Friday, August 21, 2009

Blooming Now in August

With the blooms waning around the yard it is
starting to look pretty ragged around here. This
morning after a walk around in the yard many of
the blooms were gone from the pounding storms
we have had here in the hills. The only thing that
looked good was the Impatiens
that I plant everywhere
to fill in the shady spots. Anemone Queen Charlotte
had her blooms on the ground but than goodness she
has many buds yet.

But even the shady gardens are getting sparse now with
the Brunnera's, Jacob's Ladder, Columbine's, and Bleeding
Hearts going dormant. I had to set little pots of Impatiens
to fill in the holes where they were.

The window boxes of geraniums and potato vines have
leaves that are now riddled from insects and many are
turning yellow. With only one hydrangea that bloomed out

of the seven, they were my greatest disappointment this summer.

The Nikko Hydrangea under the window box is twice as big now but not a bloom to be found. Last summer it had blooms all summer along with the Forever Pink Hydrangea.
The pansies have been cut out and the Shasta daisies and
coneflowers are on the last of their second and smaller blooms.

The tall Phlox and Yarrows have stopped their blooming
and need cut back along with the dried Astilbe blooms.

The Petunias are getting straggly looking and are
constantly being pinched off because of seed pods
sitting on them.

The small quantity of Monarda and Delphiniums
that I have are now almost spent.

Most of the roses are done blooming for the summer and
I am thinking I do not care much for August anymore.

But the Lantana is still blooming.

And Sweet Caroline Purple Potato vines are blooming.

Helitrope Marine is still putting on a show.

I always have my Geraniums.

And the one rose that I can depend on to bloom
until frost is the Crimson Bouquet. Some of her
last blooms will be dried because it has such a wonderful
fragrance and makes the best smelling potpourri to

set out in the winter.

The Chrysanthemum's are getting buds now and the
Deep Purple Osteospermum's are blooming up a storm.

Today is also Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie's so do
not forget to go over and join in and "Flaunt your
Flowers' while they are still in bloom.

Also Send your thoughts and prayers up for Tootsie's

Happy Gardening Everyone !


Tootsie said...

wowzer!!! you certainly outdid yourself with this flaunt lady!!!! I am so impressed with your tipsy pots!!! and all the other gardens are just so lush and beautiful!!! thanks for linking in today!!!! Oh I have to go back for another look!!!!! I am going to make a tipsy pot next year...I did a how to on it a while ago...but never made my own....NEXT YEAR!!!!

Millie said...

I enjoyed seeing your blog for the first time and I will be back. I know what you mean about this August...even my geraniums are getting a fungus from all the rain.
Maybe things will recover a bit in Sept???

Dirt Princess said...

I love seeing your beds, and the other areas! Everything looks so good! My plants are beat down from all the rain. So it is nice to see some sunshine in your pics! Have a great weekend

Jacki said...

Your tipsy planter is so pretty - the impatiens look great in it! I love all the purples and blues in your garden and that lantana is just gorgeous.

Outside In said...

Beautiful flowers Lona! love the Osteospermum, Happy FF!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'd say August is looking great in your garden. It always seems like summer is all of a sudden wrapping up and there aren't as many blooms around. I had several hydrangeas not bloom this summer either. The Potato vine has such pretty flowers on it, I don't think I've ever seen a bloom on one.

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

I enjoyed looking at your flowers SOOOO much! Just beautiful!! I know you must enjoy gardening as it shows. Those last pink ones? Did you say they are a form of a mum? Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. Do come again. Donna

MissyM said...

Oh my, your flowers are still going strong. Love your lantana. With this heat, a lot of my flowers are fizzling.

Darla said...

I think your August flowers are just beautiful. Is that Peppermint Verbena in the photo with the Geranium...I have some and I love it!

The Galloping Gardener said...

Wonderful post - great feast for the eyes! And the blog is looking great. All best!

Heather @ what's blooming this week said...

Hi Jackie
I love the way you share you good and bad. My geraniums are looking a little ratty right now too. There's been an excess of extreme weather in southern Ontario - too cold, too hot, no rain, too much rain, tornados this week. Crazy summer.

Love your variegated phlox - it's a stunner.

keewee said...

Geraniums, impatients, glads and sunflowers are doing their best to brighten my garden right now. I must plant more annuals next year.

Heather @ what's blooming this week said...

oops, I got a little mixed up with the blog authors there - Jackie is from Jackie's Secret Garden which I also follow.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Tootsie: I have two and they are both in the shade. I really need to move one into the sun somewhere for different flowers.

Millie: Hi there and so glad you dropped by. I hope September will be better also. One weird summer here in the Buckeye state .

Dirt Princess: It is good to see the sunshine and I sure know what you mean about the rain beating your flowers down.At least we escaped the hail here.

Jacki:I do not know why I end up with so many pinks and blues in my garden. I am trying to correct that with fall plantings.

Cathy: I love them too. Do you over winter yours?

Catherine: Some years they bloom for me and others they don't. I just never know until the bids appear ;-)

Donna: Hi there. Yes, they are an osteospermum. Here in the north east they are considered an annual. Thanks for dropping by.

Missy: I love the Lantana also. It over wintered in my basement last winter and took right off this spring when I brought it outside again.

Darla: The verbena is called St. George red.I have had so much trouble with mildew on it this year.

Galloping Gardener: Thank you, and I loved your pictures of India! Wow.

Heather: That is quite alright we have all done it ;-) It has been such a crazy summer in most places this summer. I sure do not wish for any repeats of it in the future. Thanks for dropping by.

KeeWee: I am with you, I need to plant more annuals next summer. Have a wonderful weekend.

sweet bay said...

What a beautiful display of flowers! I especially like the pictures of your larkspur and heliotrope.

Jendi said...

Your flowers are absolutely beautiful!
I get geraniums every summer also. :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your stacked planter is really nice. I've never seen anyone top it off with a watering can like that. Very creative.

Stephanie said...

Wow! it is so wonderful to find so many wonderful things/flowers here. It is Monday morning, this is what I really need... beautiful blooms to cheer me up :-D You have an amazing garden! Have a wonderful Monday!