Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blooming Now And In The Future

Good Morning Everyone!
Well it looks like September is flying by us as fast
as August did. Anyone know of a way to slow down
time ? ;-)
Or what was that old song by Cher 'If I could
Turn Back Time'.
There are a few flowers that have just kept on giving
through the cool summer and now dry weather but most
are annuals. The occasional perennial that gives off
a few blooms after being cut back but the beds are
looking pretty ratty now so there will be no wide angle
shots of them. Yes, they are that bad looking.

I think I am in some dire need of advice on growing
Fuchsia's. Yep, I killed another plant. One of the two
Fuchsia plants has went the way of the dead plant pile.
She was such a pretty red and purple plant and this one
below is not doing very well either. And I thought I could
manage to grow them because they are suppose to be easy,
poor things did not know who they were coming home with.
Maybe I drowned her? Maybe it was too wet with the moss
around it, or the earwicks got to her, or it could have been
the three kittens playing with her. They did play a little rough
a few times.
The second one is still blooming a little but it is just not
growing well at all.

The Nicotiana is still blooming and the variegated ivy is
still growing well.

Of course the Impatiens are just looking their best
now. They always are so full and pretty just before the
frosts come to take them.

The Lantana has fewer blooms now but she is still
pretty and the butterflies are loving her.

Though most of the Petunia's are getting leggy and
mostly just setting on seed now this Orchid Mist double
petunia on the porch is still looking beautiful. I was going
to save the seeds from the one that had the three different
color of blooms but it is not setting on seed yet.

Anemone 'Queen Charlotte' is putting on quite the
show now.

With all of the shady areas here three new Anemones
have been added to the shade bed this week.
pink 'Party Dress' and this double 'Margarette'.

And white ' Honorine Jobert'.

So many plants have already been added to the beds
now for the Fall planting season and more are coming.
So I have been revamping the beds and moving quite a few
things. Some of the plants along the one garage bank
have been moved to make it into a rose bed and added
some nepta ' Walkers Low ' to cascade down the bank
and add to a front border.

I have also went on a Lily kick and have added them
to the woods bed with all of the divided Iris.
Also two new Irises will be added to one bed which
will become my Blue Bed.

A Reblooming 'Out of the Blue'.

And one that is called ' Oreo'.

The daughter and I are planning on attending the
'Backwoods Festival' this weekend. There will be
crafts and gardening decor in abundance there and
I cannot wait. We attended last year and it was such a
great day.It is always a good day when I to spend it
with the daughter and the weather looks like it is going
to be beautiful for it.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Bernideen said...

I love you wooden wheel barrel....my large cart has need of marjor repairs! I think you just inspired me!

madcobug said...

I have never had any luck with growing Fuchsia myself. The rest of your flowers are beautiful. Helen

Nell Jean said...

A garden cannot have too many lilies.

I wish I could help you with the fuchsias. The only thing I know about fuchsias besides their beauty is that they do not survive here in hot and humid.

Happy Bloom Day

Darla said...

The festival sounds like a great place. Your plants look wonderful..love the planters! Hey, if you find out how NOT to kill fuchsia please let me know!

bennie and patsy said...

Your flowers look lovely.I like the nicotiana plant ,have not had it in my garden for some time, I think the one I had was white.
The lemon dishes went with a set to serve wth tea hot or cold. They also used them with fish dishes for slice lemon.

Green thumb said...

Your garden is beautiful!! I loved the container arrangement in the second pic, the colour combination too is superb! The impatiens look so full and happy, here in my place their blooms are around two months away. The irises have lovely colours too!
Best Wishes

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Lona, the blooms and arrangements are gorgeous. The irises are stunning. But how did you manage to kill a fuchsia? Some special skills are needed for that. Was it in sunny place? well, let's just blame the kittens.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Bernideen: I wish the cart was mine. It was at last years Backwoods Festival. I love it too.

Helen: If it can be killed, just leave it to me ;-)

Nell Jean: I wish that was the cause here ;-) Thanks so much for dropping by.

Darla: If I do I will surely pass it on ;-)

Patsy: Thank you for the explanation. I had never saw them before. Your have a wonderful and pretty collection.

Green Thumb. Thank and thanks for dropping by. I have had the little plow planter for a few years now. It fits in with the country gal.

Tatyana: My point exactly! How do you manage to kill them if they are suppose to be easy. Hey, I do what I can ;-) Yes, lets blame the kittens.

Tootsie said...

well for a garden that isn't looking so hot...it looks fantastic to me! I have the uglies creeping in on my yard this time of year too.
It seems that the summer is coming in Sept this year for us. It is so hot here for the season...I am so NOT complaining tho!

Mary Delle said...

I like your anemones. They are delicate, yet beautiful. Your garden looks good for the fall. Congrats.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Your flowers always look so beautiful that I can't imagine you having trouble keeping some alive. I say try again next year.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love your Anemone varieties, they are so pretty! Mine only got about one foot tall this year for some odd reason :) I love those reblooming irises!

Stephanie said...

Sorry about your fushcia. The flower is beautiful but too bad I cannot plant one here. Oh, all the flowers that you have... they are all so gorgeous especially the irises. And I like your displays... very attractive :-)

catmint said...

Hi Lona, when plants in my garden die, I try not to do a post mortem, and just accept their time had come to be compost! Glad to see my signature plant looking so happy. Looking forward to seeing more of your Blue Bed. cheers, catmint.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Tootsie: Hey,enjoy that warm weather while you can.

Mary Delle: Thanks Mary. So glad that you dropped by. Happy gardening.

Adrienne: I probably will try them again, just because I am stubborn ;-)

Catherine: I think they really like that spot. Just enough sunlight and moisture. My new ones are only one foot.

Stephanie: Poor plants really get experimented on here ;-) Thanks for dropping by.

Catmint: I know I should just expect that we are going to loose some plants every now and then. I just hate to when I think it is my fault. Thanks for dropping by.

Nell Jean Seedscatterer said...

You use some clever accesories to enhance your garden scenes.

You asked about Spicebush Swallowtail Butterflies. Early tomorrow you can see them on my blog. I'm just caught up in a butterfly frenzy this week!

MissyM said...

Oh those 2 iris!!! Stunning! I enjoyed all your baskets, esp the ivy and nicotina. I may have to see about getting a couple of those iris. I just love them.

Heather @ what's blooming this week said...

Your comment about how the impatiens always look best just before the frost hits really hit home tonight. I was watering and noticed how well the hanging baskets were and how the pansies were coming back to life....such shortlived pleasures with fall creeping in.

lynn'sgarden said...

I LOVE the header photo, Lona! Beautiful fall scene. That double anemone is gorgeous! Hope you have a great time at the Festival!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Lona, it's always such a treat to come and see your flowers. But your arrangements are fabulous. I love the wheel, the basket and the pretty jug!

Have a great weekend!