Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday in the Garden

Did you ever just have one of those days when
every picture you took was blurry?
I walked around the garden yesterday to take
some pictures of what was in bloom or of interest
and when I got them uploaded about all of them
were blurry. I was so frustrated. Some days my
glasses and the camera lens just do not line up I
guess. LOL!
But since I was having one of my rough days
when the Fybro was getting to me and my energy was
low I just said “ this will have to do”.
So these are not going to be the best pictures for
Fertilizer Friday. Sorry Tootsie Girl, I will try harder
next week.

Fertilizer_Friday So everyone join in with us
and our wonderful hostess Tootsie from Tootsie Time
and “Flaunt Those Flowers”.


I noticed that the spiders are busy in the flower beds.
Miss Fairy needs to clean her wings.


The Alba Bleeding Hearts are still in bloom.
Since this was my first Spring with them in bloom
I am really surprised at how long they keep their blooms.


The berry vines along the woods are starting to
bloom now.


There are little peaches growing now on the old
peach tree in the back yard.


The oak leaves are getting bigger and those old fuzzy
blooms are laying all over everything in the yard.
They are messy things and I always come back to
the house with at least one of them in my hair.


The clematis vines are getting some big buds on them
now and will be blooming soon. This “Silver Moon” is
full of buds this year and usually does not bloom until the
last of May or first of June. Everything is early this spring
because of the little heat wave we had the first of April.


Likewise the rose bushes are full of buds also and will
be blooming earlier before their June blooming season.
I love the maroon leaves that comes with the new growth
of the “Crimson Bouquet” rose.


My red Rhododendron buds are getting ready
to burst open.I think it is pretty in this bud stage too.


And the Capistrano blooms are fading away.


The first of the Dame’s Rockets phlox are also
starting to bloom. Though some call them weeds
I welcome these volunteer blooms in my garden beds.
They are a native wild flower here and I think they are
beautiful. They will keep blooming down the stems as I
dead head them through the early summer.


The new Pasque Red Clock is happy in its new home
in the bed at the front porch.


The Diana Clare Plumonaria is getting her long graceful
leaves now and is so loaded with blooms. This plant has
been well worth her cost and I am glad I got it.


The Honey Locust trees around the garage in the woods
are starting to get their plumes of white blooms.
The bees and butterflies will be swarming to them
and a wonderful fragrance will fill the yard to take the
place of the lilacs.


The new Ornamental Strawberry plant has its first bloom
and seems to like the sunshine on the garage banking
near the middle bed side of the yard.


The new Pansies I added to last years pansies in the
window boxes are looking very blue.


I love the blues so seeds will have to be saved from
these two pansies.


I tried several times to get a close up of this tiny Hummingbird Moth that was sampling the creeping phlox but it kept well
away from me.


Stella de Oro lily has gotten her first bloom.


Happy Fertilizer Friday and
Happy Gardening Everyone !



Beth said...

Lona, Everything looks great and I learned something. The plant you called a Diana Clare pulmonaria - a friend gave me a start of this from her garden - I thought it was a type of bluebell. Thanks for the education!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Beth: You will love your pulomnaria. It is beautiful even without the flowers because of its wonderful foliage

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Funny you should mention blurry Lona, but I was thinking the same thing as I uploaded my photos this am. Yours look less blurry than mine!


Darla said...

Your photos are just fine Lona. I have Dame's Rocket this was in a packet of wildflower seeds that my youngest daughter spread in a plastic wagon..I love the red Rhoddy bud..

Bonnie said...

I love your Pansies. That blue one is gorgeous!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I think your pictures look great! I just noticed our ornamental strawberries are blooming and we always get lots of juicy little berries on them. I really like Dame's Rocket too, but they didn't like my yard. I worried they'd seed everywhere after reading about them and yet they just died. Our red rhodie is about the same stage as yours, most rhodies are already in full bloom here, but the ones in my yard are always weeks behind.
Hope you are feeling better today!!

leavesnbloom said...

Hi Lona I see you have some of my favourites in your garden too. I bought Diane Clare a few months ago and it seems to have doubled in size since - always laden with bloom and has such wonderful leaves - I agree well worth ever penny.

Hummingbird hawk moths are quite rare in my garden. I remember the first time I saw one years ago and was so excited to see it. Normally they like the phlox in my garden too. I think if I grew more of that I might encourage more visits.

