Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bilbo Arrives in the Hocking Hills Garden


Bilbo has arrived safe and sound to visit me here
at the Hocking Hills Garden in Scenic Ohio.
He looked a little weary from his travel from Alberta
Canada. Or was it from all of the high jinks he was into
while he was there? He gave our Tootsie a harrowing
time while visiting her. He thought he was all  that.
Running around, chasing the ladies and even was
incarcerated  while there. This guy is getting the big
head thinking he is a rock star instead of a rock
gardener. Who ever seen  a playboy with a watering
can anyway? Get a grip Bilbo you are now in the woods
of Ohio not beautiful Ireland, Malaysia, Italy or Sweden.
When he arrived I put my foot down right off the bat.
”Bilbo you will toe the line here and we will not have
any of your playboy strutting conduct while you are here”.
”You are a roaming gardening gnome for pity sakes
not a roaming gigolo or jail bird.”



Well that little speech went right through one ear and
out the other. I might as well have been talking to my
flowers, at least they listen once in a while, well, maybe
not the Blue Japanese Wisteria that is trying my patience.
Stubborn, bloomless vine that it is.
He wanted to take right off and start looking around
but I knew he just wanted to check out  to see what he
could get into before the ink was even dry on his
passport or postage stamps.
He wanted to go to see the natural parks around here
but I had a way to nip that in the bud until I felt up
to putting up with this little fella.
”Bilbo it is getting dark and they won’t let us in the
parks at dark”.
Did he believe me? No! He just laughed and said,
” ah, right” shaking his head at me.
Well I had that covered too.
So I got him into the car to show him the proof
and that I wasn’t lying through my teeth.


“What does that sign say Bilbo?”
”Forest closes at dark!!!! ”
”How in the world do they close a forest?”
”Well Bilbo I have been here 61 years and still
we haven’t been able to figure that one out”.
So he sighed and said, “Alrighty then”.
So we went back home and he decided he was too
tired anyway and would just go to bed and we could
start our tour another day.
We got his pillow out of his suitcase and the little
fella went right to sleep.
He was really plume tuckered out.


So everyone tune in later for the further adventures
of our dear little Traveling Gnome, Bilbo.
If anyone would like for Bilbo to visit them please
let me know. I just don’t know how long I will be able
to put up with this  rowdy gnome. LOL!


Until Next Time,
Lona and Bilbo


Bangchik said...

he looks terribly contented in bed... haha ...

Have a nice day..

azplantlady said...

I certainly hope he behaves himself at your house ;-)

bennie and patsy said...

That is so fun, I was told all about that little guy when he was in Florida for a visit with Darla at family and flowers. Good luck keeping him from being a run around.LOL

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Can't believe you have Bilbo! It is like having a behaviorial problem in your house with no assistance. You may have to call the school system and see what they can do for you.


Heather Bell said...

So cute, Lona. Just not sure how my cats would welcome Bilbo. They are pretty territorial when it comes to creatures from another land.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Goodness he's turning into a cheecky little fellow!! I use to think he looked rather harmless, now I know better. Good luck with him, I suspect you'll have your hands full! Looking forward to more pics. :)

Stephanie said...

Bilbo look so cute sleeping like that :-D Glad to see this cutie arrived your garden. I am that's plenty of things to do at your place. Have a pleasant day.

Christine B. said...

I wondered where he had gotten to. Hope he behaves, if not, threaten him with Alaska, grizzly bears, mosquitos, no lady gnomes, etc.

Christine in Alaska

Jeannie B. said...

A very clever post. Love the Forest that closes at Dark!! Bilbo is welcome in my Rose garden, after you talk him out of his wily ways!

leavesnbloom said...

He looks so cute and content when he's sleeping.... and then he wakes up and.............he's into everything!

Darla said...

He gave us a heck of a time here too. He is adorable...my 11 year old daughter made Bilbo that pillow, we were wondering if it were still with him...! Thanks for showing it..

Balisha said...

He looks quite content at your house. Maybe he wants to put his suitcase on the closet shelf and just stay the summer.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

He sure looks innocent asleep! I hope he keeps out of trouble there. Just watch him around your garden fairies, he's a sweet talker :)

(How do they close a forest?)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Aren't gnomes supposed to be good luck--or is it just the opposite? Maybe the good luck comes when he leaves.

I suppose you can't blame him for getting a little frisky. He spends his time traveling around like some rich, playboy, jet-setter. If he gets into too much trouble, you can just tape his box shut.

RainGardener said...

And he looks so sweet while he's sleeping . . .

Debbies Doodle said...

awww!!! good read

Becca's Dirt said...

Lona you are hilarious. He really showed out at Tootsie and he will try you too so beware. Looks like you got him under control.

Gwyn said...

Greetings from Juneau, Alaska!
I'd take Bilbo on an adventure in a heart beat, but I'm not sure he would get along so well with the 10-15 neighborhood children who visit our yard on a daily basis.

Your Hocking Hills garden is beautiful. I'm so happy I found your blog. I can't wait to share it with my husband. We use to live in Hocking Hills. In fact, my husband use to manage Hocking State forest and a hand full of neighboring forests. It's such a beautiful area.:)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Bangchik: Suppose I could keep him sleeping. How did you ever put up with him LOL!

