Thursday, February 11, 2010

Send A Valentine Thank You

  Just Between Me and You, has found the best Valentine
idea going and I wanted to join her and pass it on to some
of my blogger friends.

You can send a free Valentine to Our Troops  and
help remind them that we are all still here and still behind
them. To let them know we appreciate their service and
the sacrifice that they are making for us and  our country.
These men and women leave their families and homes
to answer the call to not only keep us free but to help others
to be free.
We are a passionate nation but sometimes our memories
are short and we forget the intensity of our feelings from
a past disaster or the purpose slips from our everyday minds,
but these Service men and women are still out there
doing their jobs in spite of  passions or politics.




So just take a few minutes and go to the Let Us Say Thanks 
and send a solider a Valentine.
There a postcard will be send free to a US military personnel
overseas to show your support  and appreciation for their
service to our country.
Hosted by Xerox you can pick a design which are created
by children, personalize it  and then send.







Thank you all and pass it on. With your help we can send
many postcards to a bunch of deserving people.



And for anyone  out there who may oppose what I
am doing here……..


Don’t even think about complaining to me before I
have had my coffee.



pogonip said...

Done! Thanks for the link :)

Balisha said...

Good idea...I mentioned this on my blog and sent out an email.

Jim Groble said...

You bet. Done. jim

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing the link.

Janet said...

Lona, I came across this on Thanksgiving. Great thing to do.

Love the vintage Valentines Card.

keewee said...

Lona thank you for the link. What an awesome idea, I have sent my card.

Bob West said...

Beautiful! God has greatly gifted you
I enjoyed visiting your blog
God Bless;

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ Good idea. Love that final photo. Looks awfully familiar...LOL

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Great idea, I'm going to visit the site now.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea Lona and so easy. I'll click on over (I hope I'm not too late?).
Also your snowflake photos from the post before are just incredible. I hate snow so much I never thought to put them under the macro lens but they look beautiful magnified. Thanks for expanding my horizons!!!!

J to the... said...

Awesome link.... thanks!