Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trying Some New Seeds For 2010

The new seeds have arrived and are now waiting
for the appropriate time to sow them indoors.
Some of the new varieties this year really caught
my eye and will be an experiment in growing
for my garden next Spring and Summer.
Some I have never tried before and others
seem to not like being directly sown in the
old clay soil around here so they will be started
indoors and then planted out. Hopefully this will
take care of the zinnia's that so sparingly want
to grow for me.

This 'Autumn Touch' amaranthus reminded me
of astilbe blooms and will add a fall touch to
my peach, orange and brown bed of flowers.
The will also give some height and blooms for
late summer.

Picture courtesy Park Seed

Amaranthus 'Autumn's Touch'


When I saw this new zinnia offered for this
year my eyes popped and I said "Wow!"
Hopefully this beauty will grow outdoors
after being seeded indoors.
I think she is a beauty.

Picture Courtesy of Stokes Seeds
Zinnia 'Zahara Starlight Rose'


Also this new Gazania caught my eye
so I really wanted to try it.
After I made my list of seeds to purchase
I could definitely see a theme of color coming
through in the flowers chosen for this year.

Picture Courtesy of Stokes Seeds
Gazania ' Big Kiss White Flame


Since I always grow petunias to add to
containers I choose two new ones.
This new Petunia really caught my eye and
with the blooms all differing in their variegation's
it will be a fun one to grow.

Picture Courtesy of Burpee
Petunia 'Fancy Dress'

I thought I would also try another
double blooming one this year in burgundy.
The Orchid Mist from last summer did very
well for me and even surprised
me with blooms of three different colors.
Also saved seeds from the white and purple
waves from last season will also be sown.

Picture Courtesy of Stokes Seeds
Cascading Double Petunia Burgundy


I decided to try my hand at sowing some Dahlia
seeds so I got two different varieties from two
different companies. I am anxious to see which one
germinates the best and grows.
If I can get them to grow at all.
I loved the looks of these single blooms because
they reminded me of zinnias. So if the zinnias
refuse to grow for me maybe these dahlia's will.

Picture Courtesy of Burpee
Dahlia 'Victoriana' mix

Picture Courtesy of Thompson Morgan
Dahlia ' Figaro'


I have never tried Lantana from seed so this
will be an experiment into the new.
I looked for seeds on the one I hold over in
the winter but could never find any on it.
I love Lantana because it brings the butterflies,
hummingbird's and bees into the garden.
They love Lantana.
Since it is a mix of seeds it will be fun to see
what grows.

Picture Courtesy of Thompson Morgan
Lantana 'Camara Mix'


Also verbena is always in some of my containers
every year so this burgundy one with the white
eyes will be sown. Hopefully it will not mildew
like the St. George's red. It was a constant plague
on it last summer which no matter what I tried
eventually ended up killing most of the plants
and the others I tossed because of the frustration.
I will never grow St. George again.
By the way it is advertised this year as being
mildew resistant which is not true statement at all.

Picture Courtesy of Stokes Seeds
Verbena Quartz Burgundy


With so much shade around my garden Impatiens
are a staple around here.
This bi-colored one of red and white was different
and was really off the burgundy theme I had going
on but in pots sticking around in the shade it
will brighten up one of the spots.
I am just hoping that it is a true red and not
an orange or it will have to go.
Robin and Lynn do you like impatiens? LOL.

Picture Courtesy of Thompson Morgan

Impatien 'Tutu Red ' bicolor


Some others I am trying new this year are:

Lavatera 'Twins Hot Pink'

Now I am not a marigold fan and really hate the
fragrance of them but they will grow about
anywhere so a white one will be added to break
up the colors and lighten the beds. It may look very
pretty also with the Fancy Dress petunia and the Gazania.

Marigold 'French Vanilla'

Pelargoniums of Peach Blossom, Rasberry Swirl
and Maverick Star will join the collection of geraniums.

Seeds for Crazy Daisies and a White Swan coneflower
will add more white to the perennial beds.

All of you die hard gardener's out there tell me
if you have ever grown 'Painted Tongue' before?
The seeds came free with an Ebay order and I
have never heard of them.
Are they worth the time to try to germinate them?

