Friday, June 25, 2010

A Confused Friday In The Garden


The older you get the faster the days speed by.
I use to laugh when grandma said this but I am
no longer thinking it such a strange comment these
days. I know, I know, time does not really go faster.
I think it feels that way because the older I get the
more time it takes to get things accomplished.
That room I use to get painted and rearranged in
one day now take three days.
Dad use to say all the time, “Lona don’t get old”
and shake his head. Now I know the frustration he
felt at no longer being able to get all the things done
like you use to or the need of help even to get what
would have been an easy task before accomplished.
But age has nothing to do with all of the mix-ups,
confusion and small failures in my garden this year.

Anyway another week has flown by and it has been
a scorcher here in the Buckeye state. Feels like the dog
days of summer instead of the beginning of summer.


Coreopsis Limerock Ruby

My flowers seem to be mixed up about the weather
also. Some of the zinnias are only about nine inches
tall and blooming.


Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose

And some of the seedlings I set out such as cosmos,
larkspur, and cerithe major which were doing so well
have withered and died and I just do not have a reason
to explain it. They were well watered and checked for
insects and nothing was found but I will sow more seeds
directly and try them again.
My frustration at not being able to grow certain plants
keeps growing.

Courtesy Stokes Seeds
As lovely as that zinnia I grew is, does it look like this
picture of the Zahara Starlight Rose zinnia from the
catalog. Will it magically  grow  larger margins of pink?
Well just maybe as the bloom ages. We will see and
report on it later.

And will my petunias called Fancy Dress ever look
like the ones below or even close to them?

Petunia Fancy Dress Burpee  Seeds


Also the confusion of constantly not getting the
bulbs I ordered but getting something else entirely
keeps mounting. Even the caladiums I got at the
Home and Garden Show this winter are not the white
with green veining I thought I was getting.
LOL! I have to laugh because I think I am breaking
this unrecorded record of mislabeled bulbs.
I wonder if Genuis has a section on garden bulb records?



Coreopsis Moonbeam

While there are some failures in a gardener’s life there are
always those triumphs. The zinnia’s and petunias may be on
the short side,  even not close to the advertisements in appearance and even very questionable but at least I finally
got  some to grow for me.
Zinnia’s have been one of my seed failures for years
but I just keep trying to grow them and they are quite
pretty despite what they might have been.



Echinacea Hot Papaya
The lily I mention in my last posting in the peach and orange
flower bed was the wrong color but this echinacea makes up for it.
I do not even like orange but the Hot Papaya echinacea is
a stunner even to me.


This is its first bloom and it will really look lovely in
a couple more years as it grows in amongst the…


Achillea Apricot Delight
I think I am going to like this color combination.
Now you just knew another goof was coming didn’t
you? LOL!

Dutch Gardens Burnt Sienna Coreopsis

This beautiful Coreopsis Burnt Sienna was also
planted in front of the echinacea and achillea.
I thought they would all be so pretty together over
the years in the peach and orange bed…..


but this is what I got instead of Burnt Sienna and I
do not have a clue to this coreopsis strand. Granted it
goes alright with the other plants but this one I cannot
let pass and I will have to get in touch with the nursery
about the mix up.
Do you think that there may be hope that this yellow will
turn to a golden rust color?



Daylily  Little Business

Maybe I should move these Little Business lilies to the
peach and orange flowerbed because this summer they
have lost their deeper red color and look washed out.



Strange things always seem to be happening in my
garden but this year has been a gem.
Nothing life threatening or terrible but certainly
some head scratchers.
Errors, mix-ups, mutants?
Oh, but what lovely ones to be sure.


So there are  no mix-ups in that I really do believe it is Friday.
So that means it is Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie over at
Tootsie Time”.
So join in and “Flaunt Your Flowers'” because flowers are
all beautiful.


Happy Gardening and Fertilizer
Friday Everyone !


bennie and patsy said...

Your white zinnia is beautiful. I have had bad luck with seeds this year and most of my petunis have died.The ones in my header died I think the chrysanthemum pushed them out.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Well, even if some of these are mix ups or not what you expected they all look beautiful to me. I planted some Amaranthus at the back of a bed because they were supposed to get 5 to 6 feet tall. I just found them blooming under everything at about 6 inches tall. It was pretty funny looking.
About the Dahlias, it's not just yours. Mine are really late too. I dug them up to find roots on them. The ones I left in the ground all died so I'm wondering if that first and only below record freeze really damaged the tubers this year.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Absolutely love Zahara Starlight Rose!!! The petunia is unusual but certainly not the same one in the Burpee photo.

Love the Burnt Sienna Coreopsis too. I've never seen it for sale locally.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I can't believe all the mix ups you have had. Although they are lovely, I can imagine how you feel when you had planned for specific colors. I do desire that orange coneflower.

