Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring Finds


We have been blessed with some really beautiful
weather the last two weeks so quite a bit of yard
work has gotten done. The clean up all of the litter,
broken limbs and sticks that have fallen into the
yard and flower beds.
The old Oak leaves that seem to never waste away
and end up blown into the beds all around the house
from the woods by winter winds were cleaned up.
With the warm temperatures green tips and plants
are starting to grow all around in the beds.
So this morning it being the first day of Spring I
grabbed the camera and went out to see what  may
have survived and what may not have made it over
this terrible winter we had.
This posting is going to be a dull one. I know most of
you will not want to see little bits of sprouting sticks
and pieces of green leaves just forming in patches of
mud and mulch. So if you do not read this that is fine
because I am writing this mainly for my own record
keeping. Looking back at last years posting everything
may be about a week ahead of  what was growing then.
So really not that much of a difference.


Out in the yard and the nearby woods the Maple
trees are starting to bud.


Lavender_Deeper SpringDay_Lavender


The lavender which was helped by the covering of snow 
is looking good this first day of Spring.



Hyacinths are getting about ready to bloom…



and so are some of the Daffodils.


The Foxgloves are showing new growth….


and the Hollyhocks are growing up through the muddy
clay. I will remember to save some seeds for you Kylee.



The yellow Foxtail Lilies I planted last fall are
starting to grow…..


and so is Stella de Oro lilies.

SpringDay_Woods SpringDay_WoodsDeers

In the new bed along the woods the lilies, tulips and
irises are starting to grow. Now if I can keep the deer
away from them. Liquid fence, garlic clips and a nylon
twine is all put out to try to deter them from their
endless munching on my flowers and shrubs.


SpringDay_Deers SpringDay_Deers2

The two new Rhododendrons that were planted last
Spring  along the woods bed will not get to bloom
this year because of those pesky deer who ate every
leaf and bud last winter.



But the two large Rhododendrons against the house
will have blooms for me later.


Stachy_Growing SpringDay_HardyCyclamen

The Stachy Lambs Ear’s  look a little worse for the wear
after winter but are getting new growth and the Hardy
Cyclamen is looking really sparse.Maybe it needs some
good compost put in around its roots this spring.


SpringDayTulips SpringDay_Tulips2

Tulip leaves are coming up everywhere but will they have
flowers again this spring? If not they will all have to be
pulled up and replaced. I would get the species tulips but
I am just not a fan of how they look.



I am not sure this poor little Hellebore is going to
survive this hard clay ground. It has really been beaten
up by the layers of snow crushing it.



The Campanula blue ‘ Waterfalls ‘ that was planted last
fall looks really good…..



and so does the Columbine ‘Rose Barlow’ Pink.



The Jacob’s Ladder is starting to grow now



and so too the only two Primroses that I have.


SpringDay_Dianthus_AntiqueRose SpringDay_Penstemon_IronMaiden


The new baby Dianthus ‘ Antique Rose’ that was grown
from seed and also the Penstemon ‘Iron Maiden’ are
looking good.


SpringDay_Roses SpringDay_Hydrangea


I can see a little sprouting on some of the rose bushes
and the hydrangeas.



What really surprised me was these buds starting



on  this Pulmonaria  ‘Diana Clare’. It’s poor little leaves
look terrible but there is some new leaf growth.



But even without the blooms her leaves will be beautiful
this summer.

I also saw evidence of Shasta Daisy, Brunnera Jack Frost,
Dames Rockets, Campanula White Bellflower, Yarrow
and sedums starting to grow.
So the hills are starting to see growth.
Whether or not the warm Spring weather is here to stay,
well that is probably going to be touch and go for another
month or longer. We have had snows in April here.
So like everyone else I am so glad to see signs of new
growth once more in the gardens.

Happy Spring Everyone and Happy Gardening !

Until Next Time,


texasdaisey said...

I am definitely interested in what you have peeking out. That is one of my favorite times of the year going out each day to see what is coming up and peeking out. thanks for sharing.

Dirt Princess said...

So there was plenty of growth hidden under the snow! Wonderful! There ia a lot of action in your garden

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Debbie: It was a surprise to see so much and I was thrilled because I did not think I would find too much yet.Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend.