Salpiglossis Painted Tongue

So these are some of the new seeds that I will be trying,
and I do say trying, to grow.
I am excited to start them and Spring cannot
come to fast for me.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


Balisha said...

Wow...lady, are you ever ambitious! I'm looking out the window at a darkish cold landscape...dreaming of spring and looking at all your varieties.Good luck and be sure to post pictures along the way. Have a nice weekend.

Darla said...

My word you have some wonderful new things to try. Do you always start your zinnia inside? I know they do not benefit from being sown early...I so want the white marigold...yes they do stink, but are so dependable!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a beautiful garden of flowers you will have! I love the Painted tongue! I just posted what I've just ordered, I guess we're all getting ready for Spring.
I also started the seeds you sent me today in my Winter sowing :)

Carol said...

Hi Lona, You have quite a selection of seeds there. I love the Amaranthus, Verbena and Lantana. The Gazania is hypnotic and beautiful! I look forward to seeing the seedlings grow into flowering plants! Good Luck! Carol

madcobug said...

You have chosen a beautiful assortment of seeds. I can't wait to see how they all do. Some of them are new to me. Helen

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What a colourful and stunning list! The zinnia is especially lovely. I will attempt seeds for the first time in ages, I ordered a dwarf cosmos mix, blue nemophila & thunbergia vines. Best of luck with your seedlings!

T Opdycke said...

Hi Lona,

You've chosen my beauties! The 'autumn touch' amaranthus are gorgeous, but the 'zahara starlight rose' zinnia is enchanting. I'll guess I'll be checking out Stokes Seeds for this one.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

What an interesting set of seeds, the Gazania looks wonderful -
I am looking forward to seeing the results of your seed sowing later in the year.

Noelle said...

I love the fancy petunias. I grow the Lantana camara and it is beautiful...well, not so beautiful now, it is a little brown from the frost ;-)

Janet said...

What a great collection of new colors! Not sure that I could pick a favorite.

bennie and patsy said...

The Zinnia and Gozania color is beautiful.

Ellie said...

Wow, I love the colors. So bright and bold!

Kate said...

Wow, indeed. That Gazania is to die for. I'm swooning over the Zinnia, too. If only... I could grow annuals. They are simply too wimpy for my mountain garden. So, please promise to show lots of pretty pictures when they start to bloom.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Balisha: I will need luck with all if the seeds I try.

Darla: I have never strated them inside before but they will not grow very good for me just trying to start them outdoors so I am trying something different.

Catherine: Good luck on your seeds and winter sowing too.

Carol: I am looking forward to seeing them too. Hoping they are true to the pictures of them. LOL.

Helen: I am excited about the new seeds too.

Rebecca: Sound like you will be growing some beauties too. I love Cosmos but it is another one that i have trouble getting to grow and usually only end up with one or two. LOL.

T: oh, I just love the new zinnia now if I can get it to grow for me.

Karen: I am looking forward to seed starting and spring. Thanks for dropping by.

Noelle: My over-wintered Lantana is brown too and not a leaf on it. I store it in the basement until spring so it is a little dormant now.

Janet: Funny how when I was done I had so many burgundy colors. ;-)

Patsy: Aren't they just lovely Patsy. I went crazy for them.

Ellie: I think I am going to really like them in window boxes and beds this year.

Sabrina said...

I love the zinnia -- I've tried both starting them indoors and direct seeding them, and had luck with both methods, though I lean a little toward direct seeding them, if for no other reason than it opens up space under the grow lights for things that I absolutely can't start outdoors.

Do post about how things work out with the dahlias from seed. I think dahlias are lovely, but I know I'm too lazy to lift them every fall. Maybe if I grew them from seed, I wouldn't feel too bad about treating them like an annual. We usually order some seeds from T&M, so maybe I'll try the ones you're showing, too.

RainGardener said...

You really have a lot to sow. Can't wait to see everything this summer.

PCI lover said...