Now that you mention it, my Sundown Coneflower which is just beginning to bloom looks like it is pink this year. It was deep orange last year. Maybe it will change to orange.


FlowerLady said...

Wow Lona ~ You have some real beauties that I've never seen before. What a treat to have all that loveliness surrounding you.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Thank you for taking these pictures and sharing them on your blog.


Bangchik said...

Lovely zinnia, white and healthy. Over here, zinnia can se prolific at self seeding. Little seedlings are everywhere around the mother plant. ~bangchik

Becca's Dirt said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have had the same experience with seeds and bulbs. But what I get is usually OK as long as I get a bloom. Love that lily. Beautiful color. Yes it goes with the other plants you mentioned. The petunia is beautiful as well - but I see what you mean about the advertised flower you were suppose to get. Have a nice weekend Lona. Becca

Anonymous said...

Dear Lona, It is always so very frustrating, and rather tiresome, when one is expecting one thing in the garden [usually a particular colour] and one ends up with something completely different. Sometimes, but not often, this can be for the good. But, if you are like me, the consolation is that next year it will all come together as planned. That it never does is another matter entirely.

That said your garden is full of the most wonderful colour. I especially love the Coreopsis v. 'Moonbeam'.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

The garden is gorgeous though in spite of all the weird happenings. I love all the different Correoposis' plants.

Liz said...

I must say, I do love that Coreopsis 'limerick ruby', gorgeous, and I cannot wait for my Coreopsis 'moonbeam' to join yours flowering, I have nice big buds teasing me!

I think we've all had mix-ups before, for example I ordered Aquilegia black barlow and got meadow rue instead - but their leaves are very similar and no doubt easy to mistake!

But you do seem to have a lot of mixups there...perhaps you have magical soil...

Anonymous said...

Did my previous comment make it? Darn. My computer burped and didn't say excuse me. So please excuse my possible redundancy.

I have given up on Zinnias and all but 'Heaven's Gate' Coreopsis. They always disappoint me. That said, your Echinacea is a stunner and it will look great with the Achillea. Gorgeous photos.

Sherrie said...

Considering they are goofs or mix ups, they are all beautiful! I love that red coropsis. It's very pretty. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

Alea said...

Your flowers are beautiful, even if they decided to wear different frocks this year!

Stella said...

Your flowers are all lovely even if they aren't exactly what you were expecting. I have planted the Limerock Ruby Coreopsis twice but it doesn't seem to winter over for me. Guess we must get too cold.

Thanks for coming by a couple of weeks ago and leaving such a nice comment about my flooded basement. I do appreciate it. Stella

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Myself....well, getting things mixed-up most likely won't stop till' I do.
Love the Burnt Sienna Coreopsis, can't beat that color.
The Limerock Ruby is a keeper also.

Bernie said...

I read a quote recently that I rather like ... mistakes don't stop good gardeners, they just make them smarter. So pretty soon, you (and me) will be the wisest of all gardeners!!! Lol... Since I took up a serious interest in gardening last year, I've made so many mistakes I should get an award!!!

My poor Zinnia this year only made it to around 6 inches tall ... I don't think they were supposed to be the dwarf variety!!! Half my six huge trays of seedlings never made it ... and the petunias this year seem to be reluctant to bloom ... not sure why!

It's refreshing to hear someone talk about the disasters ... sometimes I think I might be the only one.

Anyway, I loved all your Friday blooms ... particularly the white Zinnia!!! It's really lovely.

Balisha said...

My wave petunias at the Grotto are about the same as when I planted them.I spaced them like on the tag and now there are bare spots everywhere. I ordered some things that were not what I ordered too. Anyway...your flowers are so pretty. A treat for us to see in your post. Have a nice weekend.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Patsy: I had a lot of trouble with my petunias when I first planted them. Something was munching the leaves off. I think it was the invasion of Earwigs.

Catherine: I am still hoping the dahlia bulbs sprout. I refuse to give up on them since you gave them to me. I planted Autumn Amaranthus seeds and they died as soon as they came up. I was warned they were difficult and now I believe it.

Marnie: It is pretty regardless that it looks nothing like the pictures yet. Maybe after they get going good.I am hoping for a replacement on the Burnt Sienna Coreopsis. I did contact them.

Eileen: LOL! I have to laugh at all of the mixups this year. I have had so many. But all flowers are beautiful.

Flowerlady: I will enjoy them even if they are not what I wanted. They are still lovely.

Bangchik: I wouldn't mind at all if plants reseeded around here but only the wildflowers seem to seed in my beds.

Becca: My zinnias should look as wonderful as yours do. Yours are so pretty.

Edith: I am always moving plants anyway so what are a few more LOL!

