Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Flowers That The Butterflies Love

Since blooms are rare right now with only
a few house plants to liven things up, I thought
I would show some of the butterflies that visited
the garden last summer.

These little lovelies swarm to Achillea's.

And as you will see they love Gaillardia.

Salvia draws them in as it blooms in early summer.

Pots of pelargonium Geraniums.

They simply swarm to Lantana.

This butterfly was getting a drink from the drops on
a watered Purple Heart.
So make sure shallow water is around in the garden
for them to drink.

Happy Butterfly Gardening Everyone !


Barbara said...

I loved this post as I'm busy planning a butterfly corner in my garden. So thanks for the great ideas and the inspiring photos. Barbara

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Ah, Lona, I needed this post today (although the sun has come out and warmed my heart up a bit). It reminds me that summer will come again. I'm glad to see you posting on butterflies (others too). The flowers and the butterflies are all just gorgeous. I grow lantana as an annual just for them. Well, and because i love the various colours in the lantana flowers.

I think there have always been a lot of gardeners who are pollinator-friendly gardeners, but that we've not always remembered to post about it and encourage others so much. More are doing so now. Posts like yours sure will encourage others!

Noelle said...

Oh, you have some of my favorite flowers...Gaillardia, Salvia and of course, Lantana.

Darla said...

Great butterfly photos..I see a Giant Swallowtail, a Black Swallowtail, Gulf Fritilarry (sp)and a Silver Spotted Skipper..

JOE TODD said...

We are getting closer to spring, Looking at your photos helped

NellJean said...

One of my favorite things to read about, write about and do: Butterfly Planning.

Anonymous said...

That post was just what I need on a wet and chilly day! You know how I love butterflies in my garden, and now I remember why! I just when the fog freezes into crystals, the whole world becomes a winter wonderland.

Janet said...

Great collection of blooms and their butterfly buddies.
I love how the lantana full of butterflies.

Stephanie said...

That orange butterfly in the first two and last two pics is gorgeous! Very good shots as well. The last shot on the lantana is the best one. These pics cheer up my day. TQ Lona!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Lona and perfect "food for the soul" on a January day. I planted my vintage wheelbarrow full of lantana last summer hoping the butterflies would swarm it. Sadly, it was one of our worst years for seeing ANY kind of butterfly. Wet and cool, which is unusual for us. I sure hope this year is better.

ps that big ole long number instead of my name is frustrating on the open ID ~ I wonder how I can fix that?

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Barbara: I am so glad you are planning a butterfly garden. Milk Weed is a plant butterflies like to lay their eggs on too.

Jodi: With the honeybees dying off it is alarming so we need all of the butterfly and bee plants gardeners we can get. I see fewer honeybees every year.It is a scary thing to see them disappearing.

Noelle; They are some of my favorites too. There are very few flowers that I do not like LOL!

Darla: I had several different types visiting this summer. Your milk weed seeds will help even more. Get better.

Joe: I am so ready for spring and gardening again.Or even stepping outdoors without bundling up LOL!

Nell Jean: Aren't they so graceful just to watch? ;-)

Robin: I have so been loving the fog crystal pictures. I know you like those little butterflies also.

Janet: I love Lantana and all its bright colors. The butterflies really like it.

Stephanie: Had to dig into last years picture files and bring in a little summer for those rainy days here.

Kathleen: I hope your Lantana does better this summer too. A wheel borrow full sounds so pretty.
I do not have a clue as to how to get rid of that number ID. I see all those numbers and I know it is you LOL!

bennie and patsy said...

Butterfly's make one feel joy to just look at them.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Oh, this makes me eager for spring. I love the butterflies!

Hank Moorlag said...

Beautiful post, Lona. Nice captures of the butterflies with the flowers - always so peaceful looking.

Your killing me with those beautiful red roses in your blog header - green with envy!


Kiki said...

Wow..super gorgeous post Lona! This series of photos has to be one of my faves..such beauty captured in each.. with intensity!! LOved it!!What a super beautiful post! Thankyou for sharing it! Stunning photography!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Patsy: I love watching the butterflies. They are so graceful as they flutter about.

Adrienne: Makes me eager for spring too. Can you hear me sighing LOL!

Hank: Thank you so much. I had to change the header because I got tired of looking at the ice. ;-)

Kiki; Thank you so much I appreciate the comment.

Carol said...

Lona, I love your header!! Stunning! Wonderful post of our flutterby friends ... you have many varieties visiting your gardens. Great photos! Lovely! To think that that the scene of snow and sleet coming down right now will pass ... thank you for this glimpse back into your lush gardens. ;>) Carol

T Opdycke said...

I just have to share this Miriam Rothschild quote, "...I am incurably romantic, hankering after small stars spangling the grass. Butterflies add another dimension to the garden for they are like dream flowers--childhood dreams--which have broken loose from their stalks and escaped into the sunshine."

You're gorgeous photos have set me to dreaming. Thank you for a bright spangles on a gray day.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What beautiful pictures of the butterflies! I fell in love with lantana this summer even though I never saw a butter fly on it. I'll try again this summer. Thanks for a nice sunny post!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Carol: Thank you. I got tired of looking at that icy header. LOL!Needed something brighter.

T: With nothing blooming I had to reach into the old picture file to find some summer. Too many rainy days and Mondays. LOL!

Catherine: You probably had so many other flowers for the butterflies that they were not on your lantana much. I love them because they are consistently in bloom.

Ilona said...

You have the best butterfly pictures ever. So sharp and well composed. How'd you get the butterflies to do that? ;)