Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Blooms In The Garden

Well this week has flown by and the weekend
is upon us. So is the heat here in the state with
90 degrees weather arriving.
I have been enjoying this hot weather and so
it seems are the pests in the garden.
This is the first year that my seedling plants
including the old standby Petunias have been
munched upon as soon as they were put into
containers. I cannot see what has been eating
away their leaves but there has been an over
abundance of earwigs hiding around this spring.
Sorry folks but I have been spraying them like
crazy because they are even trying to get into the
house. That just won’t do. Does anyone have any
old tricks of getting rid of them?

So Friday brings us to another Fertilizer Friday
and joining Tootsie over at Tootsie Time to…
“Flaunt Your Flowers”. Fertilizer_Friday


The Campanula Clustered Purple Bellflowers are in full
bloom now in the corner bed.


Campanula Blue Waterfall is starting to slow down
on its blooming now but continues to spread.
From the way it has preformed in its first blooming
season it has proved to be a great little groundcover.

The Peach Leaf White Campanula Bellflowers
are sporadic now but if I trim them back or
keep them deadheaded they will put on a few blooms
for a bit longer this summer.
I moved some of them to the shady woodland bed
and they are doing well there also.
This variety loves to spread so it is always getting
moved to other beds or pulled up. It is always the first
to bloom in the spring.


Columbine Alpina Blue

The Columbine’s are finishing up now and I have
saved some of the seed heads for their seeds so if anyone
would like some please let me know.


Columbine Rose Barlow Pink


Crownvetch Groundcover

This monster of a spreader groundcover just keeps
spreading even with all of my best efforts every year
to get rid of it. It is another one of those plants that
is best left on the hillsides along highways and not
in a garden. I planted it behind the garage on the
banking to keep it from washing away after we built
it and now it is trying every year to take over.


The bees and butterflies are glad that I cannot get
rid of it but it is crowding out the ground phlox that
I love growing along the far side of the garage bank.


Some of the Echinacea’s are getting buds now but
this ‘RazzMatazz’ is beating the rest out by being
the first.
It has the same pompom like blooms as the ‘Double
Delight’ Echinacea’s.


RazzMatazz Coneflower


Bluebird Delphinium
The Bluebird Delphiniums are blooming so pretty
but them and the Foxgloves were flattened in our
recent storms and are not looking so good all bent over.
The blooms on the Foxgloves are also starting to fall off
now and will be finished up by next week.


This Primrose is still putting on some blooms
for me.


There are more lilies blooming now in the woodland
bed and so far the deer have been deterred from eating
Now with the red and the….


White lilies are …


these bright, and I mean bright orange lilies.
Ugh! You all know how I am about orange blooms.
This one is definitely a no, no, for me.
So far my assortment of lilies that were unknown
and planted along the woodland bed have been a
disappointment. All but the white which I really like.


That shocking orange can really be seen in the shade


Finally to finish another update on the Nikko Hydrangea.
It is getting so beautiful but there are a few blooms
that are throwing out some pink tinges or purple on them.

Happy Gardening Everyone,


Phillip said...

I really love all the lilies. I'm looking forward to mine blooming soon. I've got my eye on them.

Antique ART Garden said...

Beautiful pictures, so many gorgeous flowers in your garden, take will be about 97-98 degrees here today as well, hot tamales in the Deep South, GIna

Sherrie said...

Love your flowers! I have Orange Star Gaizer Lilies blooming. They are so bright this year. Would love to have some of your seed. Thanks for offering it. My email:

Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

Becca's Dirt said...

Bautiful blue columbine. I would so love to have some seeds. I have tried with 3 different columbine seeds and none of them have done anything yet. The seedlings are still only about 2 inches tall and have been in the ground for about 3 weeks. You have lots of pretties Lona. Have a nice weekend. Becca

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love the campanulas and the white lily. Your plants look good even in the heat. Guess they tolerate it better than we do.

Carol said...

What a lot of lovely blooms!

Darla said...

Where did my comment go? Anyway, if you are having a lot of rain or watering in the evenings you might have slugs/snails eating your plants. Everything looks beautiful Lona, you crack me up with your dislike of orange flowers..

leavesnbloom said...

Lona you have such an array of blooms out on show just now in the garden. Echinacea never succeeds in this garden which is such a shame as its such a beauty. Your variety is unknown to me.

You are growing my favourite of all delphiniums though I have none growing in this garden. What a shame the weather has flattened them this year.

