Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hunkering Down

The birds have been hunkering down, puffing out
their feathers and gorging themselves.
When I see the bird's feasting at the feeders as though
there will be no food for tomorrow I know the
snow is still going to continue or a new round is
coming. It is tough watching them trying to feed
with the strong winds and the snow coming in sideways.
The Junco's , Cardinals, Sparrows, Titmice, Woodpeckers
and Nuthatches have been the main feeders thus far,
but as the cold continues and the snow is piling up
there are bound to be new types of birds coming in to fed.
So keep those feeders filled and the fresh water out.

After all of the Christmas decorations are down, usually
that means the next day or two around here, I decorate
the front porch for winter.

The Christmas wreaths come down and a wreath of
sparkling ice crystals and lights go up.

Here in Ohio you decorate for every season and any
little ole thing it seems. So I decorate for the winter
just to brighten things up for the gray days of winter.

The small prime tree comes out of the crock
and sticks that have been spray painted white
and seed lights are added.
The Christmas swags and flowers are replaced with
Whoops, I think that one little snowman is a little
crooked. LOL! What you see after the pictures are taken.

This corner of the front porch now is all bright
and sparkling on a cold winter night.
I am not sure the 'Winter Welcome' sign is exactly
truthful on my part though, you all are welcome
but as far as winter I could live without it.
I think there was a horrible mistake made -- years ago
and I was really suppose to have been born on some
tropical island

The sled stays out with the skates upon it but the
Christmas greenery and ribbons are gone.
Miniature lights and another sign brighten this
corner of the porch.
The sign reads 'Let it Snow'.
Last winter someone coming up onto the porch
and turned this sign over. Guess they had had enough
of the snow and thought this would stop it . LOL!
The way it has settled in this winter I may go out and
take the stupid sign down myself.

A Sparkly Winter Day to You All!


madcobug said...

Love those winter decorations. Poor birds being so hungry. Glad that you are feeding them. Helen

Christine B. said...

So that's where my dark-eyed juncos have gone. I have never seen one during our winter here in Alaska, at my place at least. I do look forward to their arrival in spring. My neighbor didn't mow his lawn for 6 weeks in the summer and when he got home from vacation, suprise: a dark-eyed junco nest right there in the middle of the lawn.

Your porch looks very cheerful!

Christine in Alaska

Darla said...

It's amazing to me how many birds brave this cold weather!! What a cheerful winter post..

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Christine: Yes, they came to spend the winter with me. We have so many here in the winter months.I love to watch them scampering around in the snow.

Helen: Trying to feed them and the stray cats so they won't get eaten. Hope it works ;-)

Noelle said...

I absolutely love that you Ohioan's decorate every season. I do think that you winter decorations would brighten up the season :-)

Peggy said...

I love the snowman star and lighted wreath! I spent the first 30 years of my life in Ohio but had forgotten how much folks enjoyed decorating the homes. We Idahoans could use a few lessons.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Wow, decorating for the season! Interesting idea, and I think many of us would welcome some interesting lights and decorations now all the lovely Christmas decorations have gone...

My tree sits in the living room waiting to be chopped up tomorrow. The room seems so dark without the tree lights anymore.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Beautiful, it certainly is a long and drab winter. But your decorations have made it shorter, and brighter.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It all looks so pretty on your porch! I remember that winter welcome sign from last year and you thinking you should maybe put a welcome spring sign up instead.
That bird really does look hunkered down!

Stephanie said...

The way you used that skate shoe as decor is so cute. I like it!

Liisa said...

I like the idea of replacing the decorations you took down. After the holidays and everything has been put away everything seems so bare. I love your sparkly wreath!!

Bren said...

The snow just keeps on coming in our neck of the woods. NOT TOO Much sticking... so come take a look at my walk I took today!

THe bird image you share is inspiring!

Nutty Gnome said...

I've just had a lovely read through your posts, so thanks for that :)

I loved your snow photos - and I have the same problem...I would LOVE to capture the glistening colours in the snow, but it never shows up on my photos!

I'm just off out to refill my bird feeder and give them fresh water. It's about -5 here and we've got about 6 inches of snow with more to come. Happy day!

GardenJoy4Me said...

You have done such a beautiful job with your blog girl !!
This is another reason why I want to start a second blog on wordpress .. when I see one this pretty : ) You caught such a wonderful picture of that little bird and how wintery it is in Ohio (every time I hear about this state I am going to think of you now ! LOL) I love your decorations too .. you have got one talented hand : )
P.S. Can you come over for a cup of coffee and help me with my blog ?? LOL
Joy : )

Janet said...

Love that picture of the little Junco at your feeder. It looks very cold!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Darla; How do their little feet stand it?

Noelle: Any excuse will do here LOL

Peggy: Yours would most likely get buried in the snow. You probably get loads more than we do. A fellow Buckeye! So glad you dropped by Peggy.

Liz: If I lived in a warmer climate I probably would not decorate as much to brighten things up. I think that is the main reason we do it. That old Cabin Fever.