Hi DP;That snow did hide some treasures after all. Yours is far ahead of mine though. Have a fun weekend.

Cozy Little House said...

We may get an uncustomary freeze tonight. Crossing my fingers that we don't. I've already put many plants and herbs out. I'm always ecstatic to see new growth. Whether in my garden or anyone elses!

Amy said...

Looks like things are beginning to happen in your garden. It is a great sign that warmer weather is getting closer. I look forward to seeing those blooms in later posts.

NellJean said...

Give the heartiest looking of the tulips a second chance. Sometimes they need to skip a year to build up strength to bloom again. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a tulip leaf today, from 6 years back. The will to survive is strong. New tulips need to go in a new site anyway.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wow Lona, you have beautiful new growth happening on this first day of spring. What a lovely tour of your garden. :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Brenda: I hope the cold spell does not ruin anything for you.Loved your gorgeous pictures. Thanks for dropping by.

Nell: Thank you so much for the advice on the tulips.

Amy:Things are looking up in the garden. Have a wonderful weekend Amy.

Rebecca: I was surprised to see so much.Now I have to be patient for the blooms LOL!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Not boring at all! You have so much sprouting, and it all seems to be coming up so quickly even after all the snow. Soon those sprouts will have flowers on them. I'm always impressed with Pulmonaria and how quickly it gets going, and then how long it lasts for.

Jeri Landers said...

It's always exciting to see those first green exits from the good earth coming into the light of day.

Happy@Home said...

As a gardener I share your excitement for new growth in the early spring garden. It was fun to see what is popping out at your house. I look forward to following along until they are blooming.

Happy Spring.

Jim Groble said...

Your garden is looking good. Happy first day of spring. jim

Bernie said...

I don't know about others, but I find it endlessly interesting reading about what other gardeners are up to ... so I read your post from beginning to end!

It's fascinating to me what happens on the other side of the world ... and it looks like there's lots happening in your garden right now. So thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I read every word! Love to compare notes. Looks like we have the same things coming up. My hellebores were protected by the snow instead, and will be blooming soon. Can't wait! First crocus and daffodils opened up today. I love this weather, I tell you that for sure. I was able to clean up everything for a fresh start! My Dragon Wing begonias haven't germinated either, darn. But the stock did. LOL

Connie said...

Your fellow gardeners can appreciate the photos new growth, even if it isn't showy!
I like your music. :-)

Kimberly said...

You have so many new shoots...spring is here! Your pohots shw your garden progess so well. Really nice!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing new spring life emerge Lona! It is a far more dramatic seasonal change in your part of the world than mine, so I'm facinated to see your garden explode into life!

pogonip said...

I just love the first hints of green! You have a lot showing already for such a long hard winter.

Autumn Belle said...

It is heartening to see green growth in your gardening, signifying that spring has arrived. Lona, I think you need to check the web page listed in your blogger profile. When I click on it, it doesn't lead to your blog but to

Darla said...

I love seeing the new growth of Spring..

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl you have so many plants smiling at you for the best day in March girl !
I have been looking for a Pulmonaria with colouring like that .. what colour are the flowers and how well does it do against powdery mildew ? I'm really interested in this one : )

Carol said...

How exciting Lona! Wonderful to see all of your shoots emerging! You must be able to hear spring in your garden! Happy First Full day of Spring!! Carol

Rose said...

It definitely looks like spring in your garden! I enjoyed this tour because I'm visiting my daughter in AZ at the moment and wondering what I will find in my own garden in Illinois when I return tomorrow. I'm hoping I find as many signs of spring as you have!

Kiki said...

So exciting to see new growth everhwhere! Enjoy all the new gifts of the garden!! Happy Spring!

RainGardener said...

Lona it all looks so great and I'm glad to see it all coming back. I like looking at little sprouts and knowing my friends are excited about what is coming up and I'm excited for them. I show mine and hope it doesn't bore everyone too.
I just love the foliage on the Hardy Cyclamen. My neighbor gave me some last year and it is so pretty. Are those light green leaves with dark trim around them and are they from your Pulmonaria? The first two pictures look like the leaves are spotted like mine but the 3rd picture looks different - it's really gorgeous is why I'm asking. I may have to get that one.
You gardens look great - this is such a wonderful time of year!!!

Barbara said...