Have a lovely weekend :) Rosie

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Please send us some of your sun and heat :) I feel like I'm trapped under gray skies here.
Your Echinaceas are really pretty. I'm definitely going to be looking for that one. My 'Tiki Torch' is the only one that's not returning :(
I hope you can figure out a way to get control over the Crownvetch. I think many of us have planted something not realizing just how aggressive they would end up being, I know I have.


Howdy. Is the rose on your header photo a jaune desprez climbing rose? I think mine has taken a turn for the worst and wonder if I should try to replace it. If it is - is yours a vigorous plant? Any problems?

bennie and patsy said...

I would love to have some seeds of the Alpina Blue.
Wish I knew what to tell you about the bugs, soom years they are just bad. We have been spraying the baby grasshoppers they are going to be bad here this year. I like the orange lily it is a real show off.

A Garden of Threads said...

Lovely blooms in the garden, I am not a fan of orange in the garden, but a bit does add punch. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, try and stay cool:)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, the slugs are eating all of my plants also. I do spread a non toxic slug bait, but they eat it and I don't always keep up with it.

This gardening is an expensive hobby!


Noelle said...

Hi Lona,

I just love blue flowers...your campanula and hyrangea are so beautiful.

You know, I have been seeing so many earwigs this year as well. Even a couple in my house which was just sprayed about 10 days ago. I'm not sure why?

B Boys Mom said...

Wow your flowers look wonderful! Your pictures of your flowers should be framed they are so nice. Isn't gardening fun :)

Paula said...

Beautiful booms - so peacefula nd so lovely - Paula in Idaho

Tammy said...

I love that blue columbine. Is it really as true blue as it appears on the screen?Great Orange lillies as well. Orange has never been a color I like either, but I find that I really like it in the garden,they really brighten it up.

Kylee from Our Little Acre said...

Lona, the Crown Vetch is in full bloom along the roadsides here, too. Soooo beautiful!

I have the same love/hate relationship you do with orange flowers. Yellow ones, too. I'm very picky about which of those I'll allow in my garden. Of course, just like the cats, I rarely turn one away if it shows up. I do like your lily, however. It's got such a pure color.

I love that Blue Waterfall Campanula! Trade you some 'Cherry Bells' Campanula for it... ;-)

And lucky you, to have a blue hydrangea! They all bloom pink here due to our alkaline soil. Oh, you can manipulate it a little, which I did by mulching with pine needles one winter, but now I just let them do their thing. 'Nikko' is just gorgeous! My 'Endless Summer' ones are blooming now, but the others are just in the bud stage.

One of these days, I'm going to grab Mom and we're going to come visit you and your garden! It's a 3+ hour drive, but we love the Hocking Hills, so we'll do it sometime. I'll warn you before we do, though! :-)

Rose said...

I love all the colors in your garden, Lona! Coneflowers are my favorite, so I enjoyed seeing your doubles in bloom already. Mine are just beginning to open up. I'm not a big fan of orange either, but there's something about the orange daylilies that always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lona Dear~~ Arrgh... did you say 90 degrees? I'll send cool thoughts your way. I didn't read all your comments so I don't know if anyone mentioned this remedy for earwigs. If I'm repeating someone please ignore this. Anyway, take newspaper and loosely crumple it into a ball and place it near the offended plant. Earwigs feed at night and during the day will curl up inside the newspaper to sleep. In the morning when their tummies are full and your plant looks like Swiss cheese, grab the ball and toss it, replacing it with another. All them thar critters will be dead meat in short order. I learned this through my MG class years ago. Although I don't have earwig issues [knock on wood] and therefore no personal experience with this method it makes sense that it would work.

This might sound an awful lot like a person wrapped up in conspiracy theories but until I can be proven wrong, I think that 'Razzmatazz' and 'Double Delight' Echinaceas are the same thing--just reassigned a different name for marketing purposes. I could be wrong... but they look identical to me.

Love that PINK lily!

Tracy said...

Beautiful flowers! So glad you commented on my blog and that I have now discovered yours. Good luck with those earwigs - hope you can get rid of them soon.

Autumn Belle said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bugs and wild flower invasion in your garden. But I really enjoying oogling over the lovely blooms. There are so many gorgeous beauties here.

Tootsie said...

Oh Lona...your garden blooms are just beautiful as usual...I love your lillies too!
Thanks for linking in...hope to see you again next Friday!