Monday, March 8, 2010

Central Ohio Garden Show Pictures

The Central Ohio Home and Garden Show
is over now so I wanted to share some pictures.
I was a little disappointed this year. Maybe I had my
hopes to high or that I was expecting more with
the theme being Art in Bloom.
I was going expecting to see large sections where
portraits were made of flowers etc. but there was
only one living wall and it was of grasses showing
the image of fish.
Maybe after the wonderful show that was put
on last year I expected even more this year but
it was a smaller show with fewer flowers.
I guess Ohio's poor economy has hit everyone
this year and that they had a Garden Show at all
was a stretch since a lot of Garden Shows throughout
the states have stopped doing them. It takes a lot
of money and work to put on a display.

Cedarbrook Landscaping and Garden Center took
the 'People's Choice" award for its wonderful
display all about bee's. They always go all out
every year with their display and this year was no
different. This honey wagon had a water feature
coming out the back but with the press of people
I could not get a picture of the water falls.

There was some whimsy at the show with
this little bee.

Succulents were planted in all kinds of boots
at this display. There were eyes on the toes of these
little green boots and someone had put a part of
sunglasses on one boot.

There was artistry displayed in the form handmade
statues like these horses and......

Howling wolves........

Dragonfly Ladies......

Woodland Spirit Ladies.....

Fancy Ladies.......

also a plaque full of butterflies.

Many water fountains and waterfalls were
added into displays again this year.
Beware of the little water dragon.

This was a beautiful fountain. Where the widow
is in the stone was a bubbler but the water bubbles
do not show up well in the picture.

There were water jug fountains and this was
a very tall one.

There were lovely fountains....

and art related fountains with crayons, a pencil
and one very large brush.

There was a paint pallet of flower colors.

Large toad stools that light up.

There were lots and lots of tulips and azaleas.

The begonias were pretty again this year.

Lovely hydrangea's were plentiful.

Rhododendrons were in bloom.

I loved this white one and should have gotten
the name of it to add to my Roddy's.

There were hyacinths of all colors.

This stained glass screen would be considered art
and beautiful.

The old Mail Pouch barns are now considered a
form of art. This one had a water wheel.

Do not ask what these things are because I was
stumped ???? Do they look like garlic or onions
with legs ? LOL!

This year there was more emphasis put on the Home
and the Landscape part of the Home and Garden Show.
That was about it my friends a smaller showing but
it did fill the spring seeking, flower looking, escape
from winter blahs. Shook off the cabin fever.

Hopefully the economy will pick back up and there
well be more emphasis on flowers next year.

Happy Sunshine and Gardening Everyone !


T Opdycke said...

I wish I could have gone to the Central Ohio Home & Garden show, but we had a nasty snow storm the Friday of the opening weekend, when I had planned to go. I love the whimsy of the sprites and spirits. I'm trying to imagine the smell of so many hyacinths indoors. It must have been heavenly.

Carol said...

It is great to see all the statuary and I can imagine the delicious fragrance of the hyacinths!

Anonymous said...

Lona~~ Well this is the thing about ART. It's subjective. What is wonderful to one is awful to another. Keeps things interesting. I especially like the jug fountains. I've got one but don't have the inspiration to set it up. Maybe it's time to get inspired.

Happy sunshine to you too!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I love the woodland spirit ladies. Our flower show was in Chicago this weekend and I did not make it, so your pictures were a real treat!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love all of the water features and the carved ladies. It's fun to get some ideas or see what new plants are out. I wasn't quite as impressed with our garden show as last year either, I do wonder if the economy cuts into the displays.
It was fun seeing your pictures!

Christine B. said...

Shaking off those winter blues is very important to those who cannot garden year 'round. I enjoyed the crayon and pencil fountains. As for the garlic/onion men, I couldn't decide which they were. I am really wishing there was a garden show here....

Christine in Alaska

Noelle said...

Even though the show may have been smaller, the plants and displays you pictured are beautiful. I especially love the little bee in the garden :^)

Floridagirl said...

Those were really fun pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I need to get out shopping...soon! My garden is seriously lacking in whimsy.

Jim Groble said...

Great pics. I'm working on my post tonight. Pat and I had a great time. Thank you again for the tickets. jim

Balisha said...

