Friday, August 28, 2009

The Last Blooms in August

Can you believe that it the last weekend of August?
Where has the summer gone?
School is back in session for a new year. The children
must really think summer has flown. I remember not
wanting to go back to school and seeing the summer end.

With even the added extra two to three weeks we had in
the olden days of school being let out in May and not going
back until after Labor Day it still just flew by.
Trust me, the older you get the faster the days seem to go by
for some reason.

Today is Fertilizer Friday sponsored by Tootsie over

at Tootsie Time. Time to Flaunt Your Flowers.
Mine are getting fewer and fewer to flaunt these days.
So go over and join us in flaunting your flowers while they
are still blooming. Although I believe that Tootsie's flowers
are always in bloom ;-)

Some of the reliable blooms that are continuing to show
off some blooms yet are:

Gerbera Daisies

Old reliable " Crimson Bouquet' Roses.
Thank goodness they will continue until the frost
takes them. And also the Knockout Roses.

My baby "Laura' Phlox has put on some single blooms
since it was trimmed of the spent blooms.
And it still smells just as heavenly.

"Queen Charlotte' Anemone is in her glory now
and blooming up a show.

'Edinburgh' Dalhia is still blooming.




Helitope ' Marine'

Gaillardia 'Burgundy' or Blanket Flower.
(Note to self: Needs divided and moved.)

Million Bells or Calibrachoa.

White Wave Petunia and the silly triple bloom petunia is
still going.

Even "Stella d' Oro' Lily is getting a few late season blooms.

And of course there are always plenty of weeds!

And Green Brier's

And Cockle-burr's in the Hocking Hill's.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Millie said...

You have some beautiful blooms ! I like the anemone..I think that's like the one I planted in the spring and it just sits there pouting..not a bloom!

Jacki said...

You have plenty to flaunt - everything looks great but I esp. love that pink gerbera! And I don't even like pink, lol Thanks for sharing your blooms with us :-)

victoria said...

Gracias,gracias,Por tanta belleza de la Naturaleza que me acabais de regalar,que frecor,color,es una bendición hsta parece que mellega el olor,jjaj,besitos,Con cariño Victoria

Bonnie said...

Your photos are gorgeous. I love your 'Edinburgh' Dalhia. I have to put that on my 2010 wish list.

Outside In said...

My gosh Lona, you have such pretty flowers still going on! have a great weekend, Happy FF!


Adrienne in Ohio said...

Your sweet alyssum looks much better than mine does at this point. I'm actually going to pull them up this weekend. You still have so many pretty flowers in your garden!

The Persimmon Perch said...

Your "Queen Charlotte' Anemone is just precious.

madcobug said...

You still have a lot of beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing. Helen

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Nice blooms! I planted Calibrachoa for the first time this year, after I read that it looks cleaner than petunia when wilted. I agree, it's kind of self-cleaning plant. But I still like petunias, too. What about you Lona?

VW said...

I'm jealous of your Queen Charlotte. I ordered 2 by mail last spring, nearly killed them by setting them out while it was too cold, nursed them back to health, then transplanted them this spring and killed them. I hate murdering plants.

Teresa said...

If your flowers are looking bedraggled I can't see it. They are all so lush and healthy looking. I don't think I even noticed one dry leaf! That anemone is so beautiful. The colors are so vibrant in all of your photos. Thanks for showing them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ 'Edinburgh' looks good enough to eat. 'Laura' phlox sure is a dandy, isn't she? Mine has been blooming seemingly forever too. Not that I'm complaining. :]

Muhammad khabbab said...

i just love the pics. these are all those flowers which i grow every year either as annual or perennial.

Kelly said...

Beautiful, beautiful! You have sooo many flowers. I love the butterfly photos and poem below as well...

Tootsie said...

ha ha !!! I love the weeds!
I feel the same way about school...mine start Tuesday and I am not ready.
Your flowers are still as gorgeous as they were in the spring!!! I love it when you link in!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Millie: Hello. My Queen Charlotte is in a shady damp spot. I have three there and they are growing and spreading so beautifully. I got a new one this summer and it has a few blooms on it. When they take off they are beautiful for some late color and in shade it is a bonus.

Jacki: Not like pink, what's up with that? ;-0 Just kidding. I feel the same way about orange but I add a couple to liven up the garden.

Victoria: Gracias Victoria por caer cerca y los comentarios.

Bonnie: LOL, you have to watch those lists girl, they tend to grow and grow with no end in sight. I know, you should see mine ;-)

Cathy: Those old stand bys are sweet this time of year. I want to add more for next season.

Adrienne: I am surprised at them lasting so long too. Maybe it is because my seed starting was late.

Persimmon Perch: I just love the petals on her. The bees and butterflies love it too.Glad you dropped by.

Helen: So glad to hear your daughter is doing better. Now we have to get you up to speed.

Tatyana: I love the old fashioned petunias too. They have seeds you can save also ;-) I am cheap.

VW: Oh, you have joined that famous club that all gardeners belong to. ;-) I have murdered a few poor things and most likely will in the future.I keep trying to make them grow where I want them and not where they should be.

Teresa: Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend.

Grace: I am in love with 'Laura' phlox, just for the fragrance alone, if not for the pretty blooms. I see getting more in the future.

Khabbab: Yes, they are all standbys for my garden mostly. Some I have just tried this year and will again.Helitrope is a new annual for me and I love the vanilla fragrance.So is Gerbera. Thanks for dropping by.

Kelly: Thank you so much. I just wish I could capture them as well as you and Heather do.

JOE TODD said...

Visiting your blog is always a delight Thank you

Tootsie said...

I am still loving that gerbera daisy!!! wanted to know the name of the tall blue plant in my post? it is Monkshood! its a keeper for sure!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'd say you have a lot in bloom still! I love the Anemone. Mine are puny this year, I hope they get a bit taller before they bloom. I love the smell of Heliotrope. They are kind of expensive here, but worth it for the smell alone.

Urban Green said...

What pretty pictures! Love the colors...keep posting..