Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Sweet Scent of Phlox

Is there anything that smells as sweet and gives
you days of beautiful blooms as phlox does.
I love the tall 'Adonis Pink' that has been in my
garden for years. It doesn't mind the clay soil
and it keeps getting better every year.

When I step out the back door the fragrance from
it fills the breeze.

To add to this summers weird plant habits around
my gardened it does appear that the pink of the blooms
is much deeper.

This little gem is suppose to be a tall 'Polka Dot'
phlox, but looks nothing like the picture of it.
In the picture the petal edges were not jagged.

It is new this summer to the garden but I am
not sure I am going to like it, but maybe it will grow
on me as it matures. It blooms earlier
than the others that I have.

Also new to the garden this summer is "Nora
Leigh' . She will be beautiful in a few years..

I wanted a variegated leafed Phlox to add to
the edges of the flower bed which gradually
goes into the shade to add some light at night

I am really going to like this one and will be
looking for some more different variegated
varieties. Do any of you know some others
that might be nice to add to the beds?

The "David White' phlox is slower this year
and is just now setting on some buds so it
will be a few days before it is in full bloom.
I have also added a "Starfire Red' and
a purple one new to the garden that will
probably be next year before they bloom,
but I can always hope for at least one bloom.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Lona, your 'Polka Dot' looks like it's a Sweet William to me. Love, love, LOVE the variegated one!!

Darla said...

I am just getting into the Phlox addiction this year. So I have enjoyed learning more about them from you...

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona, the variegated phlox is beautiful! I love plants with interesting foliage. Hope you are enjoying a nice day!

Muum said...

love your blog! I used to live in the Columbus area, and well remember how beautiful Hocking Hills is. I think that 'phlox' is actually a dianthus, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Lona~~ One of my favorite genera. I have been growing 'Norah' for several years. She seems to be fairly drought tolerant, her leaves don't burn and she divides easily. A true gem even when not in flower.

The other variegated form I grow is 'Becky Towe.' Where 'Norah' is green and white--on the cool side of the spectrum, 'Becky' is of the warm side with green and chartreuse to yellow foliage. However, the flowers are an acquired taste--peachy pink. Quite an eye full! But I love it.

'David' is also a later cultivar in my garden.

I swear 'Polka Dot' looks like a Dianthus!

I would love to get my hands on 'Adonis Pink.' Lovely!

Dirt Princess said...

The pink one with the frilly edges is a Dianthus.Maybe the seeds got mixed up????

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

The 'Polka Dot'phlox is neat.
Like the different !
Always loved the flowers even though I've never had them in my garden.

Balisha said...

That phlox with the "ragged" edges almost looks like a dianthus.They are so pretty. I need to get some more of these in my yard.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I love phlox too. The variegated one is really pretty, I'd love to find one of those!

Phoenix C. said...

I do love that perfume! Here the scent that is making me stand and enjoy as I walk around is the linden blossom.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Lona, I think the polka-dot phlox you have pictured here is actually a Sweet William, or perennial dianthus. (I've seen the names used interchangeably.) I have them in my garden. They readily re-seed themselves, but the new plants can have flowers in varying shades of pinks and purples--even the varigated ones you have here.

They are pretty and deer-resistant, so I have lots of them. I have two phlox that have yet to bloom. Yours are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

With all this talk about phlox, I need one of those fragrant one! The only one I have is David, and I can't smell anything from it. Lucky you! Yes, Columbus has lots of pretty parks and gardens to visit. Do you have family or friends that would come with you for a day trip? My butterfly bush is about three years old, and every spring I cut it down to the ground. It comes back bigger and better than ever each time.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Such interesting varieties of phlox, Lona! The mystery phlox looks like a dianthus, to me...but the leaves are definitely those of phlox! I've never seen one like that! I have phlox and love it's bright colors in my front garden...I just have to keep ahead of the deer! They were eating it right down and finally I got some environmentally friendly deer repellent and sprayed the heck out of them! I've never noticed any fragrance from my phlox, but then again, my sense of smell has diminished ever since I had radiation for salivary gland cancer back in 2003. I do miss smelling things like I used to! Now, of course, those phlox smell like the spray I use on them! Not the greatest, I must say;-( But how bright they look, and make the garden gorgeous right now!
Your new phlox has interesting leaves, and I like the one above it with the variegated leaves. I'll have to keep my eyes open for more varieties.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jan:I have David also but it just does not have the fragrance the Adonis has.Those pesky deers. I used a repellent granule type that you sprinkle around the plants. It smells horrible but it has helped.

Robin:That is so good to know how you take care of yours. I did not know they died back in the winter here. Mine will probably take a few years then to get as pretty as yours.

Adrienne:Well thank you, I thought the silly thing reminded me of Sweet William. Do you suppose the company I bought it from would take it back ;-)

Phoenix: Don't you just love Summer and all of those fragrant flowers. Makes me happy just to think about it ;-)

Catherine: You have some beautiful phlox blooming in your garden.In fact you have such great blue flowers which I am mad about.

Balisha: I know I was thinking now that crazy flower looks more like a Sweet William or something but the leaves looked like phlox. I bought it as a phlox. I am really thinking now they send me the wrong flowers from where I ordered them.

Patsi: I love variegated leaves near to break up the greens and for some nighttime glow.

Dirt Princess: With everyone telling me it is a Sweet William or Dianthus I am getting really mad at the company I bought them from. ;-(

Grace: Thank you, I am going to start searching for the Becky Towe. I am also glad to find out that it has been a real survivor in the garden.With our dry July's and August's it will need to be.

Muum: Thanks for dropping by Buckeye. I am getting so upset that my phlox is just a Sweet William or Dianthus in disguise. Nothing to be done for it now I guess. Maybe it will grow on me.

Lynn: I just loved your pretty purple phlox. Does it have a scent?

Darla: I think they are great but I like all flowers, maybe all but this fake phlox I seem to have been switched with;-)

Kylee: Girl I have been duped! Oh well it is not like they take returns on flowers I guess. I will have to buy with another company for sure.

Kelly said...

I love Phlox and yours looks so healthy. I have a small patch in my front yard, and I love it. The first day it goes into bloom is always such a treat when I come home and see it!! I have the Adonis Pink.