I loved seeing all your pictures. The large urn bubbling fountain is so pretty. I thought the crayons and pencil were really clever. Hope you had a good time. I think, even with the poor economy, when you can see flowers on display in March, we don't care if the show is less than the previous year.

pogonip said...

The paint palette was my favorite--cute idea. I'm glad you posted photos.

I have 2 free tickets to our show the first weekend of Spring--I'll be taking the Queen Mother. I hope to be inspired!

Kiki said...

Wow..such FUN! I love all the lovely statues...just gorgeous! A wonderful time indeed..thanks for sharing such beautuful pictures and the show! yay!

bennie and patsy said...

What a beautiful exhibition, I loved them all.

Amy said...

Looks like you had a fun day. The flowers are beautiful!

Darla said...

Some interesting things at this show!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

It looks really good to me! All those lovely flowers! Boy, do I need Spring! Cindy

JOE TODD said...

Great photos.. We both have a lot of the same photos imagine that. I missed the boots, pencil and crayon though.. I'll have more photos up form Watery Wednesday.. The sun is out again.. Thanks again for the tickets to the show and may the sun shine on your day

leavesnbloom said...

Hi Lona

Maybe the really bad weather had some affect on the flowers too but I think alot of nurseries are feeling the pinch this year. My favourite is the painters pallete. Very simple but very effective too. I'm sure you still came away with lots of ideas and inspiration.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi T. It was smaller but we had a good day anyway.Sorry you did not make it there.

Carol: There was loads of statues there. Some were really pretty.

Grace girl get the jug hooked up. LOL! I have more ideas than get up and go. ;-)

Eileen: It was good to see some color after such a bad winter for sure.

Catherine: I think everyone has had to tighten their belts. I wouldn't want them to do away with it though.

Christine: Hi, the crayon and pencil had colored water in them so it was a cute display.

Noelle: There were some pretty things there. My imagination was just bigger than it was. LOL!

FloridaGirl: I like a little whimsy in a garden. Some People come up with the cutest things.

Jim: You both are quite welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

Balisha: I loved the jug fountain too. Of course it was blue so what was not to love. LOL!

Pogonip; You and the Queen mother have a great time and we will be waiting for those pictures.

Kiki: I thought of you when I saw the statues. I thought you would have liked them.

Patsy: It was good to just get out of the house and spend the day looking around.

Amy: It is always a fun day when I spend it with the daughter.

Darla: There sure was a variety LOL!

Cindy: I hear you girl. We are all so ready for spring. It got 66 today and I had to get out a play. ;-)

Joe: You both are quite welcome. Wow, Joe 66 degrees here we will get spoiled. LOL!

Leavesinbloom: I always have more ideas than green. LOL! Or the back to carry it through.

Stephanie said...

Lona, the big jug and crayon fountain are very cute in a big way he he... It is wonderful to see this sort of ideas. The ornaments, they do make the garden come alive. Guess what, you have just made me to look out for unique ornaments (like what you have in your garden) :-D

CiNdEe said...

It looks like fun(-: I loved seeing all the displays(-:

Anonymous said...

It was fun to see all your photos of the show Lona. I think your show is still way better than ours. I hadn't thought about the economy affecting the displays but I bet you're right. Our show has always had a lot more emphasis on the home part than the gardening part? Not sure why? Not enough gardeners in Colorado? I wish it would change.
ps. Those poor squirrels in your previous post. I feel bad for them too. Glad you had something for them to eat even if it's not their normal diet!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Stephanie: LOL! Now if you find any gems you have to share pictures of them. ;-)

Cindee: Thanks. There were some cute things and some head scratcher's. :-)

Kathleen: LOL! Chili is just not something you think would be on a squirrels diet.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Hi Lona, I enjoyed your photos of the water features and statues. It is fun to get out, especially in spring, and see so many interesting ideas. Soon you will be able to decorate in your own yard and we'll be asking you for tickets so we can come see it;-)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love to look at garden show photos. A preview of the things we will be seeing in our local garden centers soon. Sometimes I even get some ideas to use in my own garden.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I've seen a few other posts about home and garden shows. They are making me want to go to one. The one in our town is this weekend, but we will be busy finishing getting things moved to get ready for our kitchen remodel next week. I am so ready for next week to be over!

I enjoyed seeing your photos, and will have to be satisfied with that and the others who are posting about theirs.