Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Sparkle Blooms

Good Morning Gardeners!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
Granny Get Out The Long-John's!
We are having one of the coolest July's on record
here in the Buckeye State. When it reaches only 65
degrees in the daytime in July here it is very wrong
somehow. Just not what we are use to here at this
time of year. Although I do not miss the humidity
we generally have I do not want it this cool either.
Will my poor flowers get mixed up and think it is Fall
The cause may do to a volcano eruption in the island's.
If so two or three eruptions of volcanoes could take
care of our global warming and put us closer to returning
back to the ice age.
This time of the year there is so much blooming and
growing in gardens the everyone is very busy outdoors.
I have saw so many beautiful lilies on gardening blogs
that a new list had to be started.
I forgot to bring the bird feeders inside last night
so those little masked varmints wrecked them.
I would not mind them eating the seed if they would
just not tear apart the feeders getting to it.
Raccoons are so smart sometimes. They can get my
lock down garbage can lids off with out a problem while
I struggle to get it off.

Before I forget, everyone go to Abe Lincoln's blog and
Help Abe Make History!
Click onto the picture of Abe at the top left of the blog.
He has some of the most beautiful pictures of flowers
and nature. You will not want to miss seeing them.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Thanks for visiting my Shabby Cottage. Your photos of your flowers are very good. Warm wishes, Esther

Cinj said...

Hi Lona. What a great variety of blooms. It's been pretty cool here too. Hope it warms up this summer!

Darla said...

Loving the crispness of the morning air....strrange weather we have had this year. Love your Sunday Sparkle photos...I too am promoting Abe's shot at making history!!!

Jesikarena said...

Love the pictures! wow!
And I can't imagine having 65 degree weather is summer! that feels like spring!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I love the color of verbena! Your photos are really lovely as is your blog. So glad I popped over for a visit! -Jackie

Tootsie said...

today is cooler...but the last week has been super hot outside. The storms that the heat wave creates are unreal...I just don't know. I like it warm, but not scorching...I am actually wearing sweats today! lol

Rosey Pollen said...

Hi Lona,
Yeah! What's up with the weather?
I guess you get the coons, I get the bears. They are both PESTS!
Your flowers are pretty, love the close-ups.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jakie: Hello and thanks for dropping by.I have to have some color of verbena each summer. This year it's red :-)

Esther: Thanks for dropping by. I enjoy your blog so much.

Tootsie: after 90 degrees and then 65 it feels so much colder than when starting out in spring and warming up.;-) Sweats are a good thing.

Rosey: Okay, you win girl. I'll take the coons and you can keep your bears ;-)

Jesikarena: I know, what's up with that. Maybe will have spring in winter. I'd like that ;-)

Darla: I hope then if we both are shouting out for Abe he will make his goal.It feels like fall already to me. I am not ready for that stuff. When my cousin in Tennessee said it was down in the fifties at night there I knew it was just wrong ;-)

Cinj: It may warm up this summer in pa. and oh. I will probably regret saying that and it will get hotter than blazes.