Jen: What ever gets you through it :-)

Catherine: LOL. You have a great memory. I may have to drag out the Welcome Spring sign it looks like this maybe a bad one. We just had so much ice last winter. I hope it is just the snow this one. And we have been getting some everyday. Yuck!

Stephanie: Thanks bunches and so glad you dropped by on a cold day.

Liisa: It does king of not give you that big let down after all of the bright Christmas decorations are down. A little sparkle to tide you over until the flowers bloom.

Bren: Hey girl that is not fair that I have snow and you don't. LOL. I will be by to check it out.

Nutty Gnome: I am glad I am not the only one who had trouble with the camera. Maybe the reflections of color are because of the lenses and they do not catch in the pictures. I do not know but I would have loved to seen them in a picture. Glad you visited.

T Opdycke said...

I'm getting ready to hunker down and puff out my feathers, too. No school today because of ice and tomorrow it looks like a snowstorm is headed this way. Love your winter decorations!

Carrie said...

Gorgeous! Here, in N.Ireland we don't do much in the way of decorating our homes except for christmas but this is so beautiful. Love the night time picture with the lights all lit up, very welcoming!

leavesnbloom said...


Your front porch is just beautiful. That sort of thing is not done over here but I wish it was.

I am so sick of the snow now - it was great at first but this is week 3 now and not a thaw in site. Poor British birds are not used to this nor am I!


Balisha said...

My birds are hunkering down too. We are expecting 7-9 inches of snow starting tonight.
I have always just put my Christmas decorations away and then nothing until Spring. You gave me an idea. How pretty all your things are...I am going to copy :)

Kate said...

I never think to decorate after the holidays though it's a fab idea. I always find it a little depressing to take all the pretty stuff down and pack it away. I'm learning a great deal about birds in winter from your blog and others. It's really been fun!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to decorate for "winter." I've never done that but it sure would help pass the dreary days. We are hunkered down in Colorado too. It is SO cold and snowing as I type. ugh. Bring on Spring! Your decorations are great Lona. I really like that frosty wreath.

Anonymous said...

Such charming winter decorations you have! The birds aren't the only ones hunkering down, I am too. Wish I could just stay home and cocoon during this crummy cold spell, but no such luck. Have I mentioned lately that I hate winter? I know, I have! I feel like I am back in Michigan again with all this snow. Blah!

VW said...

I asked my in-laws for a bird bath for Christmas, and it's waiting in its box to be put together and set outside my living room window. I'm excited to see more of the little guys next year. I looked at the bird feeder, too, but thought maybe I'd get into that later. Right now it's all I can do to keep my 3 little ones and my hubby fed each day :-)

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Lona, your decorations are just lovely! Well, maybe not the "Welcome Winter" one. LOL! I love your positive attitude about it all!

Bangchik said...

Love to see that little bird coming round in winter... it has to eat too! ~BANGCHIK

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

T: Looks like we are in for more today, big time! We use to get cold and snow like this when I was a girl so I guess I got spoiled over the years of mild winters. :-) Everyone's will kids love it all though.

Carrie: I need Light. So without the sun I will make my own ;-)

Rosie: We are with you girl. I think after this winter everyone will be glad even those who like it all ;-)

Balisha; Sounds like you will be getting more than us. We have had a little snow everyday for a week and it is slowly adding up. 4 to 6 inches today on top of the 6 we already have in the hills and for us that is plenty. Copying is allowed ;-) Take care!

Kate: Thank you and where did you get your snow shoes ? LOL!

Kathleen: I am not pleased at all for letting your snow come our way. LOL. At least it could be the pretty kind that clings to everything and not this old drifting stuff. ;-) Stay Warm.

Robin: So you feel right at home huh? LOL! It should make for a pretty winter hike at Old Man's Cave this month. Too cold for me though. Plus I just do not bounce like I use to. Just stay home and tell them customers to just figure it out. LOL!

VW: Then you are a busy Mom. Two was plenty for me. LOL! My ex came from a family of twelve, two sets of twins. I just do not know how that women made it. LOL!
Glad you got a bird bath. Your birds will love it and it is fun to watch them take a bath and splash around.

Kylee: I may have to rethink the whole sign thing. I was reminded by Catherine that I was ready to take it down last year and in the hopes of changing the weather put up the Welcome Spring sign.LOL!

BangchiK: We get more birds everyday as the cold weather continues and snow keeps everything covered.I will get to see many more different ones as winter goes on.

RainGardener said...

Lona I LOVE your porch. The blue ice skates are wonderful and you're right about maybe turning the "snow" sign over if you've had enough. Great idea to spray paint white branches. Can I copy? Then I'll paint a sign that says Is It Spring Yet? I've never thought about decorating for winter but it's such a cute idea. I learn so much from all of you gardeners.
You're soooooooooooo lucky to have lots of birds in winter - I don't seem to have any so I can hardly wait until they come back.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

RG! Copying is allowed. That is a terrific idea for your sign and I am really going to need one like that. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ This is a winter for the books, isn't it? I hope your birdies stay warm. And you too. Love your porch.