Friday, November 27, 2009

I Heard Groans and Moans

I could hear you all yesterday a moaning and a groaning
from all of the turkey, ham and deserts.
Well actually that might have been me making all
of that noise.
I heard all of the physiologists, doctors, nutritionist's, etc.
explaining why or how not to overeat on Thanksgiving or
Christmas. That we should not make it an excuse for over
indulgence. My question was why not? Why shouldn't we
have two days in the year without the guilt of eating the foods
we like and that make us feel good. Why shouldn't we have a
day when the family can all get together and fellowship with
one another. One day to say "diet go stuff yourself ".
In a world that is so body conscious instead of family conscious
where everyone is scattered near and far, what is wrong with it?
I say yes to pigging out for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
What a joy to have a guilt free holiday!
Don't you all feel better now?

I awoke this morning hearing this tinkling against the
window panes and I just knew I was not going to like
what I would see when I looked out the front door.

Looking out and across the road to the field there was
these big white things falling all around.
I moan, " oh, no".
So I slowly venture to the back door to take a look out.
(Like that was going to make a big difference)

Nope, "drat". It was really snowing.
So I open the backdoor to get a better look and the little
stray kitten comes flying through the door as soon as I opened
thinking it is really going to stay indoors.
"No little fella I am not
going to start that, isn't it enough
that I feed you?".

So I run through the house trying to run him down
(these days that is a feat unto itself)
and carry him out onto the back step
where it is freezing and
icy. So I know then the snow is not going to be melting
as fast up
here on this hill until later this morning.

So alright blogger friends I guess I really have to accept
the fact that this winter
thing is really going to happen.
Though some of you have had your big snows already
and that even in the northern part of the state there has been
snow, this is southeastern Ohio's first sticking snow.
I should not complain because we had snow last year on the
18th so we have really been fortunate so far.
So what does a person do but say 'alrighty then' on to
How many of you were shopping at 4 a.m. this morning?
Trust me as an old retired retail lady we do not share your
enthusiasm. Before the morning is up we both will be
shouting at each other ;-)

But this posting is not all about the weather, my lack of
enthusiasm or guilt free overeating.

The amaryllis 'Cocktail' that has been growing so fast has
started to bloom already with beautiful big white blooms.

The only thing wrong with that is that it is suppose to
be white with red variegation's or stripes. Now unless
that green center is going to turn red it may just be that
it was mislabeled for the nursery and I got another
amaryllis besides the 'Cocktail'
variety that was ordered.

It is a pretty one but not what I ordered.
Now I am wondering if I should notify the nursery from
where I ordered the bulb from.

I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
And of course a guilt free one too.


Bren said...

Wonderful photos as always! Wishing you a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend dear friend in the GREATEST STATE ever! (((HUGS)))

Di said...

Hello Lona,

Beautiful amaryllis and photos and I do love your 'end of the line' pictures. Diana

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I agree with you, just enjoy the day and not worry about what we eat. It's so much more fun that way!
The snow looks so pretty, I know you're not that excited about it, but my kids are just dying to get some here.
Your surprise Amaryllis is very pretty. It looks like the 'White Christmas' one I bought.
I have two that have sprouted, but one that's just sitting there still after 2 weeks. How long do they normally take to sprout? The bulb looks green still.

Carrie said...

I hope you truly had a fab Thanksgiving. Christmas day is the day were I sort of go mental with food - has to be chocolate for breakfast, always has been, always will be, hahaha. Though this year I'll be a bridesmaid a few weeks after so for the first time I do need to be careful - have to fit into that dress!!
I think your Amaryllis is utterly gorgeous, I love pure white ones but yep, I reckon the supplier should be told about the mix up.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Bren: Your dinner looked so yummy. Have a great weekend.

Carrie: Whoops! Yes, you have to fit into that bridesmaid dress. Have a wonderful weekend.

Catherine: I thought it looked more like the 'White Christmas" also. I have two that are just now taking off so some just are faster than others. I think both of the slow ones are doubles. This is my first time with them so I am trying to learn. I should have waited to start them maybe. But they may bloom on through Christmas.
Have a great weekend!

Diana: Hello and thank you. Glad you dropped by. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Lona, the turkey was good, and I didn't skip deserts! Your Amaryllys is oh! beautiful like a young bride, but I would call the nursery. Congratulations with the first snow! We are blessed with rains!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Trust me to be the only one to mention the there a cat friendly shelter, or a no kill shelter you could take it to?

