Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adding New Perennials

This is the time of the year when stores and nurseries
are selling their perennials, shrubs, and trees at bargain
prices.It is so fun to go and find half price and below
plants that you can add to your growing flower beds
and landscape.
I was able to pick up a three new ones last week on
my quest at the clearance sales.

This is one of the phlox that they had on clearance.
I really love tall phlox in the garden and after going
around and giving them the sniff test, this one I had to get.
"Laura" phlox as you who have it in the garden is
the most fragrant flower and I was hooked from the start
and carried two of them home with me.

I got this little Mandeville vine for half price. I have
always wanted one but they are priced a little high
and then there was the possibility that they may not
survive over wintering in my home. But at half price I
thought it would be worth a chance to have a flower
I had been wanting for so long and experiment to see
if I could keep it going. It needed some tender care
and sunshine but it has a few buds coming out on it.
Now I am waiting to see the "Crimson's" blooms open.

This is another beauty I was able to get two of.
Campanula ' Sentimental Blue' and its blooms are
really a true blue. They are a lower growing and spreading
type. I have Chattle Charm and a White Peach bloom in
some areas of the garden but they tend to flop over and
need some staking at times so I was glad to get this one
to add to the front of some flowers.
The blooms are larger also than my other campanula's.

With the cooler and wetter July we have been having in Ohio
the new plants seem to be doing very well adjusting to
their new homes.
I only wish now that I had gotten more of the "Laura" phlox ;-)

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

You got some good bargains! I just bought a mandeville too on sale. It's beautiful and I hope I can get it to over winter in my house as well. -Jackie

Darla said...

It's just about time for our plants to go on the distressed racks here......I wonder what I can find. You have some nice additions here.

Outside In said...

What a great bargain, Mandevillas are easy to overwinter indoors during the winter just place it a sunny window, don't water them more than once every 2 weeks because they will be dormant until placed outside in the summer season-during the summer you can keep them moist.
They are beautiful vines and shrubs!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I love the look of that long flower ... like a spear, red in color shooting out through the leaves. How nice.

Happy gardening,
~ bangchik

Anonymous said...

You sure are teasing me with talk of that Laura phlox! Where did you get it anyway? A store that I might have here? I'll check the big greenhouse soon. It's pricey, but they seem to have everything. FYI, I don't remember what the label said on the mandevilla, but mine had been in almost full shade all summer and looks fabulous! I keep it moist and drop in organic fertilizer now and then. Good luck! Senetti is an annual I got at Meijer early in the season. I know florists use it.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I have yet to see what color my phlox are, much less smell them. The deer just keep munching the buds off. (I gave up trying to deter them--the fawns eat anything and everything.)

I'll be interested to see how you do with the vine. I've seen those and passed over them, too because of the expense. (I'm terrible with houseplants and worry that I'd kill it over the winter.) Be sure to let us know how that goes!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Great deals! It's so hot here it's not worth buying anything for a bit. I'm hoping it'll cool down soon so I can find some good deals here.

Tootsie said...

this year I have been looking at more perennials than I have ever looked at in my life...and I blame it on you guys!!! you made some good choices....very pretty indeed!

Teresa~Gardening with Soule said...

Love the late season sales. I always find something that can be nurtured back to health. You got some great bargains there. They look pretty healthy too.

Anonymous said...

I checked one of my Wally-Worlds today, but no Laura phlox at that one. I'll keep looking! Don't you just love the new perrenial bargains you find this time of year? I never bothered with an oriole nectar feeder because I figured they'd just use the hummingbird feeder. No?

Sabrina said...

Your campanula looks an awful lot like platycodon to me! And doing a Web search didn't help -- 'Blue Sensation' is listed as a cultivar of both campanula and platycodon on a number of sites. Wish I had taken more than one botany course so that I'd know the difference!

victoria said...

Gracias por compartir tu jardín con sus colores de arco iris......Con cariño Vicky