Noelle: I will make him mind me. Maybe I can get him back on track.LOL!

Patsy: Something happened to that little fella after he left Darla's. He has one macho ego now LOL!

Eileen: What does one do when a gnome runs a muck? LOL!

Heather: Oh girl I would fear for your kitty's. LOL!

Rebecca:He is like a wild child now but I think I can tame him LOL!

Stephanie: Does everybody look sweet when they are asleep.Looks can be deceiving. LOL!

Christine:Well we don't want him eaten even if it is a temptation sometimes. The lady gnomes are not safe with this playboy. LOL!
It is like lock away your lady gnome time.

Jeannie: Girl you may be my life saver. Maybe I can tame him before he is turned loose on someone else. I have at least one person that feels sorry for me. LOL!

leavesinbloom: I may have to tie him up! Silly huh? LOL!

Darla: I couldn't get him on that pretty little pillow soon enough. I am going to tame this wild child. Maybe it was all that Canadian fresh air that went to his head. LOL!

Balisha: No way is this fella camping out at my house for the summer.LOL!

Catherine: I had to lock up the garden fairies and the lady gnomes for now but I am going to get him on the right path before he leaves.

About the forest closing sign. If they catch you in the parks after dark they can arrest you. :-) Not very friendly is it LOL!Keeps the vagrants, dealers and other unsavory ones out.

Marnie: I hope he is good luck because I will need all the luck I can muster to calm him down. LOL!
Tape... good idea. I will threaten him. ;-)

RG: Oh, that is how he reels you in with his sweet little face when he is sleeping LOL!

Debbie:It is a great way to act silly and release all this second childhood emotions out LOL!

Becca: Girl I sure am trying anyway.Who knew someone so small could reek such havoc LOL!

Gwyn: Well isn't it a small world. It probably has changed some since you were here. They have done a lot of building around Old Mans Cave and it looks wonderful. Nice big stone bridges and signs. Glad you found my blog.
Are you certain you do not want this little fella. Maybe the polar bears will keep him in check LOL!

NellJean said...

Bilbo might be in danger here. The dog loves ceramic trinkets. I hid the animal figurines from the Fairy Garden and the faux fish from the Aquarium Bed because she loves them to death, literally.

Ike the Cat on the other hand, would rub his neck across Bilbo and whisper, 'Stay up here atop the cat hut where that awful dog can't reach. Help yourself to cat food, little buddy, you are mine now.'

You asked about Rose Campion. It stands up straight and tall after almost 4 inches of rain fell overnight a day ago. It is not weak-stemmed. It does seed about but the seedlings are that lovely gray. You can pull them or move them easily.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Nell I know your dog and it would take it into your flowers and lay down on it LOL!
Thanks for the info on the Rose Companion plants. Sometime it is much better to ask someone who has grown a plant than rely on catalogs.

Dirt Princess said...

We are gonna have a looooonng talk when he gets home!

Anonymous said...

Well at least he came in fashion, Lona. He must have found Alberta's Hollywood-esque beauty school and enlisted the help of their most accomplished spray-tan technician. Either that or he spent a day at the beach in Malaysia because he's sportin' a mighty fine tan!

Wanda said...

What tale, I love your rose pictures, some of my roses are setting bloom buds, some have had a few blooms but the rain is so heavy they don't last long. Thanks for the visit and the kind words. TTFN

Nezzy said...

It just goes to show ya that looks can be deceiving....little Biblo looks so sweet and innocent but we all know how hard a fella can be to deal with when he thinks he's all that and the kitchen sink! This Ozarks farm chick thinks maybe some hard work and a good woman would straighten the little playboy right up!

From the bloomin' hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Beyond The Garden said...

I had never thought about the "forest closed" signs. I will now pay more attention to similar falsly worded "closings."

That Other Girl said...

Just don't let him near any jewelry...especially any special rings. :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

That Other Girl: Oh my, I never even thought of that but I have no precious stones so maybe that much is safe from him LOL! Thanks for dropping by.

Beyond The Garden: LOL! They really mean it but it may be a little hard to enforce. Thanks so much for dropping by.

Nezzy: I think he needs to go to the Ozarks and get some work ethics. Maybe he does need to get back to reality. LOL!

Wanda: Thanks so much for dropping by. You must have had heavy rains too. It can sure knock off the blooms.

Grace:I think Tootsie and Bangchik were to easy on him and spoiled the little fella rotten to the bone. LOL! Too much sun for sure because he is positively glowing. LOL!

DP: Girl your gnome is out of control but I am going to get him in hand and back to work.LOL!

Kate said...

Hi, Lona; What fun. :) Bilbo is a little dickens but I had a great giggle over his escapades.

Tootsie said...

Oh Lona...I am so glad he finally got there...he is a busy bee...I hope you have lots of fun with him!
Keep him away from the barbies! hahaha

I finally got my internet back up and running ....woo hoo!!! was going into withdrawl!

Matron said...

Wow! Bilbo sure has a lot of friends all round the world. Perhaps he should write a book about his travels!