Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Blooms

It is Friday already and time to "Flaunt Your Flowers"
with Tootsie, over at Tootsie Time. So go on over and
join us on ' Fertilizer Friday' in flaunting your
flowers while they are still blooming.

This morning is another cool morning wit a crisp
breeze and the humidity is gone. Feels like a Fall
morning as it has all this week.
The squirrels are running around in the woods around
the house and in the big Oak tree in the yard eating
their fill of acorns and hickory nuts. I watched one for
quite a while yesterday as it carried a walnut, almost as big
as its head, gliding and jumping from tree to tree to a nest.
We use to have flying squirrels in the woods but have not
saw one now for a few years.
The katydids, praying mantis, walking sticks and crickets
are seen now all around the flower beds, and they are
making quite a racket. There is a constant drone of sound
now through out the yard and in the woods.

On to what is blooming.

The poor Moonbeam Coreopsis is on her final blooms....

but the Gerbera Daisies are still looking pretty.

The containers of Nicotiana and Petunia's are still
blooming but are getting fewer now.

I cannot decide whether I like the red Nicotinia or the
dark pink the best so I have them both.

The on going saga of the mixed up Orchid Mist double
blooming petunia goes on with this one putting out single

The Nora Leigh variegated phlox has put on a few more
blooms since she was dead headed.

The poor Knockout Rose ' Rosa Radrazz ' that has been
move around so much, is putting on a few blooms. Don't
tell her that she will be moved this fall once again.

The purple 'Stock ' blooms are getting fewer and her
stems are full of, what I hope are seed pods, since she is
new to me.
Gardeners, do I break off the pods and dry them to get more
seeds or do I wait until they turn brown on the plant?

And what would I do without my geraniums?

Gardeners Choice Geranium

Sedum 'Neon' blooms are starting to turn neon pink.

Stachy is new and did not bloom this year but its woolly
leaves are so pretty and it growing fast now.

The Amethyst ' Browalia' finally showed up, better late
than never this summer. She really took her time.

The birds are dining on the Elderberries down along the

and the Poke berries are starting to ripen.

This Great Spangled Fritillary was getting a drink from
the Purple Heart that was just watered.

Happy FF Day and Happy Gardening Everyone!


Becca's Dirt said...

What a display of color. I love it. All of your blooms are so pretty. I am ready for fall.

Charlotte said...

Can't believe you have so much blooming! We are just washed out by the rain - all blooms saturated and lying on the ground!

Heather said...

Wow, you still have so much in bloom! I especially love that Gerbera Daisy. My NG Impatiens are pretty much the only thing I have that's still blooming. And my Geranium kicks out a new flower every few days.
Have a good Labor Day weekend Lona!

Dirt Princess said...

I always love to see you shots! The gerbera daisy shot....I love it. It is great!

Anonymous said...

When and how did you start your stock plant? I planted mine from seed back in May, and still no blooms! The plants are so healthy looking, but not a flower in sight. It frustrates me! I love your variegated phlox. The phlox Laura you "made" me buy is struggling a bit, but I've fallen in love with phlox Nicky. It blooms continuously, and in many lovely colors at once. You're going to overwinter your beloved geraniums, right?

Carol............. said...

Your photos are favorite photos that I like to take.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

What beautiful pictures and the flowers are lovely! I love the Gardeners Choice Geranium! That is beyond stunning!

Teresa said...

All of your flowers are so pretty. You really have a lot to flaunt. I enjoyed reading your post. Great photos too!

lynn'sgarden said...

Lona, it's nice with the cool weather, isn't it. I loved that I needed a sweater while out walking the other night. The last photo of this post is my favorite! The rich purple of the plant makes the butterfly almost pretty!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Just beautiful photos, Lona. I've been away for so long it seems and it's nice to see everyone's gardens- love that first pic- just stunning. I need to look for that coreopsis variety! Is that poke weed? Took me forever to get that out of my garden!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Becca: I would probably love Fall if it was not the thinking about what comes after and no flowers to tend.
Have a great weekend.

Charlotte: We could do with a little of your rain now. I have been watering everything for a couple of weeks now. Have a good weekend!

Heather: My impatiens is what is really adding the most color to my flower beds now. I have them everywhere. Have a great weekend!

Princess; Thanks girl you have a great weekend.

Robin: Email on the way.

Carol: What a pretty horse in your photo. I love horses but I am afraid of them. A big wouse ;-) Thanks for dropping by.

Diann: The Gardeners Choice is two years old. I brought it in and over wintered it in the house last winter and will try to keep it again this winter. Thanks for dropping by!.

Teresa: Thanks so much. You have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by.

Lynn: I was so glad when the butterfly stopped on the Purple Heart for a drink. Luckily I had my camera in hand while strolling around the beds. Have a great weekend!

Tessa: Yep, that is poke weed. It grows down in the woods behind the house. The deers and birds usually get all of the berries. Have a great weekend!

MissyM said...

Those elderberries are just beautiful. I enjoyed all your pictures. I like that white petunia especially. I have a little stand of white vinca, where it came from I dont know. I think I will try more white flowers next year. Also enjoyed your nicotina.

Shari said...

It was a pleasure visiting your garden through your flower photos. I also loved the Gerbera Daisy shot best, but the rest were great too. Thanks for sharing.