You have an amazing variety of things in your garden! And I appreciate using a blog for record-keeping - it's one of the main reasons why I blog, too. I enjoyed your post. Barbara

Lynn said...

It is just so wonderful this time of the year discovering what is coming up in the beds. It is truely my favorite time of the year.By the way I love your music, when I am finished reading I just click down your blog and keep listening!!! Thank You!!!

em said...

lona, you are ahead of us. i really enjoy seeing the progress of growth in your garden. seeing spring emerge never ceases to excite me!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Lynn: Hi ya. I like the piano music too but sometimes you just do not want to hear anything. LOL! SO, sorry to all of you who don't like it.

Barbara: Hi there. I need all the help I can get anymore to remember things. That saying"Of all the things I miss the most I miss my mind"LOL!

RG: yes that is a picture of just the foliage of the pulmonaria in summer.The new leaves are just starting. My Cyclamen looks terrible. Needs a boost I think.

Kiki: Happy spring to you too.I was beginning to wonder if it would ever get here. LOL!

Rose: Have fun on your visit with daughter. We have about the same weather so your will be growing a lot now too.

Carol: I am so glad to see all of the growth. Happy spring to you too.

Joy: I never had any mildew on it last summer. The flowers are a purple color I believe. I just put it out last spring so this is the first flowers I have had on it. It sure is starting out before the leaves are grown.

Darla: Isn't it nice. I am thrilled.

Autumn: I checked the profile and it works for me so I do not know what the problem is. Maybe it is just one of those days.

pogonip: It is amazing at the difference. I think the snow covering saved a lot of my plants this winter.

gippslandgardener: I am just as fascinated by what blooms and grows in your gardens.

Kimberly: It will help me keep a record and see from one year to the next even if it is not the prettiest posting LOL!But it is growing so that is good.

Connie: Thank you so much and thanks for dropping in. Happy Spring to you.

Robin: oh girl my daffodils have opened over night it seems. Your stokes are growing?? Okay what did you do? LOL! But will they ever bloom, now that is the question. ;-)

Bernie: I love looking at all the gardens from around the world. It is fascinating. Would you trade some kangaroos for some deers? LOL!

Jim: Thanks and happy spring to you and Pat. I bet your garden is growing now by leaps and bounds too.

Happy@Home: Now I just have to be patient until something starts blooming.LOL! My daffodils did open during the night so it is a start.

Jeri: Can't you just hear that sigh of relief that winter may be done. LOL!

Catherine: This is the first time it has bloomed since it was planted late last spring so I am just learning about it. I still like yours though with the spotted leaves and purple and pink flowers. Hey, I have something blooming! LOL!

Tootsie said...

anything that says spring is coming is a welcome sight to these sore eyes!!!

debsgarden said...

Your photo has convinced me I must try pulmonaria! It is beautiful! It is exciting to see all the sign of spring. Happy gardening!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful! Those little shoots here and there are truly beauties. I am sure they really bring lots of comfort and warmth for you. Spring has really came back for you! Can't wait to see your garden blossom.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have many lovlies coming to life in your garden and blooms too. Yay, spring is here!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

bloominrs: It is such a relief to see the worst of winter gone and new spring growth.

Stephanie: I am excited now to see a new season of blooms begin too. Planted quite a few new ones last fall so there is much to look forward to.

Deb: It is a pretty plant. I like the ones with the spotted leaves also.

Tootsie: I cannot wait now until we can get those seedlings out into the beds.

Roses and Lilacs said...

You definitely have a huge head start on my northern garden. I dearly wish I could grow lavender. I've tried many different varieties. Don't know if our winters are just too wet or too cold.

Christine B. said...

Pulmonaria 'Diana Clare' is now on my to-buy list. Thanks! By the way, I didn't find your post boring. Looks like spring is wide awake at your place.

Christine in Alaska

Noelle said...

I think that this is a lovely post as it clearly shows nature in progress, especially as plants begin to emerge from dormancy. There is such beauty in the process of awakening.

Meredith said...

So good to see your lavender and so many others made it through, safe and sound. They will soon be thriving again, I'm sure. :)

I love seeing the budding maples this time of year, ruby mists against the blue sky.

Ilona said...

spring has sprung for you, my friend :) Beautiful pictures took me through your garden.