Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time to Take an Inventory

Although I dislike the thoughts of impending Autumn
and what comes next it is time to take stalk of the
flower beds. Time to see what needs divided, moved,
or added.
Looking over my flower beds and really seeing them
was an eye opener. I saw that I had stuck in randomly
flowers that I loved but not necessarily go well with
the surrounding flowers, so the back drops were sometimes
not ugly but a jumbled mess of colors.
So I took note and decided that I had to move quite a few
and really match them up so that they would blend with
each other. This is going to take a while ;-)
Yes, it was that bad.
SO, I intend to move flowers this fall and tidy up the beds.
I also saw that I needed an infusion of some other colors
in my beds. I have tended towards the royal colors of red,
pinks, blues and purples. But I do love these colors.
So the new garden catalogs coming in now in abundance
will be used to add more color and blends. I am determined
to have color divided in sections in the beds.
Now that I have set my mind to this project it is really
getting fun and I see many new different of varieties of flowers
that can be added to the garden.

Yesterday was spent digging up the old old fashioned
irises that were in one flower bed.

From the looks at the divisions in my old wagon you can
see how long it had been since they were divided. Sad sight.
By the way the wagon is old and Dad had built a wooded bed
for it years ago. I use it for everything around the garden though
so it is a real back saver for me having not to lug around
everything. The poor thing needs a new bed now, but since
Dad had built it for me and he is now gone I hang on to it.

Anyway, I ended up with 56 divisions which was put into
a fifty foot section in of double rows behind my lily bed
along the woods. Do you think the irises will help hide the
lilies from the deer? I am hoping it will help.

Also I had to go around the beds and pull out this terribly
invasive flower that springs up everywhere. I received it from
a friend years ago and the once love for the dark foliage and
little pink flowers have run from love to pure hate for the thing.
I cannot remember what the name was now so if any of you can
identify it please let me know.
The stuff is even coming up down in the woods now so I
will be fighting with it forever because I cannot denude the
woods. It is such a shame because it does have beautiful foliage.

The 'Brandywine' tomatoes have been ripening fast now
that we had a hot spell. I was wondering if I would ever get
any after such a cool summer.
I am not going to plant it next year though because the vines
grow so large, too large for my containers. I had to start pinching
off the tops when they reached 6 feet because I could not hold them
upright above that in the containers. Also I have tasted a lot more
better tomatoes. Maybe the weather had something to do with the
taste but I will try a bush tomato next summer.

On the agenda today is moving the three Heath plants to
a better location along the garage bank. They just so not
look good now in their location and I do not want to just pitch
them. Changes are going to happen around the beds and
more plants added that will also bloom later in the season
to keep the color going through the summer.
Also I find that I am in need of using more annuals in
my garden and more of a variety. This all will be in my
garden notes so next spring when the seed catalogs come
pouring in I will choose new annuals instead of just the old
So is everyone taking a new look at their garden beds and
making changes also? I would love to hear about your
evaluations and moves.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


The Galloping Gardener said...

I'm really impressed with your diligence - I need to do the same and you've encouraged me to take time out in the next few days and sort my own garden out. Thank you.

keewee said...

You took the words right out of my mouth regarding actually LOOKING at our flowerbeds and seeing a jumble without any real planning.
I LOOKED yesterday and know I can do way better than I did. I now intend on doing as you are and move things around.
I love that little wagon your Dad built for you, I would be keeping it too as a remembrance.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...
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Outside In said...

I think that plant is called Perilla, I know it's an herb cause I did have it at one time and it sure is very invasive. I already am starting to bring some of my tropicals indoors already, the nights are getting a little too cool.

VW said...

I just added your blog to my blog list, don't know how I hadn't done it yet. Now I'll remember to visit more. I've been in a transplanting FRENZY, too. Starting with the shade bed, moving on to things that were moved into the new bed that hubby dug out last night, and a bunch of other transplants, too. An aching back is the price of tuition as we learn more in our gardens about what grows well in certain spots, what goes well together, etc.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

This is definitely a good time of year to start planning what needs to be moved. I always have something that needs moving. The plant you despise looks awfully close to one I just planted this year. It was Chocolate Eupatorium. Maybe they are differnet, hope you can rid your garden of it.

Darla said...

That's a lot of work you have already completed!! I'm very impressed. Yes I have been making some mental changes for the gardens for sure...it's still a little too hot here to get super busy out there...

Heather @ what's blooming this week said...

I'm tired just reading your posting. But you brought some things to mind - I need to get out there and move that huge hosta to it's designated new home.I need more colour in the front garden - perhaps some more annuals, more white. But alas it will have to wait till the weekend when work isn't calling.