Those annuals look really interesting! I have grown some of them - I have Salpiglossis in flower at the moment, seeded in a bed I grew it in a couple of years ago. It is like some of the old veined Petunias (Fluffy Ruffles, if you ever grew that) but not so compact.
French Vanilla is nice but browns off a bit, and it quite tall. Interesting plant though. The Gazanias do real well here, and I have them in lots of pots. Self seed a bit too. Lavatera can be a pain to prick out as they damp off after transplanting, but well worth the trouble as they are so showy.

Cheers from Kiwiland


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kate: If they grow here will be plenty of pictures Kate. You will get tired of looking at them. LOL!

Gareth: Thank you so much for letting me know about these plants. I am sure to like the Painted Tongues then. Since I am not a marigold fan to begin with it may not make it back for an encore if it is too browning. I needed to know they would grow taller also. LOL. Thanks for the warning on the Lavatera. I do appreciate your help. Thanks for dropping by.

Sabrina; I do not like dealing with the bulbs either but as an annual they could be fun. And just keeping the ones I like the best works also.

RG: I got my work cut out for me don't I? Planting and reaping are two different things around here. LOL

Stephanie said...

I like that Impatien 'Tutu Red' bicolour. Both the name and flower look marvellous. The Autumn's Touch is a very good choice too. Like their unique 'bronzy' colour. Have fun sowing them ok.

fairegarden said...

Good for you Lona, trying new things! I wish you well with the endeavor. Every single one is a beauty and would make a wonderful garden. My luck with Amaranthus has been dismal. We can get them looking good as babies in the greenhouse, but just can't seem to transition to the ground, probably planting out too early when the soil is not warm enough. Keep that in mind if you start them indoors. I am making myself start most seeds outside this year, it is hard to hold back, but know they will do better. :-)

Jeanne said...

Looks like you're into the striped varieties this year! My friends have all recommended marigold "French Vanilla" to me, so that's on my list to try this year too. I'm waiting for my perennial seeds now but feeling grumpy that none of the local garden centers have seeds yet.Good luck with your seeds!

Greensparrow said...

I've grown salpiglossis, and I like them, though I don't grow them every year. They grow a lot like a petunia, but a little more leggy and awkward than most modern petunias. I like them best cut and in a vase -- the you can really appreciate their intricate coloring!

lili11 said...

Happy gardening. I love them all. I mean, yes, all! Bright beautiful colors. Just promise you'll update once they bloom in your garden.


Msrobin said...

I spent many happy hours last night reading my garden porn, I mean seed catalogs! LOL No decisions yet, but believe it or not I want to try stock again! I know, I'm crazy, but I just have to smell it. I'll just start it indoors extra early. Yes, I do like impatiens, you know I do, but I've never started it from seed. I found an apricot color I want to try from seed. And I must have a white marigold and that Fancy Dress petunia everyone is showing. Not sure which zinnias I want, and I too will be trying dahlias from seed. Seeds are a cheap thrill, I just have to try!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Stephanie: I liked the two tone Tutu Impatiens looks and that it had a double bloom look. I will try it once to see ;-)

Frances: Hey girl thanks for the heads up on the Amaranthus. You may have just prevented another disaster in the seed experiment for me. I appreciate the help.

Jeanne: Good luck with your seeding. What perennials are you looking for to start?

Greensparrow: Thanks for the help with the Painted Tongue. I hadn't even heard of it. I love petunias so I may like it. Can you pinch them back to make them bushier ?

Blossom: Promise to show lots of pictures ;-) Thanks for dropping by.

Robin girl you have more patience than Ido if you want to start stock again.LOL! Now would be the day, right quick. I did get some blooms though but I thought it was over rated on the fragrance. Of course my sniffer isn't to sharp.

6p00e5504402138834 said...

oooh, Lona, your garden is going to be so pretty. I LOVE, love, love that zinnia. I haven't even ordered my seeds yet but now you have me inspired! Happy sowing and growing.

PS I have no idea why my name shows up as a number on the open ID thing?? Crazy, long number too... ugh.

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

I'm going to try those Salpiglossis this year, too! I saw them at Frederik Meijer Gardens last spring and loved them. I want to do those zinnias, too, and some of the bicolor petunias. We'll have to compare notes! :-)