Who is that little guy in the photos?

Dirt Princess said...

geramiums do very well for me, they take the heat extremely well. They work great in baskets! I love the photo looking through the fence (Iguess it is a fence) that one is great!

Jesikarena said...

Love the geraniums! I started some from seed this year and I hope that I can overwinter them. Your pics look great! I love the bright pink.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Joe: That's my little flower elf. Looks like the suns in her eyes.

Dirt Princess: Yes it is a fence. I snapped it just playing around and kind of liked the effect.

Julie! Well hello neighbor! Glad you stopped by.

Jesikarena: I am sure you will be able to over winter them. If a silly like me can do it anyone can.