Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sounds of Approaching Fall

Last evening I was sitting outside as darkness was falling
in the hills,the sounds that were coming from all
around me were almost deafening. The whining noises
coming from the crickets, katydids, and other night time
insects seemed to happen all at once, like a message was
being sent telling them to sing out.
To me it only meant that fall would soon be here long
before I would wish it to come and gardening was truly
going to be gone before I knew it.
Also the receiving of six fall planting catalogs from
different nurseries in the last few days only confirmed
the thought.
It is making me sad already just to think about the
flowers disappearing but it is time to think about what
I would like to plant this fall to add to the flower beds
for next year. Time to go over the plant logs to see
what not to plant, failed seeds, and what did not bloom.
I so love hydrangeas and not a one of mine has bloomed
this summer.

Reflecting upon this summer there was quite a few flowers
that were just weird at blooming. Yellow roses turning red,
three different colors of petunias on one plant, and now I see
that the Veronica Red Fox I planted has changed from red
or dark pink to a light pink or almost white.

Though a lot of my flowers are winding down, there are
still a few that are blooming.
A new rose planted this spring has finally started blooming.
Meet "Almost Black" rose.

Well as names goes this Almost Black Rose is a let down.
My Crimson Bouquet rose is darker than this one, but
it is a pretty red rose all the same. Just what I needed
more red roses ;-)

But one should enjoy the roses while they are still blooming
for too soon they will be gone.


lynn'sgarden said...

Beautiful precession on the rose, Lona! I'm not ready to think of flowers winding down...too sad :(

madcobug said...

Hearing about all those critters making their noises makes me think of the fall I was waiting for my son to be born. Those sounds were everywhere. Very pretty roses even though they are red. Helen

Darla said...

It seems as if everyone had some sort of mishap in the flowering department this year. Beautiful rose no matter what it's name!!

Anonymous said...

What lovely blooms! I enjoyed seeing the rose from bud to blossom.

Jeanne said...

Those rose photos are breathtaking - I could smell the perfume virtually.

I know what you mean about the evening noises. Here in Virginia, my sister (visiting from New York City no less - not exactly a bastion of quiet) commented on how NOISY it is at night! The insects are deafening.

Enjoy what's left of summer....

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I think your rose is very pretty, sometimes I wonder how certain plants get their names when they don't end up matching it.
The weather has changed here and it feels like fall already and I'm not ready for it. It seems like we wait so long for spring and before you know it summer is ending. Hopefully our flowers will stick around for at least another month.

JOE TODD said...

Your garden has much more color than mine. Tomatoes,peppers,amd corn is what I have and the groundhog didn't get. Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a pretty red rose, even if it's not the color you expected. I noticed that the cicada's are getting nice and loud this time of year. I found one in one of my new, baby trees today and it freaked me out! Our son came to visit last weekend, and we had him move the goofy statue behind the neighbor's fence where we can't see it! They'll never notice, believe me.

Sunita said...

I can only imagine what it must feel like to know a season of no-flowers is approaching. Enjoy the sunshine now :)
You're right that rose is really misnamed. But it is a gorgeous one nonetheless. I think the breeder must've had the rosebud in mind while naming it... it is quite dark, isn't it?