Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Seeds



Hello everyone!
Well I heard a definite sigh of relief when February
was gone and March appeared. One should not wish time to
go faster or wish our lives away but for a short month February
felt like the longest and I thought it would never go away.
Now we all can see Spring written on the calendar even if there
is still snow on the ground and flying about. Just seeing it written
somewhere makes us feel better.
I had groaned and moaned so much during February I
just about couldn’t stand myself. LOL!
So hope springs eternal that Spring at least in print is
going to become a reality, the days are getting longer, and the
clocks will go forward making believers of us that winter will
soon be gone.



I do not plant but just a few veggies in the summer
so I have received some seeds that are going to just go to
waste. I would love to give them to some of you who
plant bigger gardens because I hate to see them going to
waste when someone else can use them.
Just contact me by email on the left column and I
well mail them right out to you.

I have the following:

Lettuce Gourmet Mix
Broccoli Waltham
Cilantro Slow Bolt
Carrot Purple Haze Hybrid
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Pumpkin Jack Be Little
Tomato Brandywine
Cantaloupe Vine Peach
Tomato Climbing Trip-L-Crop




I have heard wonderful reports from some who have
attended the Columbus Home & Garden Show so
I am excited about  attending this Friday.
We are also going to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory
while we are there so I should finally get
a day full of color and flowers.
After so many gray and white days I am hoping I do not 
short circuit from an overload of color. LOL!
I have heard that it was a little dark again this year
which I was hoping would not be the case so that picture
taking would be better this time but I  well try to get
some pictures to share.

Happy Gardening Everyone and some one
please take these seeds off of my hands.


Bangchik said...

I have a feeling that March will crawl at a much slower pace than what it used to, allowing colors to come in and continue painting on the white canvas until no sign of white wintering snow is visible.., not even a tiny speck. The completed picture should carry the tittle "SPRING".... ~bangchik

Darla said...

I do not care for any of the seeds, they are good ones though. I do hope you take your camera and post lots of photos from the gardens show!!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post Lona, it certianly is nice to see Spring on the calendar! Lovely, warm, colourful pictures. :)

bennie and patsy said...

Your flower photo's are so beautiful. I just love to visit you.

RainGardener said...

Your flowers are soooooooooo gorgeous!!! Love that hot pink Coneflower - I just saw the name of it the other day but can't recall. I also want to steal (or borrow) your saying on the wreath. Love that - free weeds. hehehe

Janet said...

Nice collection of seeds Lona! Since we are moving I am holding off doing any seeds right now. Hope you get lots of interested folks.

Stephanie said...

Hello Lona, I love ornamental plants too much hence no space for other things like vege he he... I hope you would find people who will grow them. Seeds are precious!

Also, I hope your Glox will grow faster to show you their beautiful flowers.

Btw, your decor with text 'Free weeds pull your own' is so funny LOL :-D

Anonymous said...

So nice of you for sharing seeds!

Spring is in bloom here and hope it will be soon there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lona, Yes, you are so right, February really did seem to be a very dreary month, but it certainly enabled me to catch up with my gardening reading without feeling in the least bit guilty.

It will be so pleasant to visit the garden shows. One always comes back from such events with renewed energy and new ideas. Have a lovely time!

Becca's Dirt said...

Wow seeds to give away. Did you receive these from Hometown Seeds? I received a similar pack and have just planted my plants of broccoli and lettuce in the gardens. I can't wait to eat some since this is my first time to grow these. I'm also getting ready to plant the seeds of the other veggies I recieved from them.

Beautiful flowers you are featuring here. I assume these are from last year. Gorgeous hydrangea.

Roses and Lilacs said...

What lovely photos. I just love that pump. I'm so disorganized, the time is getting away from me and I need to start thinking about starting my seeds too.

I has been a harsh winter. I will be glad to see the end of it.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Bangchik: You could be right friend. When we want something so bad it feel like it will never arrive.;-)

Darla: I just do not grown many veggies. I haven't the room or the good soil.Tomatoes and Cucumbers are grown in containers. I will take pictures.

Thanks Rebecca! That picture was taken in 2008. My poor hydrangeas did not bloom very well last year. Maybe this year.

Thanks Patsy! I dug into the old flower files to find some blooms.

RG: One is Razza-ma-tazz and the other is a Double Decker that did not bloom its other deck last year. LOL!

Janet; I bet you are so excited to get into your new home. It is so pretty.

Stephanie: I have had that silly sign for years. It needs to be repainted. Maybe this summer.

Zindagi: I am counting down the days. I my be counting for a while yet.Snow flurries today. ;-)

Edith: My adrenaline will be really going by the time I get back home. LOL! Thanks.

Becca: Yes, some of them were from HomeTown Seeds. I noticed they sent everyone the same package even when I told them I did not grow veggies. ;-) I am hoping someone can use them though.

Marnie: My pump is lying on the ground at present. A high wind blew it over and froze the water so I just decided to leave it lay this winter. I was upset about it since I just redid it all last summer. LOL! Win some, loose some.

Jeri Landers said...

Lona, Wow!Free seeds AND Free weeds! Our sign says, "Unruly rabbits will be used as weedpickers"

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Spring will be there soon! I enjoyed seeing so many of your flowers, before long you'll be taking current pictures of those same blooms.
Have a great time at the garden show, I hope you'll do a post or two with the pictures I'm sure you'll be taking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona~~ I'm glad February is over too. Threats of frost diminish with each day.

Gorgeous photos! Is it Verbena in the first photo? The foliage looks like Cineria but the flowers look like Verbena. I love the pink windowsill tableau and the hydrangea is just dazzling.

I'll pass on the veggie seeds, thank you. I'm not much of a vegetable gardener.

Forgive me for my unsolicited suggestions here, but I thought I'd offer a bit on what I've learned. If you up the aperture on your camera you'll be able to get photos in darker places without having to use the flash. Then you can further lighten them if needed when editing your photos.

Love the "free weeds" wreath.

I look forward to seeing your photos regardless. Have fun.

Sunita said...

Gorgeous photos, Lona. Your new masthead is really an eye-popper. Beautiful!
Enjoy Spring... I'm sure you've been looking forward to it for so long now, right?

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jeri: I love giving things away. Seeds, weeds whatever you would like. LOL!

Catherine: I will post some to be sure if I catch some good ones. Grace is helping me to do that.

Sunita: I will so enjoy spring and thanks. I love my red roses ;-)

Grace girl I so appreciate your help. Thanks for the tip and I will do just that. I will take all the suggestions anyone can give with this camera. I will probably have my little point and shoot one in my purse too just in case. LOL!

Yes, the first picture is verbena.

Kiki said...

Beautiful photos..such beauties everywhere! Thanks for always sharing your magical space!

JOE TODD said...

Wasn't today wonderful...... Spent most of the day at Dawes Arboretum near Newark Still a lot of snow on the ground but they are making Maple Syrup yea

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear that spring is finally starting to peek around the corner in your part of the world Lona!

Trädgårdsmakare Hillevissan said...

Lovely photos from what I assume is your garden(?). Love that popcorn ehinacea in pink. Crazy look:-)