If it gets really cold out, that isn't really good for him. It is different if there are other cats hanging out with him, for added warmth, but by themselves it is cold.

I am certainly not trying to tell you what to do, and it is wonderful that you feed him. It is just so upsetting to think of that little kitten outside. Yes when it comes to cats, I am a bleeding heart. After all, Bootsie has been allowed to take over our place, and he did.

Please don't be offended by this comment, I am just in tears, it breaks my heart to think of cats without homes.


Meems said...

Oh dear, snow... you really are into winter already.

You are right. I do enjoy the holidays without the guilt... I'm going to eat things I don't normally eat anyway... might as well enjoy it. Happy Thanksgiving weekend... that surely is a pretty amaryllis even though it isn't red.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Nothing like drying my tears, and having a good think about what I wrote. Is it possible that you have not yet published that comment?

Please? Sorry to sound so sad for the poor little guy.


lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Lona! By the tell of light traffic on Friday, I don't think there were as many early shoppers this year...seems internet shopping takes the load now. I usually wait til mid Dec to start since I don't enjoy shopping.
Over indulge I did, though, on T-Giving, especially desserts..yum! Yes, winter is definitely here at least in snow yet!
Your amaryllis is pretty! I love the 'diamond dust' on the dense petals. Mixed bins/labels is something I know Once the plant is fully blooming like this white one, be sure to keep it in a cool room and out of direct sunlight so they'll last longer for you ;) Have a great weekend, lona!

Darla said...

I don't feel guilty for stuffing myself at all, now my stomach hurts a Your amaryllis is gorgeous...I would be tempted to contact the nursery of their mistake, although it's nice it isn't what you ordered, who knows you might get a discount..

keewee said...

No snow here yet, and I won't be upset if we don't have any at all.

Anonymous said...

You were so good to start your amaryllis so early. I think mine is up a half inch, but then again it will give me blooms when winter hits this way. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, I swear I am still full! The inlaws left today, and I still have a fridge full of food. Good thing though, I have a busy work weekend ahead of me. Spare us from anymore of that snow!

Heather Bell said...

Love the amaryllis - red stripes or not.

And I agree with you wholeheartedly about the shopping. As a CURRENT retail person, I try and avoid the malls at busy times. Apparently it's Boxing Day here in Canada already, trying to compete with the cross border shoppers taking advantage of Black Friday - Sears pulled out the Boxing Day signs. Yuck! At least let us get through Christmas without pushing Boxing Day. What next - Valentine's?

NellJean said...

Not uncommon for an amaryllis to be mislabeled. If you ordered off for it, send a photo and your order number by email and ask for a replacement. It's a lovely blossom, but definitely not Cocktail.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Lynn; It did make for some pretty pictures.I think it is pixie dust ;-) or maybe just dust. Thanks for the tips because this is my first adventure with them.

Darla: I think I will take your advice. Couldn't hurt.

Jen: Ahh, you are such a softy, but do not fear for the kitten because the neighbors has this nice barn with straw that they all run to a dark or to stay warm. I feed it and it sleeps in the barn so it will be alright. There are at least fifteen around here to snuggle up to.

Meems: The snow is gone already and it has warmed up a little. I eat what we do not normally have daily and am glad for it too.

Tatyana: Glad you and the boys had a good Thanksgiving ;-)

Robin: My heart goes out to you friend at this time of the year ;-)

Heather: Here when Halloween decorations hit the store so does Christmas. Everything all at once. Thanksgiving gets shoved to the back side or forgotten. Glad you dropped by.

Nell: I am going to take everyone's advice and email them.Have a great day.

KeeWee: The only time I like snow is for Christmas day but seems we never have it then so I could live without it.

Dirt Princess said...

The amaryllis is gorgeous regardeless!I am so jealous of the snow. It snows down here once every 5-10 years, and that is only a inch or so. I would love to have a "real" snow!

Anonymous said...

I feel you on the snow Lona. I'm never ready for it to happen and always ready for it to quit! Great idea to contact the bulb company about your amaryllis mix up. I wish I'd have thought about that last year when I got one I hadn't ordered. The white one is really pretty tho and at least it's something blooming until you get the replacement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona! Beautiful! Thanks for the link -- I'll add this to the 1st Snowfall Project page later this evening. :) Thanks for participating.