Friday, July 31, 2009

Fertilizer Friday Flowers

This week has flown by not to mention that the month
is gone.
The old saying "the older you get the faster time flies "
is really true.
It is Fertilizer Friday and time to flaunt those flowers
again. Everyone go on over to Tootsie's over at
"Tootsie Time" and join in in 'Flaunting your Flowers'.
After the stormy night and morning we have had
there will be no watering of plants. In fact I had to go
out this morning and dump water out of containers
and pick a few up off of the ground.
My shepherds hook was on the ground along with the
two hanging baskets it held. The flowers are all dropping
in the beds from water logged blooms.
While others in states are in drought and heat waves
we are still cooler and wetter for this time of the year.
Some of the flowers are experiencing mildew from
the damp cool nights.Too bad we can not spread it all
around so everyone could be comfortable.
Here are some flowers that are blooming now in the
garden. Some of them that were cut back are getting
their second round of blooms. My pansies finally had
to be cut off this week but they were will worth their money
and bloomed for a long time.

The poor verbena in this basket is suffering from mildew
and is yellowing.

The Flowering Shamrocks are blooming. The bulbs were
free with an order of flowers and it has been fun watching
these since they were new to my garden.

The 'Lavender Simplicity' rose is blooming. Poor baby,
I moved it twice this year and it is lucky to be alive.

The 'Crimson Bouquet' rose never lets me down
and is getting a new flush of blooms. It will continue
until frost. It is one of the best roses with a heavenly

The monarda ' Petite Pink' is still blooming and
spreading as it is dead headed.

White 'David' phlox is now in full bloom. I love the white
to brighten up the beds, but it is not as fragrant as other
phlox that I have.

" Nora Leigh' variegated is blooming wonderfully
for her first year and will fill out in a few years. I
have decided to plant some 'Nicky' purple phlox
behind her this fall to make it stand out.

Also 'Blue Bird' delphinium is blooming again after
being dead headed but the blooms are not as thick now.

Helitrope 'Marine' smells like vanilla. For some reason
this is the first year I have grown it from seed and I like
it so well it will be back.

This is a new baby lavender phlox and it has one bloom.
The 'Moonbeam' coreopsis is about done and is in need of
a shearing.

This Japanese 'Painted' fern just gets bigger and prettier
each year. The ferns are liking the wet feet.

While the ferns in the shade beds get prettier the hosta
is getting smaller.It gets fertilized too so I do not know what
the problem is. Anyone got any ideas to perk it up?

The Latana and Verbena are going strong. At least the ones
that are not touched with mildew. I do not remember my
verbena getting mildew before, but the ' St. Geroge'
red is new to me and because of it may not have a return
visit to my garden.

Happy Gardening Everyone! Have a wonderful weekend
and flaunt those flowers. All to soon now they will be gone
and replaced with fall flowers.


Outside In said...

Beautiful Lona! Love the Japanese Painted fern, Happy FF!


Tootsie said...

outstanding!!! it is all so crisp looking! be careful with the Heliotrope if you have animals that are welcome in your gardens! I love it too..but so does my dog...she ate a few pieces of a Heliotrope two summers ago and nearly died! It kills of their livers!
Your garden will stand back up soon...and the rain will have refreshed and tidied up the plants! Have a happy weekend!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Crazy weather we're all having for sure!
I was doing a sniff test with 'David' and another phlox and noticed the same thing, but it's sooo pretty I guess it doesn't matter. I think I'll try heliotrope from seed, it's expensive and hard to find around here. I always manage to get a couple though, they smell so good.

Jacki said...

I've never seen a flowering shamrock before - how pretty! Actually, all your things look pretty despite the weather. The weather here (I'm not too far from Tootsie, same zone I believe) has been iffy this year. Right now, cooler than usual, almost fall-ish. Haven't had too many really hot days, but a good enough mix of sun and rain to keep things going.

siteseer said...

Your verbena are beautiful. I think your hosta looks good too. Beautiful gardens.

Crafty Gardener said...

You have a nice collection of blooms for flaunting this Friday.

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Roses and beebalm look great. Surprised you don't get mildew on the beebalm...I have a little bit...great plant when deadheaded.
Oh soo pretty delphinium...rabbit eat my one and only new one this year.
Have a great weekend.

Dirt Princess said...

YOur photos are always so gorgeous! No matter what you photograph it looks great!!! The roses are beautiful! Have a great weekend

Bernideen said...

So very beautiful -your garden!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Lona, I can almost smell that Heliotrope! And the Lantana is gorgeous :)

Barb said...

Lona, Love all you have blooming, they are very beautiful.This is the first time I have ever seen a flowering shamrock. I love all the different colors you have in your garden.

imjacobsmom said...

A garden full of my favorites. I love the heliotrope. So does my dog. He is attracted to it and my anise hyssop. I'm experiencing the opposite problem, my japanese fern is not growing larger, but the hosta are. Maybe we'll get it right...Robyn

Sunita said...

Thats a lot of colour in your garden, Lona. That red verbena does look so pretty. It would be a pity if it doesn't find a place in your garden again. Second chance?

lynn'sgarden said...

Awesomeness! Deer ate most of my 'David' phlox but Bright Eyes are blooming. I will definitely keep 'Crimson Bouquet' on my rose list..beautiful and fragrant! Never grew shamrock before..I like the foliage.

Phoenix C. said...

I love the pure white David phlox. Some of my hostas are a bit small this year, while others of the same variety are huge! I don't know why.

Heather said...

I cannot believe all the rain we have had this summer - isn't it amazing? I certainly can't remember a summer this wet in any recent years. The creek across the road is usually bone dry by now, but it's running pretty good right now!
All your flowers look beautiful. I'd like to get a Japanese painted fern for my garden next year.
Enjoy your weekend!

victoria said...

Cuanta belleza nos regala la Naturaleza ,verdad?Solo hay que cuidarla ymimarla y nos regalará bellas flores..besitos

Kanak Hagjer said...

Lovely photos, as usual! That shade of red in your verbena is gorgeous!! The ferns look great...the Painted Fern, especially!!