Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Things You Find Growing In Flowerbeds

Well we are finally getting our hot and humid weather
now. This is typically what Ohio has from July and
August. This is when we generally have to water our
Flowers and gardens.

I had to water them twice over the weekend but
with a chance of showers due each day this week
I just may luck out on the watering detail.

With the hotter weather even the faithful annuals
tend to slow down.
By the way the morning glory bushes that I bragged on
being so pretty, and they were, have completely stopped
and are now turning yellow, so I had to throw them in
the compost pile. So I may not like them so much now.
I would rather have something that bloomed longer.

While watering the flower beds over the weekend.
I thought I was seeing things or losing it.
Something swiftly took off along the house foundation
away from the stream of water from the hose. I shrugged
and kept on and then something else went flying out
from along the flower bed. So then I thought I might not
be seeing things after all.
This is what was growing and moving in my flower beds
beside the house.......

One of the old stray cats that thinks it owns my potting
bench to sleep on left me three babies growing in the
flower bed. They look to be about three weeks and I did
not even know that old cat was going to have kittens.
I am not a cat fan and lean more toward dogs, but when
they are that little they are always cuties. The old mama
will not let me near her but she doesn't care if I pet the
babies. She had moved them the other night and I thought
they were gone then I spied them beside the garage in the
other flowers this morning.

We have a problem here in the country of dumping
their cats and dogs and the cats have become a real
problem around here. There are about six big ones
hanging around and I have seen seven kittens so far
this summer. We are going to be over run with cats.
I wish people would take them to the animal shelters
if they could not give them away.
Now what to do with them all. The neighbor has a
barn and they all seem to go there to sleep. She does
not mind it but she cannot afford to feed them all
either. They are so wild anymore that they have
learned to catch there dinner most of the time.
Oh my, they are going to keep multiplying like rabbits!
She did manage to give the little neighbor girl one kitten.
The little girl ask her if she could have one of the kittens,
and could she keep it in her barn ;-)

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Anonymous said...

I know what you're saying about the strays...but aren't those the most adorable little faces? :)

Balisha said...

Ohhhhhh! So Cute...

madcobug said...

Pretty flowers and cute kitties. I don't like for them to be around here though as they catch the birds that I feed here. Helen

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your flowers are looking so pretty. One thing I don't mind getting out of is watering. I'm usually just now getting tired of it, but this year I was tired of watering a month ago.
Those kittens are so cute. It's too bad people dump them, some people just don't seem to care about the effects of dumping animals. Hope they find some homes.

Martha said...

Gorgeous photos.

Those kittens are sooo cute. They will keep a lot of bad things out of your gardens. You are lucky to have them.

keewee said...

I too wish people would take their unwanted kitties to a shelter. It breaks my heart when the poor animals are dumped to fend for themselves, especially when they have been house kitties.

Shari said...

I'm much more of a dog person too. But we had a small cat adopt us last year. She just hung around the yard and hunted mice. It helped GREATLY on the mouse issues we all seem to have around here at times. But then my dogs scared her to death one day and she disappeared. BUMMER! I enjoyed your pictures.

CiNdEe said...

The kitties are cute(-: They will grow up and have more kitties though)-: We have a problem here too with the dumping of animals. Its so sad. We can't take them all in. Spay and Neuter is the best way but it is expensive especially in these times.

Kathleen said...

Your containers and flowers are so pretty Lona. The whole dumping of cats and dogs thing gets me crazy. I wonder if you could trap them and take them to a shelter yourself? Our humane society provides traps here. Maybe they'd stand a chance of getting adopted then (while they're still kittens and so cute)?

Autumn Belle said...

Wow, everybody loves the kittens. Me too. All of them are in different colours.I see that they have blue eyes.

Chris said...

Cute kittens!

Anonymous said...

Awww, did you plant kitten seeds in your garden? So cute! At least we got out of watering detail today, how about you? We got a few good showers today, now if only it would rain some more! It's funny you should say that about being born in the tropics, as I say that same thing all the time! LOL I always tell people that I was meant to live on a tropical island.

lynn'sgarden said...

Lona, I adore the little heart basket with red/white geraniums! Wish i could adopt that adorable little grey kitty! Yes, they are multiplying like rabbits..lol!

MissyM said...

Your flowers are so nice. I love that one in the heart basket. It looks so fresh.
I am a cat person to the bone. If I could I would have a dozen but my husband will only agree to 3. Those little ones are precious. But they do multiply quickly and can be expensive to feed and care for.

Darla said...

The color in your gardens is still nice....I'm not a big fan of cats either, they will keep the snakes and mice out of your gardens though.

Jamie and Randy said...

What interesting furry flowers you found blooming in your beds! :-)How funny it is that the little girl wants to keep her kitten in the barn. LOL--Randy

sweet bay said...

Those kittens are adorable, but I know what you mean about people dumping their animals. All three of our cats were strays -- one a starving 1-year-old who came up to me in a park and demanded to be taken home, in spite of the Jack Russell Terrier I had with me, and the other two were part of a litter of kittens that showed up with their mother over 10 years ago.