I see you have the red pasque flower - thats one I would like as I already have the purple and white. I love their hairness and they are ever so good at seeding over the garden.

Have a lovely weekend :) Rosie

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love your little mushrooms and the fairy. I'm still trying to decide about going back for the white bleeding heart. I love yours and all the ones I've see on blogs.

Floridagirl said...

Ooh, I love that rhododendron shot! Gorgeous! Even the buds are stunning on those plants. Wish we could grow them here, as I wish we could grow those bleeding hearts. I do think they are the most perfect flower on earth! My daylilies are in bud and should have their first flowers tomorrow or next day. Can't wait! I love spring!

bennie and patsy said...

Just beautiful as always.

Becca's Dirt said...

Wow Lona your place is just showing itself right now. You have so many pretty flowers. When did you plant your Bleeding Heart Alba. Mine is yet to come up. Planted them about 6 weeks ago. That is the darkest shade of blue I've ever seen on a pansy. Have a great weekend. Becca

JOE TODD said...

Looks like my peach trees are going to do very well this year. Love the photos and have a great weekend

That Other Girl said...

Your page is inspiring! I am a novice gardner with a special fondness for hosta. I am looking forward to learning from you.

Ellie said...

The pictures look fine! I love the pictures of the pansies - so pretty! Do they self-seed?
Hope your health will improve.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have days like that with my camera too Lona. That's why I use auto focus a lot! I think your photos turned out good despite how you feel.
My favorite is your red Rhododendron ~ that is going to be gorgeous! I like your blue pansies too. Seeing your honey locust tree makes me really miss the one in my old garden. It really does smell wonderful when blooming.
The heat really made a difference between our gardens. Mine is still very much stuck in early spring mode while yours is moving into late spring ~ at least it seems that way to me. Have a great weekend Lona.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Eileen: I could blame the camera but it is just me.I get in a hurry sometimes. LOL!

Darla: I saw your Dames Rocket. I wouldn't worry about them being invasive.

Bonnie: I am crazy for blue flowers so I had to have one of each. LOL!

Catherine: Well I didn't know they got actual berries on them. Oh, boy!

Rosie: I never saw a white Paque flower.Wow! Now I will be looking for one LOL!

Marnie: Now you know you need a white Bleeding Heart. LOL! I am not help at all.

Floridagirl: Oh, I cannot wait to see your lilies.

Patsy: Thanks hon, have a great weekend.

Becca: I planted mine last fall. That pansy is navy blue isn't it. ;-)

Joe: These old peaches get wormy. I never mess with them.

That Other Girl: Hi there! So glad you dropped by.

Ellie: I had three or four come up from last springs and falls but they did not reseed for me.

Kathleen: Well at least the rhoddy picture didn't blur and came out pretty good. I had it on auto focus but sometimes I get in a hurry and snap away without paying mush attention. I will have it focusing on a leaf instead of the flower LOL!

Alea said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I especially like the color of the blue pansy.

Heather Bell said...

Hi Lona - blurry? I didn't see much blur in these terrific pictures. The rhodo is fabulous - can't wait for mine to do the same thing in a few weeks.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

A great photo of the rhodo, Lona, and I know just what you mean about the blurries--I've been having those a lot lately but I am getting new prescription in a week or two (meaning stronger bifocals) and hopefully that will help with the problem. A tripod helps a lot too, if you don't have one.

Maureen said...

Great colors! I love your glass mushrooms - so cute.

Anonymous said...

Seeing all those lovely buds about to burst forth gives a really lovely sense of anticipation! Can't wait to see your clematis in flower :)

Balisha said...

That white bleeding heart is so pretty. I hope that I can remember that, when I visit my garden center.Have a great weekend.

A Garden of Threads said...

Your garden is beautiful, so many plants in flower. Thank you for the tour, have a wonderful weekend.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Alea: Hi. I could never turn down a blue flower ;-) So glad you dropped by.

Heather: Girl you should have seen all the pictures I deleted LOL!

Jodi: A tripod would help. Need new glasses too maybe. Getting old, falling apart LOL!

Maureen: Thank you. I have several glass mushroom sticking around in the beds now. I really like them. Have a wonderful weekend.

gippslandgarden: They should open this coming week if it stays warm. Something new in bloom will be nice.

Balisha: You have a great weekend too. Looks like ours is going to be a rainy one.

A Garden of Threads: You have a wonderful weekend too.Looks like I will not be getting out into mine this weekend.