Sandy: Thank you and thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful weekend!

Grace: I have had my eye on your Heavens Gate Coreopsis. LOL! Do you save seeds?
These computers are so neat when they work. I have trouble with Blogger comments sometimes and wonder if the comment goes through, so I do it again and hope I have not sent two.

Sherrie: I am about to dub myself as the Queen of Mix-ups LOL!Thanks for dropping by.

Alea: Girl I will be moving them again. LOL!Thanks for dropping by.

Stella: I heard after I bought it which it was listed as zone 5 hardy, that they changed it to a zone 8. Urg! I hope it survives because it is such a pretty one. Maybe I should gather seeds just in case.

Patsi: I am afraid that the same goes for me.And I try so hard LOL! Have a wonderful weekend!

Bernie: Girl we need to start a club then LOL! Am I stupid for posting all of my failures and shortcomings? LOL! I do keep it real even if I look like a total failure LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Balisha: Well what is wrong with those wave petunias not waving or growing.Your plantings at the Grotto were lovely Balisha. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jenni said...

My little business daylily has just begun to open too and it isn't having the best bloom year either.'ve been too hot for this early in the year and up here in Oregon..we can't dry out! So much rain and the slugs are wrecking havoc. sigh. Your pics are beautiful..hopefully things will cool down a bit for ya!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

All of your blooms are beautiful Lona, even if they are not as expected. I also get dismayed when my blooms don't match the pictures or tags, I wonder if it is something I've done wrong, but I suspect it is that the advertising is somewhat misleading. The coreopsis is STUNNING, I wish it would grow in my zone.

Jeannie B. said...

I love your Apricot Delight. Such soft colors. I don't have very high expectations myself so it makes gardening easier. I am just delighted to find something blooming!

Tootsie said...

oh is all just lovely! your photos are so awesome! I love the different colors...and all the pretties you shared. I agree...time seems to be just flying by...can you believe it is already almost July??? where did it all go?
thanks for linking in this week friend!

JOE TODD said...

I think time really does go faster. Wasn't it just yesterday I was at the Home/Garden show in Columbus. Scorcher is right. Oh well snow will be back soon enough. Beautiful flowers/photos. I always enjoy my visit to your blog.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jenni: Isn't it weird. I cannot believe the cool, wet weather you all are having. Have a wonderful weekend.

Rebecca: That is a shame you can not grow coreopsis in your zone.But I cannot grow all your lovely tropical either so we will share.

Jeannie: I am crazy about yarrow and the peach really caught my eye. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tootsie: I am glad I had something to share. Have a good weekend and take care of the wrist girl.

Joe:Do not say that dirty snow word LOL!

Annelie said...

I'm speechless. What's going on in your garden?
Have you had incredible bad luck or is your soil filled with color changing marbles?

Although, I've got to tell you, I've had plenty a similar experiences. My Lady in Red hydrangea is BLUE (due to PH), my Lemon Chiffon clematis was white and pink, my Zinnias grew the tiniest of blooms while the zinnia seedlings that I gave to my neighbor grew incredibly tall, strong and big. The list goes on.

The spring and early summer has been off at least by two weeks. The garden seem a little bit out of sorts. My day lilies are already on their second week blooming while normally thet start blooming next week.

Nature works in funny ways. Your always in for a surprise and nothing seem predictable.

I too think the Hot Papaya echinacea is a stunner. Love it!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Lona,
I have been wondering what it's going to be like as I get older, and how long I'll be able to garden. I used to be all about wanting to be old enough to get senior discounts, but now, I'm not as thrilled.

I've also been wondering why some plants grow and thrive, while others of the same kind stay small and spindly. My big problem that is getting to me is all the rabbit damage this year. We're going to have to get some fencing.

Wendy said...

gorgeous blooms! Is that limerock ruby hardy in your area? I've tried it here in Maryland (and love it!) but it never comes back.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful blooms. I know strange things are happening in the garden, but that's what makes gardening always an adventure!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Lona girl here I am working backwards yet again .. is that an age thing too ?
I am with you on what the heck happened to me ?? I used to be able to do the same thing you did .. paint a room in a day and put it back ! .. now we just hired a painter to do the kitchen and one of the bathrooms .. even taking it apart and puttin git back without painting is a huge chore ! JEEZ !
I too have a mislabled plant .. it was supposed to be a Colourflash astilbe .. turned out to be a Chinensis Visions in Pink ? another JEEZ ! .. Hey your plants are gorgeous girl no matter the lable ..guess what being older did to me ? .. I totally forgot to plant my seeds !!! My Double Click Cosmos and other seeds people gave to me .. third time .. JEEZ !! LOL
PS .. the seeds will be ok for next year won't they ??